Gears 5 Crosses Over with Fleetwood Mac in New Trailer Ahead of Launch

The Gears of War series has never shied away from including popular licensed music in its trailers. The original video for Gears of War famously included Gary Jules’ iteration of Mad World in what would become an iconic trailer. Later installments in the series would go on to use jams like Black Sabbath’s War Pigs or, more recently, Nine Inch Nails and Head Like A Hole.

Now, a day before the launch of Gears 5, Microsoft and The Coalition have released a new video (or “launch film” as it’s being called) featuring the tunes of Fleetwood Mac. The video, appropriately titled The Chain, since it features Fleetwood Mac’s song of the same name, shows Kait riding her way through a storm in the middle of a desert before crashing and coming face to face with a Swarm enemy. The version of The Chain used in the trailer isn’t the same that Fleetwood performed, but is instead a cover by Evanescence’s Amy Lee.

This trailer’s arrival actually coincides with the release of Gears 5, which should become available later tonight. The video is set to debut tonight during a commercial break of the NFL’s season opener between the Packers and Bears. After the trailer plays, Gears 5 will then go live worldwide for those who have purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game. So if you’re trying to hop into some Gears 5 tonight, keep an eye out for when this commercial plays during the football game.

You can check out the new launch video down below if you’d like. Gears 5 is set to hit Xbox One and PC, with the standard edition releasing next week on September 10. Keep an eye out in the coming days for our own review of the game.

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Gears 5 Trailer Explores Multiplayer Maps Available at Launch

Gears 5 launches next month. The Coalition has released a new trailer examining all 11 multiplayer maps that will be available at launch in light of the flagship Microsoft exclusive’s impending release. Seven of those 11 will be Versus and Horde mode maps, while the other four will be for Escape mode. The seven arena-style Versus and Horde maps are Asylum, Bunker, District, Exhibit, Icebound, Training Grounds, and Vasgar.

Asylum is touted as a more classic Gears map. It’s delineated by running trains that players will have to weave past, while the larger Bunker will have teams fighting for control of a major chokepoint. District opens things up a bit by setting combat on the open streets. Meanwhile, Exhibit condenses the action with two lanes quartered by a laser security system. Icebound subjects teams to a map influenced by its environment–players can strategically chip away at a large frozen lake. Finally, Training Grounds and Vasgar encourage long-range combat throughout a mixture of raised and leveled areas. All in all, each map seems to offer a unique twist that can alter a team’s strategies.

The trailer also makes note of the four hive-style maps for Escape mode. While these maps don’t get quite as much attention, we do know their names: The Hive, The Descent, The Mines, and The Gauntlet. The trailer closes out by encouraging players to engage in map building. Eventually, players can upload their arena and hive maps to share.

There will be more maps of all kinds coming post-launch. Tiles found in the Map Builder will get updated for free with time, allowing creators to continuously build after Gears 5 releases for the PC and Xbox One on Sept. 10, 2019 (Sept. 6 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers). Gears 5 fans who haven’t yet pre-ordered the game can do so now.

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Gears 5 Multiplayer Design Director Calls its Microtransactions “Player-Friendly”

Gamescom 2019 has been an important event for Gears 5 from The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios as we have seen Horde mode for the first time as well as more of the game’s campaign. As it is out in less than a month, the game is being shown to press and fans alike at Gamescom so we are learning even more about the game, including how it is approaching microtransactions. Multiplayer Design Director Ryan Cleven told that Gears 5 will not have loot boxes, but will have microtransactions that the developers believe are “a very player-centric, player-friendly way of doing customization and monetization.”

Basically, real money can be used to buy Iron, an in-game currency system that can for cosmetics. If players choose to not pay real money for these things, they can still be unlocked through the Tour of Duty and Supply systems. As Gears 5 will not have a Season Pass, heroes can also be purchased with real money or obtained by playing the game a lot like DLC characters in Street Fighter V. Cleven believes this monetization system shows that The Coalition is “ahead of the industry here in getting rid of loot boxes and making sure that we can both service people that are looking to accelerate their progression or earn cosmetics using money but also keeping the integrity of the game experience.”

These systems may seem reactionary following the microtransaction and loot box fiasco that was Star Wars: Battlefront II from EA, but Cleven said that this wasn’t the case to

We had made that decision before all that happened. We were sort of reading the tea leaves, I guess, and we were one of the earliest to adopt card packs inside our game. We thought we’d done it quite elegantly in Gears 4 — some people liked it, some people didn’t. There were other companies and other games that would have done it differently that people were less happy about.

We put the challenge to ourselves: can we still provide purchasable things to players that want to purchase and still have the rest of the players really enjoy the system? That was a challenge we set right from the beginning of Gears 5…We just felt that [loot boxes] weren’t a good fit for Gears and we wanted to be ahead of the curve looking for possible solutions, even before all the controversy.”

