Nintendo Will Not Say Whether or Not You Can Play as Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

In an interview with IGN, the Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma would neither confirm or deny the ability to play as the princess herself through single-player or cooperative means in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s official sequel. IGN’s Samuel Claiborne asked about Zelda being a playable character through co-op or other means, to which Aonuma-san responded:

“It’s kind of interesting that you bring that up, because in Breath of the Wild, you see Zelda and Link together often too, so to go straight into the thought of co-op is very interesting to me.”

The initial reveal trailer for Breath of the Wild’s sequel sees Link and Princess Zelda traveling through what looks like a large underground area. We can assume this title takes place after Breath of the Wild, meaning Zelda is freed from her imprisonment by Ganon. We know very little outside of the game’s first trailer but the idea of co-op does sound really interesting in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s sprawling open world.

Whether Zelda is playable or not, it seems that her role in the game will be much bigger than it was in Breath of the Wild. After the game’s reveal, we learned that it became a product of Aonuma-san’s team having too many ideas for additional DLC content in the first title. Furthermore, we also know that the story will be darker than the one in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, which is widely considered the darkest game in the franchise to date.

While it’ll likely be some time before we get any sort of concrete release date for the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, fans can still look forward to playing the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening later this year on September 20.

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Persona 5 Developer Wants to Know If You Want Persona 6 on Nintendo Switch

If you are anything like us, your hopes may have been dashed in the apparent reveal that the (still mysterious) Persona 5 R may be skipping Nintendo Switch. In any case, developer Atlus may be feeding the rumor mill once again — in a recent survey to both Eastern and Western fans, the studio wants to know what console you’d like to see a sequel on… including Nintendo Switch.

First reported on by publication Twinfinite, Atlus released a survey to its fans via Twitter looking for general “feedback” in exchange for the change to win PSN, Nintendo Switch eShop, or Xbox gift cards:

However, while a “feedback” survey would lead you to think the questions would be geared to the studio’s quality and advertising (and some questions are!), the team is also looking for general direction when it comes to future projects.

In the USA version of the survey (found in the Tweet above) a series of different possibilities for the Persona series exists, with Atlus explicitly asking if you would be interested to see either a Nintendo Switch, PC, or Xbox One port of existing Persona games:

Persona 5 6 Atlus Port PC Nintendo Switch Xbox One Survey

However, if you aren’t a fan of the game coming to other platforms, you are also able to request other projects–specifically DLC, new merchandised, remake/remaster or older Persona games, or a full sequel or new installment.

Though this doesn’t explicitly mention a Nintendo Switch version of the next installment, the Japanese version of the survey (which is currently down for maintenance) is a bit more brazen. They specifically ask if you would want to play the following installment on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, Smartphones, or “other.”

Worth noting (and observed in the Twinfinite article), this is notably a change from previous surveys on Persona 5 and possible sequels. When Atlus was circulating a similar survey roughly a year ago, they were still asking whether fans would want to play the games on either Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. So in dropping this, Atlus may be signaling that they are no longer planning on supporting the aging handheld consoles in the era of Nintendo Switch.

Of course, this survey isn’t only about Persona 5 and the series at large. You can also let them know that you are interested in seeing Catherine (and other Atlus titles) as [ports on the Nintendo Switch, or focus towards DLC, remakes, and new installments:

Catherine Atlus Survey Nintendo Switch Sequel DLC Full Body

Regarding “Other,” make sure you put in how you want more Persona 5 Catherine: Full Body DLC — I’ll take that as a personal favor.

Persona 5 — despite being multiple years out — is still alive and well in the gaming meta. With the imminent announcement of what Persona 5 R “is,” the community is kicking back up with some cool fan-made projects. This includes awesome cosplay of fan-favorites Futaba and Makoto, a fan-made board game, and a visual re-creation of what a Game Boy Advance version of the title will look like.

If you somehow haven’t picked up your copy of Persona 5 yet, you can support Atlus and the franchise by picking up the game on Amazon. Meanwhile, make sure to go fill out the survey via the link above to let Atlus know where you stand.

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