Twitch Begins Beta Testing “All-in-One Streaming App”

Right now, most streamers broadcast to Twitch (although with Ninja’s jump to Mixer, perhaps this could be changing). However, in order to set-up their broadcast, most streamers use third-party applications like OBS Studio or XSplit. Such apps help streamers configure their stream and customize its interface. Today, though, Twitch has announced that it is opening up beta testing for its own in-house broadcasting suite: Twitch Studios.

Twitch Studios is born from a desire to “simplify things for streamers who are just getting started.” And though Twitch says that this beta only has “limited features,” it does look to test a few things that will make setting up a stream easy. For instance, you’ll have a chance to work with a guided optimization process, a number of customization templates, and a built-in activity feed. These aren’t world-changing features, though, so perhaps the real simplification that Twitch Studios offers is its ability to eliminate the use of third-party applications. With the advent of Twitch Studios, you won’t need to use anything but Twitch to set up, capture, and stream your gameplay.

If you’ve ever wanted to stream but didn’t know how or where to begin, this may be a good opportunity. The technical side of streaming can be a frustrating barrier to entry, and I appreciate that Twitch Studios aims to deal with this frustration. Furthermore, if they listen to those who are beta testing the app, I’m sure that Twitch Studios can become a quality broadcasting application.

You can apply to join the beta here. Twitch won’t be able to accept everyone right now, but they have said that more spots will open in the future. Better to apply early.

Check out the rest of the Twitch Studios beta announcement and let us know what you think.

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Microsoft and Nintendo Are Reportedly Bringing Xbox Game Pass to Switch

Over the past year, it has become clear that Microsoft and Nintendo are getting very close. Several titles feature cross-play between the two platforms and some games from Microsoft owned studios like Minecraft and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice are still finding life on Nintendo’s hybrid console. That being said, recent rumors are suggesting that we could see Microsoft’s Netflix-like game subscription service Xbox Game Pass come to Nintendo Switch as soon as sometime this year.

Discussion about Microsoft and Nintendo’s relationship has been rampant over the past week, with some people widly claiming that Scalebound could be revived for the system (though industry insider Liam Robertson does not think this is the case). Today, Direct-Feed Games posted a new video on YouTube suggesting that Microsoft is planning on expanding Xbox Game Pass to several new platforms via the cloud, one of which is the Nintendo Switch.

All of this will supposedly be powered by Project xCloud, the upcoming game streaming service Microsoft is developing. By streaming games, players may be able to experience some games like Gears 5 that would normally be way to powerful to run on the Switch’s lackluster hardware. Game streaming isn’t a foreign concept to the Switch either, as both Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey have become available for the system in Japan thanks to game streaming via the cloud.

While Direct-Feed Games’ claim should still be taken with a grain of salt, they do have a decent track record when it comes to rumors and this claim has seemingly be corroborated by GameInformer. GI’s Imran Khan reported on the aforementioned video and stated in his article that “In talking with our own sources, it has been suggested that the announcement of Game Pass on Switch could come as soon as this year.”

Of course, this could all end up not being true, but Direct-Feed Games and GameInformer’s claims seem to suggest otherwise. If this is true, you can be sure that DualShockers will let you know as soon as Microsoft or Nintendo announces that Xbox Game Pass is coming to Nintendo Switch.

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