Though many players still outright hate microtransactions, these comments from Gears 5’s Multiplayer Design Director do give us a better idea of how developers choose to implement monetization schemes into their games. Gears 5 comes out for PC and Xbox One on September 10, 2019 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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Here Is An In-Depth Look At The Map Builder in Gears 5

Gears 5 is just about to launch next month and the developers over at The Coalition have dropped a video on the official Gear of War YouTube channel that gives a more in-depth look at the map builder coming to the game for the escape mode.

There will be a huge amount of customization options at the player’s disposal. To start, players will be able to build the actual map by connecting room tiles together that feature different types of gameplay spaces. Maps can be made pretty short by putting the exit room closer to the start or maps can include different “acts” by placing safe rooms throughout the level.

Players will be able to customize which type of enemies and the number of enemies in each room. The map builder will also let you determine what type of weapons players will be able to pick up as well as how much ammo and where the ammo is located.

Finally, Venom will also be fully customizable by setting its detonation delay, spread speed, and damage multiplier.

Once players are done building, they will be able to swoop the camera through the entire map with a touch of a button to get a final look. They can then instantly play with two other players locally or online. Or they can upload the map to the escape lobby browser so others can play it as well.

Gears 5 is set to release on September 10 for Xbox One and PC. Xbox Game Pass members and those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition will be able to pop into the game four days early on September 6. For more Gears 5 coverage, take a look at DualShockers’ preview of the game during our time at E3.

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Rod Fergusson Sheds More Light On the Decision To Rid Gears of Any Smoking References

Just yesterday, we covered a story on Gears 5 getting rid of all references regarding smoking and tobacco. The Coalition Head Rod Fergusson shared some of his own personal feelings on the subject matter and stated that has made an effort to not glorify smoking in Gears 5 and in the Gears of War Universe moving forward. Well, according to his Twitter, he has made such moves in the past as well.

Rod Fergusson took to his personal Twitter to respond to an article covering the subject matter. He states: “I’ve been against smoking from the beginning and have worked hard to not make it a part of our franchise.” He even goes on to say that a character that originally was displayed in concept art smoking a cigarette was changed because of him. “Ever notice that the Dizzy concept art for Gears 2 has a cigarette but the actual character in the game doesn’t? I stopped it.”

While I get why many people seem to be scratching their head about the decision to remove smoking of all things in a series that allows you to curb stop characters head into a fine pulp, I am still all for it. My family has seen the reproductions of smoking. I have seen how it can affect the human body and eventually kill you. So, whenever there is a chance to not glorify tobacco or nicotine, I am all for it.

Gears 5 is set to release in a couple of months on September 10 for PC and Xbox One.


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Gears 5 to Get Rid of All References Regarding Smoking and Tobacco

Apparently, headshots, curb stomping, and chainsawing people to death are all fine and dandy. But smoking? That’s where a line is being drawn in Gears 5.

As part of a new collaboration with Truth Initiative, an organization that is dedicated to eliminating smoking and tobacco usage, The Coalition has eliminated all references that may have been found in Gears 5 to the addictive drug. According to Variety, this decision was made when Truth Initiative approached Turner, the company that has broadcasting rights to the Gears 5 pro league, and asked them to make the change. Microsoft has stated though that this decision was made entirely by The Coalition.

“I’ve seen firsthand the devastating impact of smoking,” said The Coalition head Rod Fergusson of this move. “It’s always been important for me to not use smoking as a narrative device, which is why we made the conscious choice to avoid highlighting or glorifying smoking in Gears 5 and throughout the Gears of War Universe moving forward.”

The process of removing all references to tobacco throughout Gears 5 has reportedly taken a few months. “We are hopeful that this decision will encourage other game developers and streaming tournaments to follow this lead and level up the gaming experience by going tobacco-free,” said Robin Koval, CEO of Truth Initiative about his process.

As I playfully joked at the beginning of this article, it is a bit odd to remove smoking of all things in a game about war that features gratuitous amounts of violence and gore. Still, smoking is pretty lame and if this at all ends up having an effect on younger generations who might be exposed to Gears 5, I guess it’s a good thing. The fewer people that are smoking in the future, the better.

Gears 5 is set to launch later this year on September 10 for both Xbox One and PC. Starting next week, the game’s first beta phases are set to kick off.

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Gears 5 District Multiplayer Map Flythrough Trailer Gears Fans for a Good Time

A new Gears 5 trailer, which was just released today, shows off the first multiplayer map in the game: District. The flythrough trailer gives us a close look at the intricate details that went into the crafting of this stage. The bleak atmosphere and destruction littering the area is an excellent precursor to the game’s story.

Also coming soon for fans awaiting the upcoming new entry is the Gears 5 Tech Test, which is coming out on July 19th. The Technical Test will include three modes across two brand new multiplayer maps to play throughout both test periods:

  • Arcade: A new approachable, frenetic Versus experience.
  • Escalation: The pinnacle objective mode of Gears is back and better than ever.
  • King of the Hill: Capture the hill, enjoy the carnage.

