Borderlands 2’s Commander Lilith DLC Sets Up the Future of the Series and Is a Great Reminder of Its Past

Editor’s Note: This editorial contains spoilers for the Borderlands franchise, including Borderlands 2 and its recently-released Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

It is hard to believe that we are less than two months away from Borderlands 3. As a big fan of the franchise, there was a point where I thought to myself that there was too much content from the series between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!. That later was followed by Tales from the Borderlands from Telltale Games, as well as The Handsome Collection shortly after that, which combined both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel! on consoles and PC.

It honestly feels similar to being a Kingdom Hearts fan, with the second entry being years and years ago, but then you get these nice side games and remasters to hold you off until you see the game with the number “3” at the end of the title. We will (hopefully) get a big juicy story with tons of incredible moments in Borderlands 3, but until then, I decided to jump back into Borderlands 2 to play the new Commander Lilith DLC, as well as experience Borderlands 2‘s phenomenal story for the umpteenth time.

2K and Gearbox announced Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary at E3 2019, which is a story DLC to help set up Borderlands 3. This expansion is shorter than most Borderlands DLC normally is, but it is straight and to the point while giving players the plot that is needed. Sanctuary has fallen at the hands of Hector, a Dahl soldier who was promised a planet for him and his crew after all their hard work. Once dropped off on Pandora, his group was betrayed by the company and forced to work in a mining cave. During their time in the cave, they were exposed to an unknown sickness that infected them and morphed parts of their bodies to plant-like form. He takes control of Sanctuary and steals the Vault Key, and the Vault Hunters are tasked to find a new base, find a cure, and take back Sanctuary.

There are a fair share of side quests included alongside the main plot, but what stands out the most without a doubt were the side quests featuring Scooter. In case you forgot, Scooter sacrificed himself in Tales from the Borderlands. You receive a quest from him posthumously, a final request if he were to ever die: giving his sister Ellie the Catch-A-Ride business. In response, Ellie wants to have a memorial for Scooter, in the only way it should be done: doing a sick-ass jump in one of his vehicles. I found this moment really special, especially coming after his eulogy where he thanks the Vault Hunters for treating him like family, and then asking them to “take care of his girls”: Ellie and Moxxi.

The most surprising thing about the DLC, however, was the incorporation of characters from Tales from the Borderlands. Both Vaughn and Cassius have roles in the expansion (if you killed Cassius in Tales from the Borderlands, sorry, but he is alive). The way Vaughn was used in the story was pretty disappointing, because it feels somewhat like the end of his story (as he comes a chief leader of the bandits on Pandora), and he deserved better. I was really hoping that he would still be with Rhys for Borderlands 3. That being said, with Tales from the Borderlands being a choice-based game with different outcomes, we really don’t know what the situation is with Rhys outside of being the new head of Atlas. Who knows; we’ll most likely see Vaughn have a role in Borderlands 3, but I don’t want this to be the last time I see him.

In Borderlands 3, we know that we will be traveling off to different planets across the galaxy. At the end of Borderlands 2, it was shown that there are numerous vaults across the galaxy that need to be protected from those that will abuse the power it may give them. That isn’t the only reason though; during the final boss fight with Hector, Lilith had to sacrifice Sanctuary to defeat Hector. Lilith tells everyone to find the other vaults while she rebuilds the Crimson Raiders. But in reality, she is going to find the Vault Key.

Despite its short length, Commander Lilith is a satisfying new piece of content for Borderlands 2, and as a longtime fan of the series, it definitely made me even more excited for Borderlands 3 this September. But even with a new game on the way, going back to experience this new DLC just reminds me how special Borderlands 2 is: specifically, the story.

People will often speak of last-gen games like BioShockRed Dead Redemption, and Spec Ops: The Line with plot twists or scenes that blew their mind. While all of those games and those moments are completely valid, I don’t think I have ever been blown away by a game the number of times that I was in Borderlands 2, and playing through the Commander Lilith DLC only made those feelings stronger.

