Monster Hunter Cosplay Breathes Life Into Zingore Armor

Monster Hunter is an action RPG created by Capcom that began with a PS2 game in 2004. The concept of Monster Hunter places the player in a vast open world to hunt monsters and complete various quests. By hunting various monsters, you can create weapons, armor, and items from the remains of the monsters you slay. It’s been 15 years since the release of the first Monster Hunter game, and by now there are 5 main games in the series. Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter 4, and the recent Monster Hunter: World. With a series as popular as the Monster Hunter, you can expect fans to cosplay in their favorite armors.

One cosplayer in particular, Nami Almighty, recently showed off her Zingore armor on Instagram. This is Nami’s third Monster Hunter cosplay, and the best part of this creation is the detailed craftsmanship. Nami also doesn’t let the trolls bring her down either and takes pride in standing up for the work she puts into her creations.

Monster Hunter Cosplay Breathes Life Into Zingore Armor

Nami Almighty

One thing I do like about Nami’s cosplays is her showing the progress of her work. Fellow cosplayers and fans can appreciate the transparency because most of the time you just see the finished product and not the work that went into it. You can check out Nami’s other cosplays on her Instagram but keep in mind some of them are NSFW. You can also check out Nami’s Twitter and her Patreon where she goes into more detail about her cosplay creations and uploads vlogs.

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