Control’s Latest Update Improves Stability and Allows Removal of Motion Blur

505 Games and Remedy just released Control a few short weeks ago, and now, the game has received its first major post-launch patch.

The monthly update for Control brings with it a lot of initial changes that we typically see from many other games after launch. Various bugs have now been fixed in addition to improved stability across all platforms. Frame rate specifically has also been said to have been optimized.

Likely the biggest change for me here though is that motion blur can now be toggled on and off freely in addition to film grain. Personally, I’ve never liked motion blur and any time I can turn that feature off I’m happy.

For now, this patch has started to roll out only for PS4 users. While Xbox One and PC players will have to wait a bit longer, Remedy says it’ll be showing up “very soon.” Keep an eye out in the coming day or so to see more of when it might be coming to those platforms.

Below you can check out the full list of changes that Control has now received. If you’re looking to pick the game up, it’s available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC right now.

– Bug and crash fixes to missions, combat and overall game play
– Fixed multiple issues with the PC launcher related to DX11/DX12 crashes

– Improved title stability on all platforms
– Improved general frame-rate performance through optimisations made to multiple systems and content

– Improved map loading times (map will no longer tease information)
– Motion Blur On/Off toggle added to Options menu
– Film Grain On/Off toggle added to Options menu
– Fixed incorrect UI behaviour on ultra-wide monitors (PC)
– Fixed multiple issues when incorrect subtitles are shown for multiple languages
– Fixed issue when the game centers the aim on Jesse’s head
– Fixed multiple UI related issues

– Fixed an issue when player could not acquire ‘Pierce Charging Efficiency’ and ‘Spin Grouping Efficiency’ upgrade
– Fixed issue when Crafting Charge and personal Mods would not give the Weapon/Mod but take the materials (Sorry. The Board was greedy)
– Fixed issue that prevented players activating the Pierce weapon form upgrade
– Fixed issue when Jesse is unable to cleanse the ‘Transit Corridor South’ Control point upon returning from Prime Candidate Program area in the mission The Face of the Enemy
– Fixed an issue when Heptonstall would not spawn during certain story missions in the “Old Friends” side-mission (still looking for his buddy Remus)
– Fixed issue when Hiss Barrier remains in the Directorial Override mission’s Control Room if the player dies during the binding cut scene

– Fixed issue when certain licensed music tracks play after enabling the ‘Mute Copyrighted Tracks’ option
– Fixed and issue when audio is out of sync in the Dr Darling videos (PS4)

– Fixed issue with the Charge weapon forms erroneous blast radius causing (way) too much visual damage to the environments
– Fixed an issue where game would stall when completing a story mission and unlocking a trophy (PS4)

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Watch Us Play Nearly 30 Minutes of Control with RTX Enabled

Ahead of Control’s release next month, we were recently able to go hands-on with the game for an extended period of time. Luckily, we were also able to capture the footage from that gameplay session that we can now share with you.

As you’ll see in our footage, this demo allowed us to get more acquainted with the main gameplay mechanics of Control in addition to exploring the world. If you haven’t seen much of Control so far, this video should give you a better idea of how the game will be structured and how the world is put together. Unlike Remedy’s past gamesControl won’t be completely linear and will instead be a bit more open-ended allowing you to traverse about the world to find secrets and take on secondary tasks.

Perhaps most notable about this footage though is that we played on PC and were able to utilize RTX, otherwise known as ray tracing. This feature is newer in the PC space and it makes the visuals to games that you’re playing look all the more impressive. Control will boast RTX functionality when it launches and you can get a look in this video of what those improved graphics might look like.

It’s worth pointing out though that if you’re checking out this video as it goes live, the footage probably won’t look too hot. Per usual, YouTube will have to process this for a bit until you’ll be able to watch the video at its highest possible quality. So don’t blame us, blame the YouTube overlords.

If you want to check out the gameplay, you can find it attached below. Control is set to launch next month on August 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Control Will Not Feature New Game Plus or Photo Mode At Launch

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games’ Control is GameInformer’s cover story this month, so a lot of new information is coming out about the title. In a Rapid Fire questions video posted today, which you can watch below, Game Director Mikael Kasurinen answered a wide variety of serious and joke questions in order to reveal more about the game. While he was able to confirm that Control will be getting DLC, he did reveal that two common features won’t be making the cut at release.

As you read in the title, neither a photo mode nor new game plus will be included in Control at launch. When it came to new game plus, all Kasurinen had to say was a swift “no.” Considering Control does feature a skill tree and is much more nonlinear than previous Remedy Entertainment titles, that kind of mode could’ve made sense. That being said, it clearly doesn’t seem to be on the developer’s docket at this time.

When asked about photo mode, Control’s Director responded with “not for release.” Control’s interesting physics and the strange environments are visually striking, so the inclusion of a photo mode would probably lead to some really cool player-created screenshots around the game’s release. Fortunately, Mikael Kasurinen’s comment seems to suggest that idea for photo mode coming post-launch is at least on the table over at Remedy Entertainment.

Control is currently set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One later in 2019. To learn more about the game, you can check out DualShockers’ preview of the title as well as our own interview with Mikael Kasurinen.

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Control Director Confirms DLC, No Microstransactions, and Other Details

Along with talking about his time working with Cory BarlogControl director Mikael Kasurinen today also revealed a variety of new details about Remedy’s upcoming project.