Despite Borderlands 2 originally releasing on last-gen consoles in 2012, it truly is a spectacle how well this game has aged so many years later; not as much in its visuals or gameplay, but mainly with its hilarious and surprisingly deep story. Not just deep, but dark. Whether it was learning about a new character’s backstory or more about a character we already knew, the story in Borderlands 2 constantly went into surprising places, from love, dealing with death and loss, and of course, its amazing lore. Even after so many years, I still find the game so compelling, especially in these character-driven moments.

Each character in Borderlands has a dark past, some more than others. There’s Gaige the Mechromancer, who had to flee to Pandora after her invention (and buddy) Deathtrap killed the girl who got first place at the science fair after being shoved, and Deathtrap recognizing her as a threat. And then there’s Tiny Tina, who was sold to Hyperion with her parents to be experimented on, eventually leading to her parents’ deaths. It is really incredible how Gearbox was able to make characters that at first impression are happy and funny, but who have also dealt with these heavy experiences.

I especially think back on the moment where we found out that Angel was a Siren the whole time while she was guiding the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2. At the end of the original Borderlands, Angel tells the Vault Hunters that she is watching over them while a Hyperion satellite comes into view. Up until then, I thought that she was an AI: the way that she talked throughout both games just gave me the idea that she wasn’t an actual person. Of course, in the back of my mind I knew something was suspicious, only to be be confirmed in the second game that she was in fact a Siren.

And then there was the whole fact that she was the daughter of Handsome Jack. It shocked me how this father used and abused his own daughter for his own personal gain; Jack was already a villain to me, but that was the moment where he truly felt like a monster (then having the audacity to try and tell me that it was all my fault). This was all happening at the same time that Jack killed Roland in cold blood. I couldn’t imagine how other gamers felt who played as him in the original. Even with all the revelations, all the loss, and all the pain, I couldn’t help but have my jaw open and be impressed. Gearbox was willing to take big risks in their storytelling with Borderlands 2, and it paid off handsomely (no pun intended).

At launch, Borderlands 2 received countless accolades (including a 9.5 in our own review), and to me that still speaks true. Since then, it seems to me though that the game does not receive the level of continuous praise that other games from the last generation receive that are in a similar caliber, and that’s a shame. It is still just as great as it was then to the point where even if Borderlands 3 ends up being a better game, I can still easily see myself going back again and again to its predecessor. The story, humor, and characters never get old: even after hearing my favorite parts from the game again, line-after-line, I still love it.

Borderlands is a franchise that can’t be replicated. Its humor and characters are a front for the dark themes that lie below: they’re a distraction so that you don’t expect the real-life moments and emotions that occur throughout the story. They’re full of death and loss that the big businesses of the galaxy are responsible for: Hyperion, Dahl, and Atlas have all lead Pandora to near destruction.

From what we’ve seen of the game so far, Borderlands 3 seems to be no different, and that excites me. I want Borderlands 3 to be dark; I want these characters to deal with death and loss again, but in a way that I won’t expect. I want Gearbox to make even more risks in 3, even if they don’t all hit, because Borderlands is a franchise about causing mayhem. Borderlands 2 provided me with one of my favorite video game stories and experiences, and if you know someone who is getting Borderlands 3 as first game in the series, make them play 2 at the very least. It is such a special game and it is a disservice to yourself to miss out on it. Now if you will excuse me, I have some bonerfarts to kill.

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AnimEVO 2019 Final Games List is Packed with Awesome Games

EVO is the biggest fighting game tournament of the year. This year, more than 14,000 people have entered to compete. The tournament will run next weekend–August 2nd through the 4th–and will feature a number of the biggest fighting games of the year, from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Mortal Kombat 11 and everything in between.

That same weekend, Las Vegas will also play host to the biggest side-tournaments of the year, which are collectively known as AnimEVO. So far, 937 people have registered to compete in AnimEVO 2019, giving beloved but older titles a renewed chance to shine. For example, Guilty Gear Xrd and its various iterations have been featured as part of the main EVO event every year since its initial release in 2014, but was left off the list this year to make room for other games. AnimEVO provides Guilty Gear fans with an arena that is almost as visible and prestigious.

