Next Mega Man Game Still in Development, According to Series Producer

In a new interview with 4Gamer, Mega Man series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchyia told the Japanese outlet that the next major title is still in development. According to said interview:

4Gamer: “What can you tell us about the next game to be developed? The most recent game — Mega Man 11 — was amazing, and we [4Gamer] are expecting the revival of the Star Force series. Personally I would like to see the Command Mission saga to be brought back. (laughs)”

Tsuchiya: “I see (laughs). There are a lot of titles I personally want to work on, but to tell the truth the next game to be developed has already been decided on, I’d just like to keep the specific details hidden for the moment. Please wait until we make an announcement. Still, I think that the there’s no such thing as a spin-off in the Mega Man series, every saga is a main series on its own. When speaking of Mega Man, there will always be people who think of “X”, as well as people who think of “EXE”, and I think that’s why each one’s concept of what Mega Man is changes depending on the generation. For that reason, we don’t want to deny any series of its future.”

In that same interview, Tsuchiya also stated Capcom is “planning on extending the Mega Man brand at least over 10 or 20 more years by giving it constant stimulation, that way we’ll be able to experience new titles alongside new players.” It’ll be interesting to see what kind of titles are in store for the long-running franchise.

The previous game, Mega Man 11had strong sales according to Capcom’s financial results last year. Meanwhile you can listen to the soundtracks from the franchise for free on Spotify. And for longtime fans of the series, there’s a new Zero/ZX Legacy Collection set to debut on January 21st, 2020.

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God of War Meets Mega Man in Nordic Concept Art

We all know of Mega Man, the blue-bombing robot who kicks butt and consistently delivers the world from the grips of Dr. Wiley. We also all know God of War, and the Nordic makeover that Kratos received in his PS4 debut. But what if someone merged both together — a combination of sci-fi and historical garb.

Lucky for us, there is an artist out there already combining these two great video game characters. Artist, Marco Plouffe combined Mega Man and God of War and Kratos’ nordic aesthetic together to create a great render of what a more historical or magic-based Mega Man game would look like. This recreation of Mega Man looks as if the hero grew up in harsh times, battling more than just monsters, but also fighting for his life.

This Artist Recreated Megaman in a Badass God of War Style

Credit: Marco Plouffe

Imagine Mega Man growing up in the world of Midgard, he would be more than just a little tough and he could probably be on Kratos level. Okay, I’m just kidding no one is on Kratos level, at least not to me. Marco has also recreated a hybrid Alien version and a Dark Souls recreation, and I can honestly say I’m starting to imagine Mega Man in a whole new light.

You can check out more of Marco’s work on his site on ArtStation, and if you haven’t played God of War yet, well… what are you waiting for? DualShockers gave God of War a 10 out of 10, noting it easily takes the throne of the best game in the series. Meanwhile, Mega Man 11 didn’t manage to set the world on fire, but it was another great installment in an already legendary series.

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Capcom Named Top Publisher of 2018 on Metacritic

With 2018 behind us already, its time to reflect on all of the great games the year brought us. From God of War to Red Dead Redemption II, plenty of publishers gave knockout performances last year. But who reigned supreme over everyone? Well, believe it or not, Capcom did.

Capcom released 14 unique titles in 2018, including Mega Man 11 and Monster Hunter World. The highest score rating for Capcom was actually Monster Hunter World, with a 90 at the time for Xbox One. Their lowest rated title, however, was Megan Man X Legacy Collection 2 for the Nintendo Switch with a 60. With 14 unique titles to release 2018, Capcom overall earned itself a publisher score of 79.3. Capcom made a major jump in the ranks from 5 to 1 overtaking Sega, EA, Nintendo, and Ubisoft.

In the second place, Sega earns it’s slot thanks to games like Sonic Mania Plus (91 Metacritic score) and Two Point Hospital (83 Metacritic score). Their lowest scoring game was the JRPG Shining Resonance Refrain (67 Metacritic Score). Sega’s overall Publisher rating was 78.5, putting themselves within a point of Capcom.

EA is just behind Sega with their popular sports title FIFA 19 earning a Metacritic score of 83, earning an overall publisher score of 77.5. What’s surprising is their distinct title count was only 12, less than half of what Sega has.

Surprisingly below all of these publishers is Nintendo. Mind you, Nintendo had a dominant year in sales. With huge titles like Mario Tennis Aces, Octopath Traveler, and of course Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s shocking that Nintendo isn’t mowing over all of these other publishers. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earning a score of 93 and Octopath Traveler earning an 83, Nintendo still couldn’t shake its share of clunkers such as Kirby Battle Royale with a score of 57. Nintendo earned itself a publisher score of 76.4.

Seriously, kudos to Capcom for the successful year of titles in 2018. And with stellar titles like Resident Evil 2 Remake receiving amazing reception already, it’s looking like the beginning of another great year. You can read up on our review for the Resident Evil 2 remake and pick up the zombie shooter for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Amazon.

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