Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Wolverine Gameplay Footage Unveiled

For the third straight day, new gameplay footage from the upcoming release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has been revealed and this time around, we get an in-depth look at everyone’s favorite mutant Wolverine.

As I’m sure you could’ve already guessed, Wolverine’s abilities in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 are entirely centered around his adamantium claws. Wolverine can utilize his Weapon-X modifications to slash enemies to pieces in a hurry and it looks pretty stylish while doing so. In addition, he can also use his healing factor ability to generate health over time in-game, so he’ll surely be hard to be killed.

We’ve now seen Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen gameplay from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 over the past few days but I think Wolverine looks like the most fun to play as out of the bunch. Maybe I’m just naturally prone to prefer Wolverine since we share a name, but those claw strikes that he has look awesome. Plus, I’m just glad that there are finally some X-Men characters back in video games after their absence over the past few years.

Check out Wolverine in action down below in the attached video if you’d like to get a look at him for yourself. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is set to arrive this summer on July 19, exclusively for Switch.

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Dead or Alive 6 Continues the Expensive DLC Tradition with $93 Season Pass

The day has arrived for underground fighting title Dead or Alive 6 as it launches across PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. Alongside the launch, more details of the season pass have surfaced.

Dead or Alive 6 puts male and female fighters against one another in a one-on-one setting while not only fighting each other, but dealing with the interactive world surrounding them. A newly designed Quest mode is available and designed to challenge players and as well as online battles, there’s a branching Story mode to get through.

A Season Pass is also available for Dead or Alive 6, with Team Ninja revealing more details on Season Pass 1. It’s available for purchase starting from today and will include two fighters from The King of Fighters XIV from the SNK universe. One of the characters is currently not revealed, but the one confirmed character is Mai Shiranui.

The additional 62 costumes will come as such:

  • Dead or Alive 6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol. 1 (13 costumes) and 2 (13 costumes)
  • Dead or Alive 6 New Costumes set Vol. 1 (13 costumes) and 2 (13 costumes)
  • Additional character costumes for the two SNK fighters
  • Bonus costumes for NiCO and Nyotengu.

The content contained within Season Pass 1 will become available between March and June. More specifically the two Happy Wedding Costume packs will land this month. April should introduce the New Costumes set Vol. 1. May shall introduce the New Costumes set Vol. 2, and June will see The King of Fighters XIV content introduced.

Dead or Alive 6’s Season Pass 1 will cost $92.99. Those who get the Deluxe Edition of the game will get even more costumes.

In addition to the launch of the game, a new trailer launched showing off what players can expect from the title which launched today for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Our review has also gone live today if you want to learn more. You can also grab Dead or Alive 6 from Amazon if you like.

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Nioh Producer Koei Tecmo Says Xbox One Port Begins With the Fans

Have you been holding out for a potential Xbox One port of the Team Ninja Souls-like game, Nioh? It is currently landlocked on PC and PS4, with no sign of being ported to the Microsoft hardware. Well good news–Japanese publisher Koei Tecmo isn’t counting it out of the realm of plausibility.  They just want fans of the game to show them that it is in demand.

News comes by way of Koei Tecmo Europe earlier this week. In a Tweet discussing some of the Backward Compatible Koei Tecmo titles available on Xbox One, a fan asked a passing question: “any chance we might see Nioh someday [on Xbox One] down the line?”

These kind of comments (often derided as “port begging”) come frequently, especially to console-exclusive developers and publishers. However, instead of ignoring the question, Koei Tecmo Europe chimed in saying that “anything’s possible.” More importantly, fans of Nioh just have to show the publisher that they want it.

While this suggestion is certainly vague, it is good news nonetheless. This request is frequent among publishers (and Community Managers working for publishers) — if the fanbase can show that there is a demand that would cover the cost of the port, they will normally be willing to make the business expenses necessary to bring the game over. In fact, we saw similar language from Capcom when they suggested that the potential of a Resident Evil 3 remake “begins with the fans.

