Fortnite and Other Battle Royale’s Streaming Viewership Have Dropped Once Again

Is Fortnite dead? Absolutly not. It still remains one of the most popular games out right now and one of the most popular games of all time. However, its streaming viewership has just dropped once again for the fourth straight quarter along with many if the hottest battle royale games.

StreamElements, along with Twitch stats/analytics website SullyGnomes, released the latest quarterly State of Stream report that showed declines from April to June for hours watched on all of the top games in the genre such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. The report used data from all of the top streaming sites such as Twitch, Youtube Live, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer.

Fortnite’s viewership dropped about 3.66% to just a little over 300 million hours watched. It is still the most-watched game on all of the streaming platforms.

Apex Legends saw the largest drop in viewership out of all of the battle royale games. In Q1, the game had almost 183 million hours watched while in this quarter the game dropped out of the top 10 entirely with less than 65.4 million hours watched.

PUBG was the last battle royale game still in the top 10 in viewership that saw a decline. The game dropped about 4.3% to 65.4 million hours watched which puts it in 10th place.

The genre is certainly not dead yet. Whenever Fortnite seems to have hit a wall, Epic releases a new event that seemingly brings everyone back to their game. However, its not to crazy to say that interest is slowly diminishing since this is the fourth quarter in a row with a decline in viewership.



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Come Watch the Greatest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament of All-Time Tonight on Mixer

I’ve been planning an insane Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament to take place at my small apartment in Indianapolis ever since Smash Ultimate was announced earlier in the year. I’ve been inviting all of my local friends and even some fellow writers here at DualShockers to come and compete in this ridiculous tourney and tonight is the night it takes place.

Somewhere in the realm of twenty or more people are planning on rolling up to fight for the title of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Grand Champion and while the competitors mostly consist of friends of mine and my roommate, some of our own like Michael Ruiz and Max Roberts each traveled all the way to Indiana to fight for this prestigious honor.

Normally, none of this would matter for those of you reading this, but we’ve decided to take this entire venture one step further by streaming the tournament in its entirety tonight on Mixer. We’ve actually got a pretty great set up prepared and we’ll be play-by-play commentating the whole tournament all night. We’d love nothing more if you joined in with us as we play some Smash, make some terrible jokes, and have fun.

Oh, and we even made a trophy for this dumb tournament and everything. Here’s a picture of Mike holding it. He’s a cute boy, isn’t he?

If you want to join in with us, we’re planning on starting around 8:00pm EST. We’ll likely be a few minutes late to get things started so don’t take that time as gospel. If you want to watch along, you can head over to our Mixer channel by clicking this link right here. I’ll also attach the stream down below.

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