Quiet Voice Actress Stefanie Joosten Will Portray a New Spacelords Character in 2019

Earlier this year, Spanish developer MercurySteam decided to relaunch Raiders of the Broken Planet as a free-to-play game called Spacelords. Since that name change and re-release, the unique shooter has received a steady stream of updates and new content. Today, the developers gave us a glimpse at what’s coming next for the game, a brand new playable character portrayed by Stefanie Joosten, the actress and model behind Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Her character will be named Sööma and will be added to Spacelords sometime in Early 2019. Apparently, Spacelords actually caught Stefanie’s attention at a convention last year when it was still Raiders of the Broken Planet. A relationship between Stefanie Joosten and MercurySteam was established there, and the pair “agreed it would be cool to collaborate in the future if the opportunity ever arose.”

That time has now come, with Stefanie Joosten describing the role as a “huge honor” while MercurySteam Studio Director Enric Álvarez believes the actress will bring a “whole new level of depth and charisma” to the game and character. Stefanie also “hopes you’ll enjoy [Sööma] as a character” . While no gameplay videos featuring Sööma were released, we do have some concept art of the character and background details to sink our teeth into in the meantime.

Sööma is an Umbra Wardogs faction member who comes from Mars and is part of a cult that assists oppressed peoples. Her expedition to the Broken Planet is apparently part of “a rite of passage into her Order’s senior echelons” though what transpires once Sööma arrives does make reconsider her kindhearted beliefs. Stefanie Joosten calls her a “interesting, layered character to play” but also one with “a naivety that will clash with the conflict she is about to become involved with.”

While Stefanie Joosten’s Sööma won’t be hitting Spacelords until 2019, the game can still be enjoyed on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For those who want to see more of Stefanie Joosten, you can try out Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on those platforms, or see her in the brief character announcement video below alongside some Sööma concept art below.

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Spacelords’ Third Overview Video Details Transition to Free to Play Model

After announcing that Raiders of the Broken Planet will be relaunched as Spacelords, developer MecurySteam has been creating videos discussing the transition to the free-to-play model. The developer has just released the third entry into the video series going over some recent changes that have been made.

In the latest video, Joan Amat ( Lead Designer of Spacelords) and Karen Hernández (Community Manager) talk about how the game has evolved after the switch to free-to-play as well as how the advancement and reward systems have been completely altered to welcome both new and veteran players.

If you would like some more information on Spacelords or MercurySteam, then make sure to check out DualShockers’ interview with Director Enric Álvarez, another interview with Lead Designer Joan Amat about the free-to-play transition and progression, or finally an interview with Spacelords Art Director Jorge Benedito.

You can watch MercurySteam’s latest video below discussing the recent changes. Spacelords becomes free to play on August 23rd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Spacelords Gets Overview Video of Free to Play Changes and a New Gun

After announcing in July that Raiders of the Broken Planet will be relaunched as Spacelords later this month and free to play, developer MercurySteam shared a video discussing the free-to-play elements that players can expect. If you were looking for a quick overview of the changes being made for the relaunch, then this is it. MercurySteam also shared a video featuring a new Skin for Doldren and a powerful new gun called the “Patient Boy”.

In the video, Community Manager Karen Hernández begins by listing all of the obstacles the studio was faced with by turning a premium game into free to play, but are doing so because they feel it will help build the community they desire around the game. When the game becomes free to play, it will have a much larger player’s community that will result in more varied games and end the divide between premium and free to play players as they will be playing together in all of the same games.

Starting on August 23rd, all content will be accessible by playing the game except for the cosmetic items that can be purchased with Mercury points, and they are building over the well-received changes introduced with Hades Betrayal, the game’s third campaign. Veteran players who have invested in one or more premium campaigns will be compensated with exclusive content. Until the fourth campaign is out, all new players can enjoy the mission of the day completely for free, and the price for renting missions has been reduced.

In addition, MercurySteam also shared a video featuring a new Skin for Doldren called the Prisoner of the Pit of Repudiation along with a powerful new gun called the “Patient Boy”. We get some shots of the new gun itself, as well as some of Doldren using it in combat. Apparently, it is the barrel of a flare gun that has been attached to his revolver and loaded with mines instead of flares.

If you’d like some more insight into the game and MercurySteam, then check out DualShocker’s interview with Director Enric Álvarez, and a second one in which he talks about MercurySteam’s history and future. In a third interview, Lead Designer Joan Amat discusses the free to play transition, progression, and more, and in a fourth interview, Art Director Jorge Benedito shares about his inspirations for the game.

You can check out the entire video discussing the changes below as well as the video featuring the “Patient Boy” and Doldren’s new Skin below.

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Spacelords Interview — Director Talks Relaunch, Cross-Play, Free to Play, Next-Gen, and Much More

By now, you probably already know that MercurySteam‘s Raiders of the Broken Planet is going to be relaunched as Spacelords and it’s going to be free to play.

Yet, this kind of operation is definitely complex, and can’t be covered simply by a press release. Earlier this week, DualShockers traveled to San Sebastian de Los Reyes, Spain, and visited MercurySteam’s HQ to talk with the developers and learn about this massive change and what it entails.

First and foremost, we interviewed Studio Head and Game Director Enric Álvarez, who talked about a wide variety of topics.

We learn the concept behind the title “Spacelords” and the fact that the developer never considered loot boxes despite going the free to play route. We even heard that the game would be perfect for the Switch, but manpower constraints prevented the studio from porting the game to Nintendo’s new platform (yet, never say never).

Interestingly, Álvarez explains how cross-play will work (PC players will be able to play with both PS4 and Xbox One players, but the two consoles will predictably remain separate), and gives his opinion on the possibility of having full cross-play in the future, which would actually make life easier for developers as well as gamers.

You can watch the full interview below, and stay tuned for much more over the next couple of days.

If you want to learn more about Raiders of the Broken Planet‘s relaunch as Spacelords and see the new trailer, you can check out our dedicated article.

The update that will turn the game into Spacelords will be available on August 23rd for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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