Ghost Recon Wildlands Adds Jon Bernthal in Free Operation Oracle Update

His time as the Punisher may be over for now, but Jon Bernthal will be taking that gruff, take-no-prisoners attitude to Ghost Recon Wildlands as the main character in the Operation Oracle update. Bernthal plays Major Cole D. Walker, another Ghost Team Leader who doesn’t seem to play by the rules. If you’ve been missing Bernthal’s gravely voice, be sure to watch the trailer below.

Operation Oracle is a free update for Ghost Recon. It gives players two brand-new missions full of mystery and intrigue. In the trailer, we see Walker removing his dog tags, seemingly to indicate that he has gone rogue from the Ghost Team. This is further implied by Ubisoft’s blog post which says that the Major has “his own agenda”.

The blog post also says that information uncovered in Operation Oracle “will redefine loyalty”. It’s not official, but given the name recognition of an actor like Bernthal, I doubt they just brought him in for one update. This appears to be the beginning of a bigger story, especially with the post claiming that the events of Operation Oracle “might very well set the scene for the future”.

As a huge Jon Bernthal fan, the thought of him being a part of a larger Ghost Recon story is very exciting. He’s an excellent actor whose past characters fit well in this universe. Ubisoft has been doing a great job of supporting their games well after release. Thus, my hopes are high that this is just the beginning of an arc led by Bernthal.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Operation Oracle will be available for free on May 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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Ubisoft Opens Up New Studios in Mumbai and Odesa to Work on AAA Titles

Ubisoft has been on quite the upswing on the business side of things in recent months. They have acquired Brawlhalla developer Blue Mammoth Games, freed themselves from a Vivendi takeover, and even partnered with Tencent in order to expand into China. They continued this positive trend today by announcing that they have formed two new studios. One is located in Mumbai, India and the other is in Odesa, Ukraine.

As is to be expected, these new studios will collaborate with the others to bolster Ubisoft’s AAA game development. Ubisoft Odesa, which will assist other studios in working on the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise, is apparently already open for business and looking to hire 60 people over the next two years. This studio will be run by Adrian Serbanescu, Studio Manager of Ubisoft Kiev. Sébastien Delen, Managing Director for Eastern European Hub Studios at Ubisoft, had the following to say about expanding to Odesa:

“Ubisoft first came to Kiev 10 years ago and since then the team grew and took on challenging projects, but alongside Kiev, we have always been interested in Odesa and thus the perfect occasion for us to show this was by opening an office there. We are really glad to see the industry evolving in Ukraine and to see so many people who are passionate about game development.”

Meanwhile, Ubisoft Mumbai will begin to operate in June and will report to Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, Managing Director of Ubisoft Pune. That studio is planning to expand fast to over 100 people within two years, and are partnering with the Indian Institute of Technology and Intuit Lab in order to do so.

Christine Burgess-Quémard, Executive Director of Ubisoft’s Worldwide Studios, also commented on the creation of Ubisoft Odesa and Mumbai:

“This year marks the tenth anniversary of Ubisoft’s presence in India and in Ukraine. Our commitment to both countries is now strengthened by these expansions to Mumbai and Odesa. I am proud to see how our production presence is growing, and strongly believe that it is by investing and expanding our knowledge and expertise internally that we will be able to keep delivering the high quality entertainment experiences of the future.”

DualShockers will be sure to let you know when new titles made in collaboration with these two new studios are announced.

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