Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Forge Trailer Showcases New Content

Fans can expect to return to Shadow of the Tomb Raider with upcoming DLC, The Forge, very soon. The new trailer shows the new challenge tomb offers players a chance to buddy up on this adventure or go at the experience solo. More importantly, we are finally getting to play it starting next week.

The Forge features some fun challenges such as score attack, which has players running through the map to get flaming orbs. Not going to lie, I surprisingly got some Sonic the Hedgehog vibes from the trailer.

The other showcased mode was Time Attack, which has you racing to complete the tomb in a targeted time frame, similar to other games with this mode. Both of these additional modes seem to have a lot of replay value and give players a chance to jump back into the game and enjoy some Tomb Raider apart from the main story mode.

Also included is a new grenadier skill, which allows the player a chance to shoot some grenades to destroy obstructions in the latest tomb. The DLC will also bring a new Brocken Outfit and Umbrage 3-80 Weapon.

Fans who picked up the season pass for Shadow of the Tomb Raider can expect to play next week on November 13 for all consoles. You can read up on our review of Shadow of the Tomb RaiderYou can also get the game on Amazon. 

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Challenges of Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Co-op Mode Detailed in Developer Diary

As part of the season of DLC for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a co-op mode will be launching on November 13 in The Forge expansion, allowing players to share Lara’s most recent adventure. This feature is detailed in a new developer diary video from Eidos Montreal who talk about the opportunities and challenges cooperative play brings to the game.

Eidos Montreal wanted to allow players to work together in more tombs and more modes in this iteration of the recent Tomb Raider reboot series. Building an environment to play by yourself and with someone else can make things very challenging to design, but they liked having the challenge. Co-op utilizes time and space that gives you access to new places. Players can ping things in the game to point out what they would like their partner to do. A speedrun mode requires players to be in-sync in movement in order to achieve top scores.

Co-op play also came to the previous entry in the series, Rise of the Tomb Raider, as DLC too, though this was for its Endurance Mode that challenged players to keep Lara alive in the Siberian wilderness while hunting for an artifact. Each piece of DLC for Shadow of the Tomb Raider includes a new tomb, with The Forge beginning seven months of expansions. A season pass includes every bit of DLC for $29.99 though they can also be purchased separately at release for $4.99. Our review for Shadow of the Tomb Raider found it solid but also lacking the same highs as previous entries.

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