Speaking to Game Informer in a rapid-fire question segment, Kasurinen gave many answers about Control, some providing a lot of light on the game, and others, not so much. Among the more interesting things that Kasurinen confirmed is that Control will indeed include DLC. Kasurinen didn’t expand on what this DLC will take the form of and whether or not it would arrive at launch or after release, but going off of Remedy’s previous track record, post-launch DLC seems likely.

Soon after confirming DLC, Kasurinen also made clear that Control wouldn’t contain any microtransactions, either. Even though this may not come as a shock to some, microtransactions have found their way into games the past few years that you might not expect, so their lack of being included is a positive sign. Kasurinen also confirmed that Control will contain no multiplayer element, meaning that the game is solely a single-player experience with no additional monetary options. Kind of a rare thing, nowadays.

Kasurinen goes on to confirm a variety of other things in this interview such as the presence of TVs similar to what was seen in Alan Wake, how motion capture was used, and much more. If you want to learn more from Kasurinen, you can also read our own interview from speaking with him last year at E3 2018. You can also check out my own preview of the game, too.

You can watch the full video down below if you’d like to learn more about what Control will have in store. Currently, Control is set to release at some point in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Control Gets Eerie New Trailer and Screenshots Showcasing the World

Remedy Entertainment has revealed a new trailer and some screenshots showcasing the in-game world of their upcoming title Control. As usual, you can see everything for yourself down below.

The trailer is narrated by the voice actor behind Max Payne, James McCaffrey, who plays Trench — the previous director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Throughout it we get slow-moving shots through the Old House, the building and world players will get to traverse through in Control. In those scenes, you can also see lifeless bodies eerily hovering through different rooms.

Based on the dialog in the trailer, we learn that the Old House was discovered in 1964 in the New York City subways. The Old House has now been turned into a brutalist building located at the heart of the city. The place totally blends reality as other dimensions are leaking into rooms. These rooms are called “Thresholds” in the Old House.

Control is definitely a strange game with a lot of mystery surrounding it. But it seems like that’s totally what the team over at Remedy is going for. If you want to learn more about its world, story, and protagonist, you can check out my interview with creative director Sam Lake and lead actress Courtney Hope.

Control will launch sometime in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Control Will Feature the Voices of Max Payne and Alan Wake

Yesterday, I sat down with Sam Lake, the creative director of Remedy Entertainment, alongside Courtney Hope, who voices Jesse, the protagonist in Control. The two shared some new information with me about what other actors will be a part of Control’s story. James McCaffrey, the voice actor behind Max Payne, as well as Matthew Porretta, the voice behind Alan Wake, will be in Control. Of course, if you don’t already know, Hope plays Beth in Remedy Entertainment’s previous title, Quantum Break. Lake says that this is Remedy’s all-star cast.

Lake told me that McCaffrey’s character will share some traits with Max Payne.

“We have our previous director of the bureau, Federal Bureau of Control, Trench. He is played by James McCaffrey, who is the voice of Max Payne. To me the process was like, we have this secretive government agency, and you know we want this hard-boiled, cynical, older guy, as the director of this place. Then we started thinking, well maybe as a younger man he was a cop, or a fed, and this hard-boiled man of action who must now be pushed up the ladder to be the director. Who would be perfect for a role like that? Well yeah, James was a natural fit for that.”

We also learned some new details about Trench which may fall into spoiler territory. So skip this paragraph if you’d like. Trench is dead throughout the game, how his role as a dead man will affect Jesse’s story has yet to be revealed.

Lake did not reveal much when it came to Matthew Porretta’s character or how he’ll play a role in the world of Control.

“Matt is playing the head of research, the main scientist of the bureau, Dr. Casper Darling. Who more than anything looks into these unexplainable phenomena that the bureau deals with and is trying actively to push the known reality further.”

In case you missed it, you can catch an exclusive behind the scenes video from the Control panel at New York Comic Con where Hope and McCaffrey talk more about their characters. Control will be Remedy’s first multiplatform game in a long while. It’ll be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime in 2019.

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Alan Wake is Being Adapted into a TV Series

Alan Wake is back! Well, sort of.

Variety is reporting today that Remedy Entertainment is now in the works to create a new television series based off of the action-adventure game Alan Wake which launched back in 2010. Peter Calloway is currently signed on to be the showrunner and writer of the series while Remedy’s own Sam Lake is pegged to be an executive producer. Contradiction Films’ Tomas Harlan says that Lake’s involvement will be vital and stated, “We plan to work closely with Sam on our this show. Sam is a huge part of this. This is his baby.”

Alan Wake’s story structure already was episodic in its nature so the transition to the realm of TV is one that makes quite a bit of sense. Many fans–myself included–have been begging for Remedy to make a proper sequel to Alan Wake over the years, but it hasn’t come to fruition just yet.

As for what fans can expect from this series, Lake told Variety that Alan Wake will still be central to the series’ story but he’s also planning to focus on many of the surrounding characters within the world. He also said that the story of the original game will serve as a baseline for the story of the TV show and it will then begin to expand and grow from there. Lake also stated that some of the plans and ideas that they had for an Alan Wake sequel might also make their way into the show.

Currently, a release window for when the series might premiere has yet to be detailed. The project is still very early in production and Harlan is planning on beginning to shop it around to studios in October. Regardless of when it arrives (assuming it’s picked up), having Sam Lake so intrinsically tied to the series gives me hope that this could turn out to be a great video game adaptation, unlike many of the others that we’ve seen in TV and film over the years.

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