AnimEVO 2019 will feature 31 (thirty-one!) great and classic titles. Check out the complete list of games below:

• Guilty Gear Xrd REV2
• Windjammers
• BlazBlue: Central Fiction
• Million Arthur: Arcana Blood
• Kill la Kill the Game: IF
• Samurai Shodown II
• Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
• Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
• Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition
• Vampire Savior
• Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai
• Sailor Moon S
• The King of Fighters XIV
• Garou: Mark of the Wolves
• Fighter’s History Dynamite (Karnov’s Revenge)
• Ultra Fight Da ! Kyanta 2
• Gundam Versus 2v2 Teams
• Puyo Puyo Tetris (Swap)
• Catherine: Full Body
• Project Justice
• Catherine (Original Version)
• Puyo Puyo Champions
• Hokuto no Ken
• Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel
• Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six StarS!!!!!!
• Aquapazza
• Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
• Umineko: Golden Fantasia
• Guilty Gear: The Missing Link
• Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
• TMNT: Tournament Fighters

As you can see, this is a pretty eclectic mix: there are some classic fighters, some provincial new ones, some puzzle games, and even some pseudo-sports titles here. What they all have in common, however, is the ability to spark hot-blooded competition. Tune in to catch the hype next weekend, August 2-4, via For more information about the games or registration, visit AnimEVO’s official site.

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GamesStop to Create New Store Layout and Offer Retro Products

To say that GameStop has been going through a couple of rough patches lately would be the understatement of the year. Over the past few years, their CFO of nine years resigned and they’ve been suffering income losses quarter after quarter. Additionally, the range of options to buy games digitally has also increased. That being said, GameStop has announced a new deal with marketing company R/GA that hopes to revitalize their business strategy.

The statement regarding GameStop and R/GA’s new partnership begins by stating “Together, GameStop and R/GA are developing and piloting new and streamlined physical store concepts, introducing new ways for gamers to try new titles before you buy them, and giving stores a unique layout and purpose that appeal to gamers.” They then delved into these new concept a bit more. “From store concepts that offer competitive sessions in home-grown e-Leagues to locations that sell strictly retro gaming software and hardware, GameStop will pilot the new store concepts in a select market to present something new to players both old and new, and searching for experiences in gaming beyond the console.”

From the sounds of GameStop’s statement, it’s safe to say they want to create an experience that goes beyond selling games. Instead, they want to build on that and offer a place to bring gaming communities together through e-sports events and selling retro items. In a landscape where entertainment is becoming more digital, GameStop is trying to stay in the zeitgeist. No time frame has been mentioned as to when they’ll bring these new concepts to fruition.

Recently, GameStop revealed the top ten most pre-ordered games from E3 and GameStop’s Chief Costumer Officer discussed next- generation consoles. If anything notable comes of this deal or GameStop’s current financial situation, we will be sure to let you know.

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Final Fantasy XIV Collaborates With Square Enix Cafe and Serves Up Some Delicious New Menu Items

The official Square Enix Cafe in Japan is running a new collaborative event to promote Final Fantasy XIV, in which customers can order several delicious looking new menu items based off the popular MMORPG:

They also have three rare “gatcha” menu items, which have been censored out for now. Most likely they’ll reveal them at a later date, possibly in a special event:

The official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account also shared some lovely pictures from the cafe event:

The collaboration event will last from July 20th to September 26th of this year. Since it’s such a long event, it’s been divided into two parts. According to the official site the collaboration food will be distributed at random order. The place mats used will change between four different designs in the first half (7/20 to 8/18) and the second half (8/19 to 9/26). There are also 18 coasters
that are randomly distributed for drinks, including take-out orders, and the designs also change between the first half (7/20 to 8/18) and the second half (8/19 to 9/26).

The site also states that food is a well-balanced set of all six, that range from rice-based dishes to desserts. There are six types of drinks, from alcohol for adults with character motifs to pretty dessert drinks.

The reservation tickets for the event are being sold here starting today, so if you’re in the area you should jump on the chance soon. You can check out the full menu, prices, and even the special collaboration merchandise the cafe will be selling here.

This isn’t the first time Square Enix has done an extravagant promotion for the MMO. Recently they reveled a service that allows people to fulfill their dream of a beautiful Final Fantasy XIV-themed wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out our official review of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers here, as well as our E3 2019 interview with Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida. here. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringersreleased for PS4 and PC.

