KonoSuba Dungeon Crawling RPG Gets New Gameplay

Entergram published a new gameplay video for the upcoming PS4, Vita KonoSuba dungeon crawler, launching on June 27 in Japan. The game’s full name is Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! ~Kibou no Meikyuu to Tsudoishi Boukenshatachi~. This is pretty long to remember even for a weeb like me.

The gameplay video shows the hub, which is the city of Axel, and later on some dungeon exploration. Overall it follows the same mechanics as many dungeon crawlers, Etrian Odyssey in particular. Wiz’s shop will sell more and more new items as you sell her materials, for example.

The game is fully voiced. Clearly, a lot of development time went into the battle animations as well. Nearly every playable character’ skills each have their own anime cut-in.

I personally wish they’d spent more time on making a more ergonomic menu though. The skill learning menu is a simple list, for example. Some sort of table for better visibility wouldn’t be unnecessary there.

As a reminder, this KonoSuba RPG was supposed to launch on March 28 but got delayed to June 27. Entergram cited “development issues” for the delay but didn’t elaborate more. Still, it’s an interesting case as while we don’t know what happened, this is a slightly more precise justification than the usual “we decided to delay the game to further enhance its quality” reason always given by Japanese studios.

A new commercial was published as well and can be found below.

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