In addition, players will also get to try out two new features of Gears 5:

  • Bootcamp: Practice your skills and learn new mechanics in our new training mode.
  • Tour Of Duty: Experience a mini Tour of Duty, where you’ll complete Medals to unlock exclusive Tester Weapon Skins to take into Gears 5. Complete all three Medals to unlock the exclusive Tester Banner to showcase in the upcoming game.

According to the official FAQ:

This Technical Test allows us to stress test our servers over two focused Test Periods to ensure the best possible experience when large volumes of players rush in at launch.

For our PC fans, it gives us a critical opportunity to get the game onto PCs with unique combinations of hardware and software at scale. If any unforeseen issues arise, it gives us the opportunity ahead of launch to identify and address any issues ahead of release.

The game won’t have a season pass as it will release all DLC maps for free. Gears 5 is coming out for Xbox One on September 10th. You can preorder the standard edition here or the Ultimate Edition here. Also, check out our preview of the game here if you’re still undecided on whether to preorder.

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Gears of War Movie Receives New Writer Two Years After Announcement

Microsoft and Universal’s Gears of War movie has been in development since 2016, but like several video game film adaptations, not much has been heard about it since its initial announcement. That being said, The Wrap learned today that the Gears of War movie has received a brand new writer: F. Scott Frazier.

While F. Scott Frazier is a fairly unknown and new screenwriter, he did write both 2016’s Collide and 2017’s xXx: Return of Xander Cage. In addition to Gears of War, he is also currently writing Mistborn: The Final Empire, a movie based on Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy book series. According to his IMDb page, Frazier also apparently worked was part of the QA team for games like Tetris Evolution, Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge and Fairly Odd Parents: Breakin da Rules, so he at least seems fairly familiar with gaming.

Last year, there were reports that Avatar 2 screenwriter Shane Salerno was penning the script. It is now unknown if his work has been scrapped or if F. Scott Frazier is building upon the groundwork set by Shane Salerno. Other notable names are still attached to the project though, including producers Dylan Clark, Scott Stuber, and Rod Fergusson.

As the movie’s script is still being worked on two years after its initial announcement, this Gears of War film is still probably quite a ways off. That being said, DualShockers will be sure to let you know when Universal and Microsoft decided to reveal more about this project.

In the meantime, Gears of War fans have three titles to look forward to. This year at E3, Microsoft unveiled Gears POP! for iOS Android, strategy game Gears Tactics, and Gears 5.

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Rod Fergusson Explains Reason for Dropping ‘Of War’ from the Gears 5 Title

One of the bigger announcements that Microsoft had last week at E3 was the reveal of Gears 5, the next installment in the long-running Gears of War series. As many noticed though, the title was clearly missing the usual “of War” from the title that had been present in every other game in the series up until this point.

Recently, The Coalition’s studio head Rod Fergusson took to Twitter to explain a bit more about just why the studio opted to switch up the naming convention this time around for Gears 5. In a conversation with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, Fergusson explained that the growth of the franchise into new titles was the main thing that prompted the shortening of the name for the fifth installment of the mainline series.

Gears of War is still the franchise name but now that we’re doing a family of products it made more sense to shorten the titles down – Gears Pop, Gears Tactics & Gears 5. Plus we always just call it Gears anyway so it feels good to simplify,” Fergusson explained. He’s not wrong either, as I can’t remember that last time that I didn’t just naturally abbreviate the name of each game by simply calling it Gears followed by the installment number.

For more on Gears 5 be sure to check out the game’s reveal trailer if you somehow missed it last week during Microsoft’s showcase at E3. We don’t currently have a release date for the game other than a broad 2019 window but when it does launch it’ll, of course, be arriving on Xbox One and PC.

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Gears of War Developer Rod Fergusson Wants the Brumak Added to Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World has easily been one of the most popular games of 2018 so far, and Capcom has been fantastic with dealing out new content regularly since release. According to one noteworthy developer though, there’s one new monstrous addition that he’d soon love to see in the monster hunting title.

Earlier today, The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson, the studio head of the team behind Gears of War 4, tweeted that he’d love to get the Brumak added to Monster Hunter: World. Those who have played Gears of War are likely familiar with one of the game’s largest foes, which is a beast that comes with guns mounted on its wrists. According to Fergusson though, those guns would be optional if the Brumak found its way to Monster Hunter.

While there’s no guarantee that this pairing will come to fruition, it definitely seems to make perfect sense for both parties and would give Xbox One players of Monster Hunter: World some first exclusive content for their own platform. Up until now, the PS4 has been the only platform to boast exclusive content via the addition of Aloy, the protagonist from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Her inclusion alongside other noteworthy characters such as Mega Man and Dante in Monster Hunter: World proves that Capcom is absolutely open to the possibility of bringing in characters from other franchises.

So what do you think? Does this pairing of the Brumak and Monster Hunter: World make sense? Be sure to let us know down below while also checking out Fergusson’s tweet that kicked off this entire conversation.

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