Mechstermination Force Developer Explains Why it’s a Nintendo Switch Exclusive at Launch

Mechstermination Force was revealed by Gunman Clive creator Bertil Hörberg last week. When it launches this Spring, it will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Hörberg Productions’ games have typically stuck to Nintendo platforms, and over DualShockers’ past two interviews with Bertil Hörberg, we’ve gotten a better idea as to why these games have typically stuck to Nintendo platforms.

While the individual Gunman Clive games have been released on PC, iOS, and Android, when it comes to home or handheld consoles they’ve only been released for 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. Back when DualShockers was learning why Gunman Clive HD Collection took over two years to come out after it was nearly finished, I asked Bertil why his games have all released on Nintendo’s platforms.

“Being a small mobile game from the start I felt that the 3DS was a natural step…as it found success there and I got a good working relationship with Nintendo, the Wii U version seemed like a good next step,” Bertil told me. “I was considering doing PS4 port [of Gunman Clive HD Collection] but just never got around to it. I’ve also always had a soft spot for Nintendo and their handhelds in particular, but I try not to let that influence my business decisions too much.”

So while Bertil is a fan of Nintendo, that nostalgia does not ever seem to be the biggest factor as to why titles from Hörberg Productions tend to stick to Nintendo platforms. When it comes to Mechstermination Force, the game’s initial Nintendo Switch exclusivity stems from the development team’s smaller size and good relationship with Nintendo. “Given my success on the 3DS and my relationship with Nintendo, the Switch was always the obvious choice, and I really like the system as well,” said Bertil.

Still, there may be some hope for Hörberg Productions to release Mechstermination Force for non-Nintendo consoles in the future. “I don’t have the capacity for a multi-platform launch, but there is nothing stopping me from releasing on other platforms later, and it’s very likely that I will eventually,” Bertil revealed to DualShockers.

While Bertil would llike to get Mechstermination Force in the hands of as many people as possible, there may be a couple roadblocks before then.” I want to start working on something different right away, and given that the game uses a 100% custom engine and incredibly messy code, hiring someone else to do the porting might be tricky, or at least a lot less efficient than doing it myself.”

If Mechstermination Force does every come to other consoles, you can be sure that DualShockers will make you aware of it. For now, we can expect the game to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring for $11.99.

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Mechstermination Force is Set in the Same Universe as Gunman Clive

Gunman Clive creator Bertil Hörberg finally unveiled Mechstermination Force, his next big project, last week. While the new Nintendo Switch game may seem disconnected from the titles that put Hörberg Productions on the map at first, it turns out that it isn’t as devoid of Gunman Clive references as one may think. In fact, Bertil Hörberg revealed to DualShockers that Mechstermination Force is set in the same universe as Gunman Clive and that the titular character is playable in this new game as well.

“If you own Gunman Clive HD Collection on Switch you can play as the beige cowboy himself, so there are actually 5 characters.” Bertil told DualShockers during a recent interview regarding Mechstermination Force. He went on to confirm this on Twitter along with a GIF showcasing the first Gunman Clive gameplay. In another Tweet, Bertil revealed that the developers toyed with the idea of giving Gunman Clive “a more natural colour palette” but ultimately decided to give him the sepia look the character’s games are known for.

As I already mentioned, Gunman Clive’s inclusion won’t be world-breaking as Mechstermination Force is actually set within the same universe of the two Gunman Clive games. “Yes there will be a connection between this game and the Gunman Clive games.[Mechstermination Force] is set within the same universe,” Bertil revealed to DualShockers. While Gunman Clive and its sequel weren’t exactly story heavy games, as a fan of those titles it’s cool to see that Hörberg Productions has made the decision to keep all their games connected.

If you’re interested in Gunman Clive, you may be surprised to hear that the Nintendo Switch port of Gunman Clive HD Collection was almost done for over two years before its official release. When it comes to Mechstermination Force, Bertil also discussed the game’s connection to Shadow of the Colossus and Contra to DualShockers.

You can expect our full interview with Bertil Hörberg to go live later this week and watch the game’s reveal trailer below. Mechstermination Force is currently poised to release for Nintendo Switch this Spring.

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