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Persona 5 Royal and Catherine: Full Body Are Getting an Art Showcase in LA

Two of Atlus’ most anticipated upcoming titles, Catherine: Full Body and Persona 5 Royal are going to be part of an art showcase in August. Today, Atlus revealed that it has partnered with Gallery Nucleus in order to host the aptly titled Atlus Art Exhibit 2019: Persona 5 Royal & Catherine: Full Body featuring Shigenori Soejima in August.

That title pretty much tells you everything you need to know about what will be featured in the exhibit. Notable character designer Shigenori Soejima has worked with Atlus’ Art Unit and produced several pieces of art connected to Persona 5, Catherine: Full Body, and Persona 5 Royal. Considering that the last two games are not out yet in the west, this event should give some fans an early look at what to expect from the games in terms of style. The gallery will actually feature some pieces sourced from fan artists as well and will sell some exclusive Atlus merchandise.

The Gallery Nucleus is located in Los Angeles, California, and Atlus Art Exhibit 2019: Persona 5 Royal & Catherine: Full Body featuring Shigenori Soejima will be featured within the gallery from August 17 until September 1. On August 17, 2019, an Opening Day event will be held between 1pm and 7pm PDT where fans can attend a panel and an autograph session with Shigenori Soejima. While fans can not sign up for these things yet, Atlus says that they will let fans known on their social media pages when registration opens on August 2. If you are a Catherine or Persona fan in the LA area, this seems like a really cool exhibit to check out.

Catherine: Full Body will be the first of the two games to arrive on September 3 and you can pre-order it right now on Amazon. As for Persona 5 Royal, we only know that it will hit PS4 in the west sometime in 2020. You can check out the Kasumi Yoshizawa Introduction Trailer we created English subtitles for below:

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Summer Games Done Quick Raises Over $3 Million for Doctors Without Borders

Games Done Quick, a video game organization that holds charity streams that features gamers speedrunning, held its summer stream for this past week. Simply known as Summer Games Done Quick, the organization have showcased speedruns for many games over the past seven days. The stream started on the morning of Sunday, June 23 and lasted until last night. During the stream, viewers could watch popular speedrunners in the community take on feats like doing a 100% run of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask or Chrono Trigger. The event also held a sweepstakes which gave viewers the chance to win a slew of different prizes.

All the donations from the event went to Doctors Without Borders. The charity is known as “an international medical humanitarian organization providing aid in nearly 70 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, exclusion from health care, natural disasters, or malnutrition.” If you’d like to know more about Doctors Without Benefits you can read more about them on their official site.

By the end of the week, Games Done Quick was able to accumulate over $3 million worth of donations between around 51,000 donors. This is the highest amount that they have ever received from a single event. Their first event took place in 2010 called Classic Games Done Quick. During that time they received 10 thousand dollars in donations. With such a high difference from then to now, it is crazy to see how far they have come. You can still donate towards the event if you want to.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Preliminary 5.0 Patch Notes are Sure to Make for Some Fine Reading

Square Enix released the preliminary 5.0 patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers and it is absolutely filled to the brim with tons of new information about what’s in store for the expansion. Shadowbringers is the latest and massive update to the popular MMORPG, which has already come out for early access and will officially be releasing on July 2nd.

Within the patch notes are breakdowns of the two major cites (Crystarium and Eulmore), as well as the new zones, aesthetic changes, job quest teases, reworks for gatherers and crafters (Disciples of the Land/Hand), FATE (random world encounters) minibosses, player housing additions, short job previews (Gunbreaker and Dancer are new to Shadowbringers), and tons more.

Previously, Letter to the Producer LIVE Part: LII broke down some more details regarding battle content, the Trust system, Crafter and Gatherer adjustments, and adjustments to Disciples of the Hand and Land. There was also a new dungeon crawl trailer that showcased what the dungeons for Shadowbringers will look like, along with some beautiful new official artwork.

In other interesting news, a brand new Final Fantasy XIV TV series has been announced from Sony Pictures and Hivemind (The Witcher on Netflix). Not to be confused with the Japanese Dad of Light liveaction movie of course.

