Nintendo Hosting Super Smash Bros. for Switch Invitational and Splatoon 2 World Championships During E3 2018

Coming off a strong 2017, Nintendo might have an even bigger year in store in 2018 thanks to the confirmation of Smash Bros. coming to the Switch this year and more, with Nintendo highlighting it and last year’s Splatoon 2 in a big way at E3 2018.

Nintendo has announced that the company will be hosting two tournament events during the week of E3 2018, the first being its Super Smash Bros. Invitational that will bring players together from around the world to compete in the recently-announced Super Smash Bros. title that is coming to Switch later this year. The invitational will gather a select number of players to compete in a way that will be similar to the Smash Bros. events that Nintendo hosted during E3 2014 for the Wii U and 3DS titles.

The second of these events is the Splatoon 2 World Championship, which will gather qualifying teams from various regions, including the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, and more in a series of qualifying matches leading up to the tournament itself in June. The US and Canada qualifying matches will be held in April, and fulls details for locations and registering to qualify for the US/Canada Inkling Open can be found here at Nintendo’s page for the event.

Nintendo also confirmed that both tournaments will be livestreamed through Nintendo’s official YouTube and Twitch channels for viewers to stay tuned to the action, even if you can’t be at Los Angeles that week to experience it for yourself.

Both of these Nintendo-hosted events will be taking place from June 11-12 in Los Angeles, while E3 2018 itself will take place from June 12-14, 2018. For a closer look at both events, you can check out the new videos released by Nintendo highlighting the Smash Bros. invitational and Splatoon 2 World Championships:

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Splatoon 2 Gets the Octobrush Nouveau to Kick Off the New Year

Splatoon 2 continues its reign as Nintendo Switch’s favorite competitive shooter, and Nintendo isn’t planning on giving up that title anytime soon. Announced in a Tumblr post from Splatoon Labs, the Octobrush Nouveau was released to ring in the New Year.

The Octobrush is a main weapon with the roller class, with the Octobrush Nouveau being the latest addition to the Nouveau brand (which usually features lighter materials featuring higher mobility).

The Octobrush Nouveau was actually featured in the first Splatoon and is a New Year’s tradition, with the original being released on January 1, 2016. The date has further significance in that it coincides with the kakizome tradition: the first Japanese calligraphy written at the beginning of the new year. It is typically Kanji or sometimes even a phrase or poem.

The Octobrush Nouveau’s sub-weapon is the Squid Beacon, which allows super jumps. The special weapon for the new loadout is the Tenta Missiles, which allows players to lock onto up to four opponents at once, firing homing missiles when released.

While the Octobrush Nouveau was released in the US on January 1 to mark the New Year, the item unlocking in Europe and Japan the following day to line up with tradition — the Kakizome is typically finished on January 2.

Of course, this isn’t the only content drop that Splatoon 2 has seen recently. The previous weapon update on December 20 was the Undercover Brella, which acts as a shield like the normal Brella, but with the addition of being transparent so you don’t miss the action ahead. Shortly before that on December 23 was the Squeezer: an ink weapon with a multitude of firing modes depending on how long the trigger is pressed.

Splatoon 2 is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch; you can check out the gallery below:

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