If you are wondering how to support this message and show Koei Tecmo that there is an audience for Nioh on Xbox One, a grassroots social media campaign would be the best bet–while it feels like a century ago, that tactic by fan campaign Operation Rainfall helped in getting Xenoblade ChroniclesThe Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower ported in the West.

Of course–this opens up the obvious question of “What about PlayStation?” While in Japan the game was published by Koei Tecmo, publishing Worldwide was carried out by Sony Interactive Entertainment. And to be honest, that isn’t totally clear — perhaps this means that potential port would be handled exclusively in Japan? Or, more likely, it is a comment from a CM unaware of the business dealings.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play through Nioh, it is one of the latest critical and financial successes of Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja. A recent account of sales data has shown that 2.5 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. We reviewed Nioh 2, awarding the title a 9.0 out of 10 saying the game deserves its own spotlight apart from Bloodborne. Even better, Nioh 2 was formally teased last E3 during the PlayStation E3 Press Conference — so we know that is on the horizon.

Nioh is available immediately on PC and PS4; meanwhile there is no known release date for Nioh 2. If you were hoping to see either title on Xbox One, go ahead and send a (friendly) Tweet over to Koei Tecmo (@KoeiTecmoUS) and Team Ninja (@TeamNINJAStudio) letting them know.

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The King of Fighters’ Mai Shiranui Revealed as New Dead or Alive 6 Character; Limited Trial Version announced

Today at Evo Japan 2019, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja started revealing the contents for Dead or Alive 6‘s Season Pass 1, which will be launching alongside the game. The Season Pass will include two characters from SNK’s The King of Fighters XIV, including the beautiful kunoichi Mai Shiranui. The second KOF XIV character’s identity will be revealed at a later date.

Moreover, a new time-limited trial version for Dead or Alive 6 was announced.  Unlike the usual “Core Fighters” trial versions, this will let players try out all of the game’s characters, except for Nyotengu, who is available in pre-order copies, and Phase 4, available in the digital deluxe edition, for a total of 24 characters. This trial will only be available for a few hours: From February 23 to 24, and only on PS4 and Xbox One, probably because potential hackers and data miners could do potentially illegal things with a PC trial. The trial will include the beginning of Story Mode, all 4 Training Modes, and Online Mode.

Mai Shiranui already made a playable appearance in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round through one of the many DLCs the game got.

The first Season Pass will also include new costumes for NiCO and Nyotengu and a wedding dress and tuxedo for all characters in the game. Mai Shiranui and the other KOF XIV character will also have 5 unique costumes. Screenshots of the costumes can be found in the gallery below.

New details on the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship were revealed as well, the tournament will have a 10 million Yen cash prize, which is around 100K $,  and the Grand Final will be held in Japan.

The latest revealed character before Mai was Raidou, and the previous trailer explained the new mechanics found in Dead or Alive 6.

Dead or Alive 6 was slightly delayed from its initially scheduled February release, and will now launch on March 1. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Dead or Alive 6 Will See the Return of Raidou

One of the Dead or Alive franchise’s most iconic villains will again be returning in the upcoming sixth installment of the franchise.

As announced this morning by Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja, the evil ninja Raidou will again be returning in Dead or Alive 6. Raidou was thought to have been killed via an explosion all the way back in the first Dead or Alive. His body was recovered from the blast though and he now returns through the wonders of science as a partial cyborg in DOA6. Raidou will boast a vicious fighting style and will be able to copy moves from other fighters in the game.

Along with announcing Raidou, Koei Tecmo also unveiled two new modes for Dead or Alive 6 today. Quest is the first new mode and will let players accomplish different missions in fights to complete quests. Upon completion of these missions, you’ll then unlock points which will let you purchase more cosmetic gear for your fighters. The second mode is that of Traning and, well, you likely know what that entails. Training modes are almost always included in fighting games and DOA6 will be no different. If you want to learn how to better utilize certain characters and string together different moves, training is your best bet.

Dead or Alive 6 was recently delayed out of February 2019, but not by much. The game will now be arriving on March 1 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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