During E3 2019, a new launch trailer dropped after Producer Naoki Yashida spoke onstage. Not to mention that it will be introducing the new classes Gunbreaker and Dancer, as well as the new (and gender-locked) races Viera and Hrothgar. It was also revealed that Final Fantasy XIV has a playerbase of 16 million prior to the expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will be coming out for PS4 and PC.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Brings Latest “Letter From the Producer LIVE” Featuring Tons of New Content

In preparation of the upcoming early access to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, the latest “Letter from the Producer LIVE: Part LII” recently covered information regarding battle content, the Trust system, Crafter and Gatherer adjustments, and adjustments to Disciples of the Hand and Land. There was even a sneak peak at the upcoming Eden raid, with no spoilers of course (the video should start automatically at 59:05, the timestamp that the livestream actually starts):

The official Twitter account has been abuzz with new information regarding the upcoming expansion including new artwork from the art team, a dungeon crawl trailer, and a 5.0 patch notes reading.

The account also revealed the tentative upcoming schedule for the launch. June 28th heralds the early access, given to those who preordered the game. July 2nd is the official start date of Shadowbringers service, which will last for about two weeks. July 16th is patch 5.01 release, Eden on Normal difficulty, and will also last for two weeks. Finally on July 30th is patch 5.05 release which includes: Eden on Savage difficulty, Tomestones of Phantasmagoria Introduction, and the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah:

During E3 2019, a new launch trailer dropped after Producer Naoki Yashida spoke onstage, setting the tone for the story. Not to mention that it will be introducing the new classes Gunbreaker and Dancer, as well as the new (and gender-locked) races Viera and Hrothgar. It was also revealed that Final Fantasy XIV has a playerbase of 16 million prior to the expansion.

For something a bit more lighthearted, check out these delicious recipes straight from Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will be coming out for PS4 and PC.

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DualShockers’ E3 2019 Awards — DOOM Eternal and Final Fantasy 7: Remake Steal the Show

For all of the months of build-up, here we are: the sober day after E3 2019 and in full-on conference withdrawal.

However, with all of our staff traveling back, our votes tallied, and our awards distributed, it’s time that we showcase what was DualShockers’ top picks in Los Angeles for this year’s E3. And what a terrific show this year’s was.

Much like last year’s E3 2018 Awards, the Readers’ Choice poll and DualShockers’ staff poll didn’t line up — not to say that it wasn’t a hard-fought battle among the staff:

Now, without further stalling, here are DualShockers’ Game of the Show awards for E3 2018:

DualShockers E3 2019 Game of Show: DOOM Eternal

Also Best Shooter

This year’s E3 2019 Game of Show award was the most contentious in DualShockers’ ten-year history, coming down to a deadlocked tiebreaker vote to decide between the winner, DOOM Eternal, and runner-up, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. While other outlets will undoubtedly be choosing between Cyberpunk 2077 and FF7R, I’ll let our resident DOOM connoisseur Michael Ruiz (Senior Staff Writer) explain why DOOM Eternal pulled ahead:

In 2016, id Software rebooted DOOM, one of the most influential games in video game history. Naturally, there were some concerns. Will this game live up to its name? Was that multiplayer beta indicative of that entire experience? Why does that cover art look so boring? Despite that, developer id Software not only did right by the Doom name, but they also created something that felt both familiar and brand new. Even after three years, I don’t think there has been a shooter as surprising and unique as DOOM (2016).

While that praise is all fine and dandy, the game’s direct sequel, DOOM Eternal, has a lot to live up to. Like DOOM (2016), many expressed concerns before its E3 2019 reveal, namely how will it differ from the first? After the reveal, those concerns were dashed. Seeing the same gameplay that hooked me from the last entry combined with new mechanics, like the dash and grappling chain, this looks to iterate in ways that could potentially change the flow of its fast-paced gameplay entirely. As long as it can exemplify the same technical performance I expect from id Software games, I can see DOOM Eternal dethroning its predecessor as this generation’s best shooter.

You can pre-order DOOM Eternal on Amazon.

Readers’ Choice E3 2019 Game of Show: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Also Best PS4 Console-Exclusive Game

There was never a question that our readers would run away with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Sure, Cyberpunk 2077 put up a hell of a fight. But we are talking about Final Fantasy 7 Remake here, people!

