Persona 5 Sneaks its Way Onto the PlayStation Hits Lineup

Atlus USA announced today that Persona 5 will be joining the list of Playstation Hits on PS4. These red labeled games are available for $19.99. So now, your excuses to not play P5 are nearing zero.

Persona 5 has been in the news quite a bit lately. Earlier this week,  it was announced that the game had sold 2.4 million units worldwide. An impressive number, given that Persona 4 sold about 2 million on PS2 and PS Vita combined. And, if rumors are to be believed, P5 might be coming to another console, boosting its sales in the process.

The current scuttlebutt is that Persona 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch after a Best Buy screenshot was posted to Twitter. This makes sense with Persona 5‘s Joker joining the Super Smash Brothers Ulitmate roster sometime this month.

It’s been a busy week or so for Atlus and we haven’t even made it to their April 25th stream about Persona 5 S. Will that be where they announce the Switch release or do they have something else up their sleeves? Time will tell.

What we do know for sure is that Persona 5 has been incredibly successful for the PS4. The PlayStation Hits label includes bangers like Bloodborne, DOOM, Metal Gear Solid V, and Uncharted 4: A Thieves End. By making it the newest member of the PlayStation Hits brand, Sony is acknowledging Persona 5’s success and telling their fans that this is a game worth playing.

Persona 5 is available on PS4 now and for only $19.99. For a full list of PlayStation Hits games, click here.

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Brewers Are Making Persona, Final Fantasy and Yakuza Inspired Beer

I’m a simple man. Like most bearded bald men in their late 20’s, I only have two hobbies: gaming and waifu pillows craft beer. And while these two do occasionally have crossovers, they are indirect: Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart tournaments at the local taproom. However, I’m thinking about making a road trip to Canada to try out these PersonaFinal Fantasy, and Yakuza themed craft beers from Fuggles & Warlock.

Surfacing earlier this week on the dedicated Persona 5 Reddit community, I actually saw my first glimpse of the Persona 4 Golden themed beer. According to the user, the beer was just added to the lineup in their shop:

New beer came into my store today! from r/Persona5

Digging around a little bit, this is by all means not a “new” beer line — other members of the community have shown it up as far as two years ago. However, after digging further, it is no wonder that the distinct label hasn’t caught more traction: it is relatively locked to a pretty small area.

Crafted by brewery Fuggles & Warlock, you are only able to find their beer in Canada (where they are based out of), Brazil, Japan, or South Korea. The brewer says in their bio that they are all about “keeping beer weird” which includes a distinct focus on geek culture and gaming. Hell, this is an image they use to advertise on the site:

With that said, they don’t need to make claims when their brands do the talk. While “Personas” (seen above) is a lager that borders on fruity and malty notes, they don’t shy away from changing up flavor profiles. Their Yakuza themed Kiwami beer is on the other end of the spectrum — a sour, brewed using fresh plums.  Meanwhile, Shiva — a recurring ice-elemental summon from the Final Fantasy series — is the namesake of their seasonal White IPA with grape notes.

Oh, and if you are looking for another deep cut among gaming references, one of their more popular “core” beers is The Last Strawberry — without a doubt a riff off of Mistwalker’s The Last Story that kickstarted Operation Rainfall for Nintendo Wii. For this beer, we are treated with a Belgiean witbear brewed with strawberries:

This is by no means the only gaming-themed beer, but those are normally licensing deals and not copyright infringement homages. You may remember that indie title STONE launched alongside a limited beer, and the broader Final Fantasy series is no stranger to wine. In fact, they are willing to jump into more fun promotions including Final Fantasy XIV Limit Break chicken (which is exclusive to Japan).

It’s a shame that Fuggles & Warlock are localized to so few countries, because this is definitely a brand I would love to support — especially for RPG drinking benders. That said, you can visit them if you are in the vicinity of British Columbia, or follow some of their posts and developments on both Twitter and Instagram.

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