Far Cry 5 is the Best Selling Ubisoft Game of this Console Generation

Today marked Ubisoft’s earnings call for the last fiscal year. During this influx of information on the performance of several title , Ubisoft went over their financial performance of the past year and once again highlighted the fact that Far Cry 5 has done very well for them. In fact, Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 5 is the best-selling game of this generation in terms of units sold for them.

The impressive performance of Far Cry 5 isn’t very surprising. It was the best selling game of March 2019 despite only being released on March 27. Come the end of 2018, it was the seventh best selling game of the year. This continued strong performance as well as “strong growth of the [Far Cry] franchise,” according to Ubisoft, helped lead to the game’s massive success.

Considering this generation has been filled with many Ubisoft heavy hitters like For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey, Tom Clancy’s The Division 1 and 2, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, it is very impressive that Far Cry 5 has come out as top dog. Ubisoft didn’t ignore its success either as they released a steady stream of DLC for it throughout 2018 before putting out a sequel Far Cry New Dawn in February 2019.

If you’re curious about what DualShockers’ specific thoughts on the game and its DLC are, you can check out our reviews of both Far Cry 5 and its Lost on Mars DLC. Far Cry 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can also pick the game up on Amazon right now. 

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Far Cry 5 Meets Big Bang Theory in Fan-Created Set Build

Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter, that released on March 28, 2018. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto, and published by Ubisoft for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. This action-adventure first-person shooter is set up in an open world where players can explore freely, either on foot or by other means of transportation.

Gamer and level designer, Duncs (AKA Duncsmaps), based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Posted on Reddit his Big Bang Theory TV set Mod in Far Cry 5. If you haven’t seen Big Bang Theory before, it’s a sitcom created by Chuck Lorre who’s known for Two and a Half Men and Bill Prady, who’s also known for Two and a Half Men, as well as, Gilmore Girls.

Big Bang Theory focuses on a nerdy group of scientist friends, who spend a reasonable amount of time getting into odd situations. From dating, marriage, or trying to obtain tickets to Comic-Con, there’s always an awkward or funny situation between this group.

Duncsmaps recreation of the famous TV set is excellent, and if you’ve watched Big Bang Theory before, you would agree too. From the living room where everyone gathers to watch TV, while Sheldon complains about Penny being in his spot. To the telescope that sits in the background in the dining area during many episodes.

This Gamer Created the Big Bang Theory TV Set in Far Cry 5

Duncsmaps has recreated other well-known settings from TV shows and movies. Including, the house from Home Alone, Kingslanding from Game of Thrones, The Burrow from Harry Potter, and the Sopranos house from the hit tv series The Sopranos. In fact, earlier this year we covered his recreation of Kevin McCallister’s house from Home AloneYou can watch full-length videos of Ducnmaps creations on his YouTube channel Mojo Swoptops, or check it out below:

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Avengers: Infinity War Easter Egg Spotted in Far Cry New Dawn

Whether or not you consider yourself a comic book movie fan, it’s hard to deny that Avengers: Infinity War has had a major impact on culture. Whether it was the record-breaking box office numbers or the steady flow of memes, Infinity War is objectively huge. And that is why Hurk’s quick tribute to the movie is so on point in the newly-released Far Cry New Dawn.

Despite playing about 25 hours of the game, I had never encountered this line — but I’m more of a Timber companion guy. If you were to use Far Cry series favorite Hurk, he has a special line for when he is downed:

“Mr. Stark… I don’t feel so good!”

In fact, you can watch it in the short clip uploaded on the Far Cry subreddit:

Infinity War Reference from r/farcry

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, anyone in touch with current pop culture will recognize the iconic Avengers: Infinity War line. Though you can always just check it out below:

This easter egg is great in two ways. On one hand, it is Ubisoft flexing their cultural knowledge — they have always been great with in-game teasers and Easter Eggs, but this is one I seriously enjoyed.

