Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Releases On September 26 in Japan; New Details on Adol and Dogi Revealed

Falcom announced the release date of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox in this week’s issue of Famitsu Magazine. The game launches in Japan on September 26, exclusively on PS4. Many fans had already guessed the game would release in the last week of September as Falcom said the game was planned for Fall 2019. Falcom always releases their yearly biggest game on that week.

New details on Adol and Dogi were revealed as well. It turned out that the playable blue haired character with the red scarf shown in one of the previous screenshots was actually Adol himself. Meaning there are actually six playable characters revealed so far instead of seven.

As for how Adol’s story goes: At the beginning of the game, a military fleet of the Romun Empire ends up disappearing in the Atlas Ocean. Adol was there too but somehow got back on land fine. As such, the Romun military believes he’s the one behind the incident, so when Adol arrives in Balduk, he gets arrested and thrown in the city’s prison. There, he’ll end up meeting a “mysterious woman”, the woman shown in the game’s first key visual, and get entangled with the Monstrum characters.

Dogi’s profile states that he’s so powerful no wall in the world can resist him, and that’s he’s been traveling with Adol for years so he’s used to supernatural events.

Details on Adol’s Monstrum ability, though it hasn’t been officially stated yet that he’s a Monstrum, were revealed as well. Similar to the other Monstrum’s abilities, it has both an English name, “Crimson Line”, and a Japanese name, “The King’s Road”. Adol’s ability allows him to teleport by following red lines he can throw. It cannot be used anywhere though, only on specific points. He can also use it to pass through obstacles like rocks. It can be used to knock back and deal damage to enemies too.

New comments from Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo were published as well. He said that Adol has his trademark red-hair camouflaged, a scarf covering his face and doesn’t wear his adventurer gear to avoid being recognized. Kondo also said that Dogi will play an active role in Ys IX, both in the story and gameplay, and that “Dogi is so important it’s like he’s Adol’s wife”. For now, he didn’t precise whether Dogi is actually playable or not though. Lastly, many references to past games will be included in the story, though players who didn’t live Adol’s previous adventures will be fine as well. Development is going well, hence why the release date has been set.

New details on the other 3 Montrum besides White Cat and Hawk weren’t revealed yet, but Falcom announced Ys IX Monstrum Nox‘s official site will be updated this week. The same information and screenshots from Famitsu should be added.

Falcom also published two new screenshots of White Cat on its official Twitter, you can find them below. You can also read more details on Ys IX and how a Ys V remake might be coming.

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