Extended Edition of Earthlock Featured in New Trailer

This week, PlayStation’s YouTube Channel shared a launch trailer for Earthlock, an extended edition of Earthlock: Festival of Magic, a fantasy turn-based roleplaying game that originally was released on the PlayStation 4 in early 2017. This release features a “reworked storyline, fleshed out characters, additional side quests, and additional areas to explore”.

Developed by Snowcastle Games based out of Norway, the game follows a desert scavenger named Amon. As he journeys across Umbra, a dangerous world that has mysteriously stopped spinning, Amon is joined by a diverse group of characters to save his uncle from an ancient cult. Soon, a growing evil is revealed that must be destroyed to save all of Umbra. Players not only play as Amon, but as a variety of other characters with their own unique abilities and personalities to stop the catastrophic past from repeating itself.

The launch trailer shows off some of the strategic turn-based roleplay and some of the fantastic locations that the characters find themselves in.

You can check out PlayStation’s trailer for the extended edition of Earthlock available on PlayStation 4 below.  The extended edition is also currently available for Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mac.

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