In case you were wondering how split the vote was, slightly more than 38% threw in their vote for Final Fantasy 7. Next up in the polls was Cyberpunk 2077 at just over 20%. The other biggest contenders were DOOM Eternal (4%), Watch Dogs: Legion (4%), and the newly-revealed Elden Ring (3%).

Now to give our own two cents on why Final Fantasy 7 Remake resonated so well among fans, let me turn over to Cloud-diehard, Cameron.

Cameron Hawkins, Staff Writer: When Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally announced there was much excitement, but they’re also a lot of people who were scared. Square Enix within the recent year has been hit and miss with their games. It has had a relatively rough development cycle after originally being developed by CyberConnect2. It got to the point that most thought we would never see the game. After finally showing off a presentation of the game it was incredibly impressive. What makes things crazier is that the game has a release date: it is coming out within a year. If you told anyone that two months ago they would say you’re crazy. But it’s here and it’s phenomenal.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is everything that a remake should be. It reinvents the formula of what made the original so special while still staying true to it. The game is gorgeous and plays incredibly smooth. It really is just a sight to behold. The gameplay is for the modern era, but still feels like Final Fantasy 7. The characters speak like how most players imagined them speaking back on the original PlayStation. There is no doubt in my mind that (if the rest of the game is as good as what I got to play) Final Fantasy 7 Remake will live up to fans expectations and for some surpass the original.

You can pre-order Final Fantasy 7 Remake right now on Amazon.

Best First Party Game: Luigi’s Mansion 3

Also Best Nintendo Switch Console-Exclusive Game

Cameron Hawkins, Staff Writer: Luigi’s Mansion 3 is such a refreshing game to play from the slew of different Mario Bros. games and spinoffs. Simply put, the game is just so much fun to play. Whether it be by yourself or with a partner in co-op, Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay takes a really big step up from the first two games. The puzzles are nicely balanced, the combat mechanics never get old.

Most importantly, it’s weird. Don’t get me started on Gooigi. It seems like Nintendo is finally giving the series it’s big boy shoes and placing it on the pedistal with the other big Nintendo titles. And it deserves to be. I was not a fan of the series before playing Luigi’s Mansion 3, but Nintendo can be happy to know that they have earned another gamer in that fan base.

You can pre-order Luigi’s Mansion 3 right now on Amazon.

Best Xbox One Console-Exclusive Game: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps E3 2019 2018 Microsoft Moon Studios

Lou Contaldi, Editor in Chief: We haven’t seen a ton of Ori and the Will of the Wisps; it made a brief appearance at the Microsoft E3 2019 Press Briefing in a new trailer we don’t know much else. It wasn’t on the show floor or at Xbox FanFest… and without a doubt, we want it more than ever. Maybe it is the mystique behind the game, but we are eyeing up that February 11, 2020 launch date. Will it surpass Ori and the Blind Forest to be the best platformer of the generation? We will just have to wait and see.

Best PC Game: Cris Tales

Tomas Franzese, Reviews Editor: In addition to an absolutely beautiful art style, Cris Tales from Dreams Uncorporated, SYCK, and Modus Games innovate with interesting time mechanics while still paying homage to JRPG greats. When players are walking around, they can see the past, present, and future all at the same time, which led to some of the most intriguing mission at objective structure at E3. And yes, the developers draw three different versions of the entire game.

Once you get into battle, time mechanics let players manipulate enemies with time, adding another layer on top of what players will recognize from games like Persona and Final Fantasy. With a beautiful art style on top of those mechanics, Cris Tales was one of the most memorable RPGs and PC games at the show this year.

You can pre-order Cris Tales right now on Amazon.

Best Handheld or Mobile Exclusive Game: Call of Duty Mobile

Tanner Pierce, Senior Staff Writer: Mobile games almost always get a bad rep because of how clunky the controls can feel. Call of Duty: Mobile is looking to change this by including simplistic controls that allow even the most clumsy of players to do well. On top of that, the game runs buttery smooth, which is necessary for an FPS, putting it above the rest.