On the other hand, this goes to back-up the running theory that Hurk is some mystical time-traveling guru that transcends numbered releases, DLCs and forth walls. Let us remember that Hurk began his detour into the Far Cry series on the third entry and has been spotted in every game since. Yes, that includes Hurk being on Mars in the Lost on Mars expansion and being “Urki” in Far Cry Primal:

But why does this show that Hurk is a time-traveling, fourth-wall bending demon? Far Cry 5 released on March 27, 2018 — meanwhile, Avengers: Infinity War released on April 27, 2018. A whole month following the nuclear blast that wipes clean the United States. So either Hurk got some early access tickets to one of the most tightly-guarded IP on the planet, or he was able to pick up this movie quote by transcending a non-nuclear blast America.

If you haven’t seen our coverage of it yet, Far Cry New Dawn is going to be a blast for returning fans of the series and Far Cry 5. Though it stumbles in both level design and story, the series takes huge strides in moving towards and RPG-lite game design. You can read the full review where we awarded the game a 6.0 out of 10.

Far Cry New Dawn is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Anyone looking to pick up the value-priced title can do so on Amazon.

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DualShockers’ Game of the Year 2018 Staff Lists — Rachael’s Top 10

As 2018 comes to a close, DualShockers and our staff are reflecting on this year’s batch of games and what were their personal highlights within the last year. Unlike the official Game of the Year 2018 awards for DualShockers, there are little-to-no-rules on our individual Top 10 posts. For instance, any game — not just 2018 releases — can be considered.

Each and every year I’ll always find games to get excited about – whether that is a huge AAA title or a small indie release. I don’t think I have had a “bad gaming year” in rather a long time because there’s so much talent out there and something for everyone in every nook and cranny if you spend the time to look. With every year that rolls in and out again, I’m still amazed at the amount of progress that video games have taken not only graphically, but narratively too, and how developers are evolving with each tick of the clock.

I’ve played a lot of games this year (my bank balance is still really upset with me) with some unfortunately not making the list – not because they are bad, but more because the ones I have chosen appealed to something within me more than others have – they’ve built a stronger connection. So, let’s begin with my Top 10 games of 2018, shall we?

10. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption

When I heard Rockstar were bringing out another Red Dead Redemption, I was beside myself with anticipation. Having put so many hours into Red Dead Redemption on my trusty Xbox 360, this really was a treat for me and you better believe I bought it on its release day. I loved the immersion of this title and the choices it gave you for who you wanted to be. I spent many hours riding around with my beautiful horse named Biscuit, hunting some wildlife for the best pelts or relaxing in one of the hundreds of baths I took, for some reason…and sometimes not alone, either.

The downside to Red Dead Redemption 2 was the length of the story for me, as I just didn’t get a lot of time to sit down and play it. We complain when the story is too short and complain when it’s too long, right? One of the other negatives was the shooting: the gunplay just hasn’t seemed to improve much from the original title at all and this could really be hard work at times. With aim assist off, I don’t think I could’ve shot fish in a small barrel if I’m honest. I do hope these creases iron out with updates.

Check out the DualShockers review of Red Dead Redemption 2.

9. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider Man

I’ve never really been a huge Marvel fan. I’ve always enjoyed DC way more, but something special caught my eye when I witnessed the trailers for Marvel’s Spider-Man and I knew that I had to play this title, if nothing else. The freedom I felt while swinging through the crowded streets of New York was amazing and I enjoyed the fighting elements a lot; I’d sought out gangs just to use all the moves I had learned on them. The negative here would be that I wanted more story, and by the story I mean I wanted Spider-Man to pull me deeper into the narrative, instead of little bits of it and then pushing me out to do missions and whatnot.

Even so, I enjoyed Marvel’s Spider-Man a lot and I look forward to catching up over the holidays on some of the DLC that I’ve missed out on lately.

Check out the DualShockers review of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

8. Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting on the Nintendo Switch to play a nostalgia-fueled Metroidvania, 8-bit endeavor, and Axiom Verge was the very title to delve into that scratched that itch for me. Axiom Verge is fun, simply put, and one of the best 12 hours you can spend your time partaking in. It’s dripping with that “Oh so good nostalgia” that many gamers, not just the older ones, ache for. Thankfully, it never feels like a revival and stands on its own feet very well.

7. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

I’ve been a fan of the Far Cry franchise for quite some time and for me, this was the best one I’ve played – although debatable by others, and that’s perfectly fine. The open-world element was everything I needed or could ever want in a title with a fully-immersive world – I could fly, fish, drive, and enjoy so many others aspects of it.

The one section of the game that I was most compelled by was Faith Seed. I loved this character and thought she was so well done; from the trippy dream-like visions she would appear into, I thought that the manipulation tactics she used to side others with her and her beliefs was unbelievably well thought-out and written.

I will say one thing though; many a folk came to a grizzly end when they hit or killed my dog Boomer, which called for many moments of rage while I shouted out “Oh, you’re dead now, buddy!”

Check out the DualShockers review of Far Cry 5.

6. Fe


I’m not sure how much I can express using words to tell you how much I enjoyed Fe. It was probably one of the greatest pleasures I’ve had in an indie game. The sheer beauty of this little creature facing a harsh world alone and that it was crumbling around it, was incredibly emotional but heart-warming.

Although Fe is unbearably cute and adorable, it highlights a more serious matter in the world regarding the threats facing forests and nature. This is clearly apparent throughout the title without making it overwhelming, and it doesn’t drown out the positivity and joy from the story.

Developers Zoink deserves every single piece of praise they get for Fe and definitely have firmly set themselves among the greats in the indie gaming world.

Check out the DualShockers review of Fe.

5. Where the Water Tastes like Wine

Where the water tastes like wine

This gritty and dark American folklore tale by Dim Bulb Games is a dreamlike and strange journey that took me through American legend and fantasy with the introduction of drifters, fortune tellers, and magical creatures. Having spent time in Louisiana and listening to the many stories told while there, this title appealed to me so much with its American noir narrative.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine takes you on a vast adventure across an expansive map of America where you can stop for a while at various cities to look for work, eat, explore, or hop a train and get the chance to meet some very unusual characters, all with their own stories to tell along the way. This title may have slipped off the radar for a lot of people, but I can highly recommend that you pick it up. The soundtrack is amazing, too.

Oh, and Sting is in it – yes, the singer Sting.

Check out the DualShockers review of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.

4. Life is Strange 2: Episode 1

life is strange 2

Life is Strange 2‘s first episode drew me into the diversity and the mirroring of what life is really like on the politically-charged side of America for some people like the Diaz brothers. However, what also drew me in was how unafraid that developers Dontnod where to tackle these hard-hitting issues. Although this is only the first episode, it hit me hard enough to rank it high on my list due to it being a world inside a video game that I immediately recognized, which isn’t something you usually see.

The clever writing, beautiful score, and the cliffhanger at the end of Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 has made me really look forward to the next episode due out on January 23, 2019.

Check out the DualShockers review of Life is Strange 2: Episode 1.

3. Detroit: Become Human

I adore games where you can push and explore the morality of the characters within it, and maybe your own as well, but Detroit: Become Human appealed to me even more since it was dealing with AI. I wondered how deep this questioning could go because, I mean, they’re robots after all. But Quantic Dream took this notion and flipped it on its head.

Each story had a pull that kept me completely engaged and invested in, which is hard enough to do with one plot, no mind three. My favorite story was Kara’s and the twist that lay within it that I never saw coming. It takes at least two or more playthroughs to obtain the desired outcome in Detroit: Become Human, and each time I found something new with my choices. It’s not surprising that I enjoyed this title so much really due to it being written by David Cage, who also wrote/directed two of my other favorites games – Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

Check out the DualShockers review of Detroit: Become Human.

2. Gris


Gris is an art lover’s wet dream, quite frankly, but that’s only a small part of this fantastic 2D platforming journey. When I reviewed this title, I couldn’t stop gushing about it because of how it made me feel and how important I believed it was for others to play and experience it.

To develop a game without any words or narrative whatsoever, in the hopes that you get it right with visuals and music alone, is no easy feat as seen in other amazing games like Journey and Fe. But Gris had nothing to worry about, as it hit all the right notes and much, much more.

Check out the DualShockers review of Gris.

