Manticore – Galaxy on Fire for Nintendo Switch Delayed Indefinitely

Manticore – Galaxy on Fire, a sci-fi space shooter from Fishlabs and Deep Silver, was supposed to launch on Nintendo Switch yesterday; unfortunately, the game was pushed back at the last second. The developers took to Twitter to say that the game has been delayed.

They could not share a new date with us at this time, leaving the delay indefinite. Fishlabs does hope to share a new date soon though. That being said, if you pre-ordered the game, that purchase will carry over to when Manticore – Galaxy on Fire actually releases. You can check out the tweet announcing the delay below:

While no exact reason was given for the delay, it is likely that some unforeseen technical issues arose. It is a shame the game wasn’t delayed until the day of release, but hopefully, the developers will use this extra time to polish up the game even more.

Manticore – Galaxy on Fire for Nintendo Switch is currently without a release date, though several Galaxy on Fire titles are currently available on iOS and Android.

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