Best Indie Game*: Blair Witch

Logan Moore, Reviews Editor: Bloober Team has already proven itself to be one of the best horror developers in the gaming industry and now it has the luxury of working with the terrifying world of Blair Witch. The game’s reveal at Microsoft’s briefing didn’t show too much, but it was still enough to send shivers down your spine. There’s still a lot left to see about Blair Witch and we’re hoping to learn more sooner rather than later.

*Note: Our definition of “indie game” this year is limited to games developed and self-published by the same studio. While there are a ton of amazing low-fi games and titles being published by indie publishers (e.g. Annapurna, Devolver), we want to give a nod to teams doing it all on their own.

Best Action/Adventure Game: Dying Light 2

Tomas Franzese, News Editor: Dying Light 2’s demo was certainly thrilling, but it also showed that the game was a zombie game that visceral and more focused on the human narrative than most other titles. While games like World War Zor Days Gone use giant hordes of zombies front and center to scare the player, Techland uses them more methodically, which makes them more of a threat. Most of the enemies in my demo were humans, and the decisions made took place in a morally gray area, which adding to the surprisingly emotionally human feeling of this zombie game.

With such an ambitious narrative and tighter gameplay than before, Dying Light 2 has quickly catapulted itself to near the top of my most anticipated 2020 games list, so I can’t wait to see what the full game has in store.

You can pre-order Dying Light 2 now on Amazon.

Best Platformer: Trine 4

trine 4 PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch PC Modus Games Frozenbyte

Tomas Franzese, Features Editor: Trine 4 from Frozenbyte and Modus Games seems like an excellent return to form for the series. In addition to solid platforming and combat mechanics, the game uses its three characters to not only build up a good rapport narratively, but in the puzzles as well. It was impressive how puzzles were intricately crafted so they could include not just platforming, but every playable character’s abilities. This will certainly lead to quite a few interesting situations with multiple solutions in the final game. Do to how well it was put together, Trine 4 stood out as one of the most well put together platformers on the show floor this year.

Best Cooperative Game: Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Logan Moore, Reviews Editor: Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a true experience centered around co-op that we haven’t had in quite awhile. Blasting Nazis with a buddy is as enjoyable as Bethesda has pitched it to be and the game’s open areas make for near limitless approaches to combat. While the pitch to turn Wolfenstein into a co-op experience seemed difficult at first, it seems like MachineGames has pulled off the feat.

You can pre-order Wolfenstein: Youngblood right now on Amazon.

Best Competitive Game: Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge

Lou Contaldi, Editor in Chief: We are officially in the end game of this console generation, and there is heavy competition among competitive games — with the genre often feeling like a Battle Royale. And while we can’t make any promises on how Bleeding Edge will fare in attracting a large audience, we do know that Ninja Theory’s expertise is nothing to be trifled with. They’ve managed to cherrypick and fuse together some of the best elements in other franchises, while folding in unique ideas of their own.

Best Expansion or DLC: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Logan Moore, Reviews Editor: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is simply more of one of 2018’s best games which made it an easy choice for our best expansion award this year. With a new region to explore and new monsters to hunt down, Iceborne seems like the perfect expansion for those who are still actively playing Monster Hunter World or those who are looking to jump back in. We can’t wait until September.

You can pre-order Monster Hunter World: Icebone right now on Amazon.

Best Puzzle Game: Manifold Garden

Lou Contaldi, Editor in Chief: Manifold Garden has been in the making for a long time, but it is aging like a fine wine. Reminiscent of a platformer Monument Valley, this is a game that puzzle enthusiasts will need to keep an eye on.

Best Online Game: Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers

Tomas Franzese, News Editor: Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers looks like it will make an already amazing online game even better. With interesting new environments, some cool new races and jobs, the game-changing Trust system, and a passionate team behind it, Shadowbringers will only help to bolster the already popular MMO’s fan base. New online games come and go every year at E3, but Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers improves an already great online title and in turn has become the most impressive online game on the show floor this year.

You can pre-order Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers right now on Amazon.

Best RPG: The Outer Worlds

Logan Moore, Reviews Editor: The Outer Worlds has looked excellent since it was first unveiled last year and at E3 2019, it just continued to look even better. Obsidian’s latest title is reminiscent of the RPGs we played at the dawn of the millennium while still boasting more modern mechanics and systems. The RPG market has seemed somewhat starved for a year or two now but The Outer Worlds looks like it’s absolutely going to satiate that appetite.

