AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected Announces Release Date for February Next Year

Today during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, we got a release date for the upcoming FPS Away: Journey to the Unexpected. The game releases February 2019; starting the 5th on PS4, the 7th for Switch, and 8th for Xbox One. There is a PC version coming, though no solidified date other than February 2019.

Playdius Games also mentions that they are incorporating Japanese development with their music and animations within the game. For those unaware, AWAY features 2D characters within the three-dimensional world. Players make friends within the world and get to play as these acquired allies, such as monsters and mechs.

The addition of Japanese influence seems like a good fit for a game that values its bright and lively aesthetic. This upbeat Japanese music will be perfect for those looking to get a little anime out of their first-person shooters.

You can watch up on the previous trailer, which showcases its quick movement and action paired with it’s fun and 2D character models.

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AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected Trailer Showcases the Charming First Person Shooter

Indie game publisher Playdius Games recently brought us a new AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected trailer. The trailer highlights gameplay that features a unique first-person experience that mixes three-dimensional navigation with two-dimensional enemies.

AWAY offers the ability for players to also get a rouge-lite experience as well. This looks like it will be a fun change of pace for FPS players as they can explore a bright and animated world with some tense first-person action in the mix. Players will also gain new weapons along the way – from a simple stick and wrench to fire staffs and guns.

There also is a leveling system where you gradually get better equipment and abilities. The game, though cute and bright, oddly seems to give me some Serious Sam vibes more than anything through things like movement and enemies that range from cute blobs to mutilated people.

I’m curious to see just how much content AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected contains, but until I find out I’ll just think about how nice it will be to enjoy an FPS with a fresh and good-feeling twist. AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected seems right up old-school fps fans alley.

You can pick up AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out the trailer below to see for yourself what I mean.

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