Geodude is Japan’s Iwate Prefecture Newest Tourism Ambassador

Recently, with Pokemon being a part of Earth Day, Pokemon Adidas, and the latest release of Detective Pikachu the world can’t seem to get enough of Pokemon, and who can blame them? Plus, there’s no such thing as too much Pokemon right? I’m glad we can all agree because Japan has done something that all Pokemon lovers would appreciate.

Japan’s Iwate Prefecture recently joined forces with The Pokemon Company to make a certain Pokemon the official tourism ambassador. There were a lot of Pokemon that possibly had the chance of having this great honor, but Geodude was the top pick when it came to the final decision.

The decision to have the rock type Pokemon who also floats as ambassador fits perfectly. The Kanji characters in Iwate’s name individually mean “rock” and “hand.” Geodude is a floating Pokemon who doesn’t have legs but has hands so it is actually a very fitting choice. To get around the fact that a human with legs would have to wear this mascot’s costume, The Pokemon Company came up with something funny and creative and gave him transparent checkered .PNG legs.

Geodude is Japan’s Iwate Prefecture Newest Tourism Ambassador

As an official ambassador, the role wouldn’t be complete without an official theme song and of course, Geodude has his. You can have a listen below.

While Japan is the only country to do this, I wish other countries would adopt this idea and make Pokemon tourism ambassadors a new tradition around the world. I hope other Pokemon lovers share the same dream. Currently, Pokemon fans are waiting to hear more about Pokemon Sword and Shield, hopefully at E3 2019 in June.

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