You can pre-order The Outer Worlds right now on Amazon.

Best Fighting Game: Granblue: Fantasy Versus

Tomas Franzese, News Editor: Arc System Works continues to prove that they are one of the best fighting game developers around with Granblue Fantasy Versus. Heralding a beloved series into a new genre, this game retains the visual flair Arc System Works titles are known for without dropping the ball from a gameplay standpoint. If you enjoy the Granblue series or just like a bit of unique visual flair in your fighting games, you will get something out of Granblue Fantasy Versus, the best fighting game at E3 this year.

Best Racing Game: Grid

Logan Moore, Reviews Editor: Grid’s return later this year seems to be a promising one based on what we saw at E3. Even though the racing franchise has been dormant for five years now, Codemasters looks like it could be delivering the best entry so far. For those dying for a new racing sim, this one seems hopeful.

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Best Sports Game: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020

Lou Contaldi, Editor in Chief: Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi. Skateboard Yoshi.

In all seriousness, the Mario & Sonic series always seems to get written off, but there is a ton of party-based fun to be had here. While there is more than enough polished sports titles moving into the Fall 2019 line-up, this is the one that we had the best time with.

You can pre-order Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 right now on Amazon.

Best Strategy Game: John Wick Hex

Tanner Pierce, Senior Staff Writer: At E3 2019, one strategy game stood out above the rest by a country mile. John Wick Hex puts an interesting spin on the strategy genre by introducing action timelines that allow you to plan each of your moves accordingly. This, on top of its vibrant art style, makes John Wick Hex not only one of the best of E3, but possibly one of the best licensed games in a long time.

Best VR/AR Game: Phantom: Covert

Phantom Covert Ops

Grant Huff, Staff Writer: Phantom: Covert Ops is doing something quite different and I couldn’t be more excited about it. While titles like Superhot and Blood & Truth will get your adrenaline pumping, this title makes your heart race in a different way. The thoughtfulness of the stealth action gameplay and the uniqueness of the overall concept has me eagerly anticipating its release.

Biggest Shocker: Keanu Reeves?! You’re Breathtaking! (Cyberpunk 2077)

Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2077

Logan Moore, Reviews Editor: Let’s be honest: this was probably our easiest award of E3 2019 to hand out. No moment at the convention was more surprising or more talked about than when Keanu Reeves showed up at the Microsoft press conference to announce his involvement in Cyberpunk 2077. Somehow, an already cool looking game now looks even cooler thanks to the involvement of Reeves. April 2020 cannot come fast enough.

You can pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 right now on Amazon.

Thanks again for keeping tuned in to the DualShockers E3 2019 coverage. We’ve got a lot more on the way, so keep an eye out for more previews and editorials about the games and events.

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Terraria: Jouney’s End is the Final, Massive Update to the Hit Indie

Terraria was first released in 2011. The game has gone through countless updates and patches since then, but at E3 the team at Re-Logic revealed that the next major update will likely be their last. Titled Terraria: Journey’s End, this update will touch almost every aspect of the game and put everything in a place the devs are happy with. Watch the short trailer below.

Journey’s End has tons of content. There will be over 800 new items for you to play or craft. The team has also added a bunch of new foes to battle and challenges to tackle. And, of course, conquering those will provide you with quite the loot haul.

Re-Logic is also completely reworking its world generation. This includes sprucing up the world diversity with a number of mini-biomes for you to explore. Those biomes will be full of monsters that you can read about in the game’s new Bestiary. This in-game data log will track key stats on every monster along with what they can potentially drop.

Journey’s End introduces Block Swapping, the Void Vault, Expert Mode, enhanced weather effects, and golf. That’s right, golf! This update really does have everything. And the team is not planning to reveal all that’s coming just yet. Instead, they hope to keep some things a secret up through release. That said, if you want to get a better idea of everything coming, make sure to visit the game’s info page.

Terraria: Journey’s End is coming to PC this year (hopefully). The team is aiming for a 2019 release but will put the game out “when it’s ready”. The update will be coming to all other platforms at a later date. Keep your eyes on DualShockers for all the news coming out of E3.

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