1. A Way Out

A way out

This took some deliberation when making a game you’re number one out of a whole year of fantastic gaming experiences. But for me, A Way Out topped the charts due to it not only being a really fun and compelling game with an excellent story (and also a plot twist I didn’t see coming ) that you could play through a number of times easily without the dreaded boredom factor, but because I could play it with another person in the same room as me.

This was hugely important for me due to the demise of developers not implementing this feature into their games anymore – other than Nintendo, in which Hazelight Studios have stated why their title would never release on the Switch. I had spent a really fun and memorable night completing this game with another where we laughed, shouted, and ate fast food together all in true couch co-op gaming style. You can read more about the importance of couch games and why we still need them, here.

Hazelight Studios combined an emotional and intriguing story with beautiful cinematic moments, while showcasing the importance of teamwork and human interaction.

Check out the DualShockers review of A Way Out.

Also, Josef Fares needs to run for president, please! F**k the Oscars.

Honorable Mention

I’m sure some are wondering where God of War is? Surely I can’t call myself a gamer without playing it, right? Well, yes, you’re partly right there. Unfortunately, the truth is I haven’t had a full hands-on experience with God of War yet, but I did watch an entire playthrough with my best friend who bought it, and I sat on the couch enthralled the whole time.

I also managed to play some sequences myself, but of course, this doesn’t count in playing it, thus that’s why God of War did not make it to my Top 10 – that just wouldn’t be fair. From the little I was allowed to play and from watching it from start to finish, I can say it was captivating, graphically amazing, and the story had me constantly wanting more at every turn. Cory Barlog and Sony Santa Monica created something very special here, and I can’t wait until I experience it for myself very soon!

Check out the DualShockers review of God of War.

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DualShockers’ Game of the Year 2018 Staff Lists — Ben Walker’s Top 10

As 2018 comes to a close, DualShockers and our staff are reflecting on this year’s batch of games and what were their personal highlights within the last year. Unlike the official Game of the Year 2018 awards for DualShockers, there are little-to-no-rules on our individual Top 10 posts. For instance, any game — not just 2018 releases — can be considered.

2018. Seriously, what a year for gaming. I can’t remember the last time I actually had this many games to juggle into the top 3. When Sony blew their load at E3 2016, it was one of their best conferences and, incidentally, most of those games released this year, like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man. I didn’t jump on the Nintendo Switch hype until August of this year, and honestly, I’ve barely used it because of all the other titles shining instead.

I don’t usually compile lists in my head of ten games because only a select few titles really keep my enthusiasm by the end of the year. However, when thinking about my backlog and the games that did come out this year, it reignited a spark in me that felt these games needed recognizing. Here are my Top 10 games for 2018:

10. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 ranks at the beginning of my list for Game of the Year and it barely made it onto here. Let me tell you a story of how I even came to purchase this title. I’m a bad spender – give me money, it’s gone in a week or two. I had money around the time that Far Cry 5 was about to release and I thought “meh, why not” and pre-ordered the game. It’s a bad habit; help me. In doing so, I jumped blindly into a series which I had never really touched other than playing Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon at a friend’s house in the previous years.

Needless to say, Far Cry 5 was a huge change from its predecessors – and I’m not sure I liked it. At the start of the game, it’s quite fun when you begin to learn about the cult and story of the world you’ve been dropped into. It had great potential from the get-go, with a cool concept. However, Ubisoft wasn’t the best at executing that later on down the line.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t finish the game because I lost motivation to do so. Either way, a game has its faults but can also be quite fun. I did have a bit of a blast in co-op free roam and running around this unique open world. As is with Far Cry games, I loved the times where wild animals would appear out of nowhere and help me attack NPCs. I adored Boomer and all of the other companions, but that’s about it.

Check out the DualShockers review of Far Cry 5.

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4

Okay, this was a huge change for Call of Duty, at least in the sense that they barely changed any features from previous games. Black Ops 4 removed single-player, one of the series’ best elements, and replaced it with Blackout – an awful attempt at battle royale. That said, the multiplayer is surprisingly fun with its new additions such as manually-regenerating health, specialist-based combat, improved mobility and controls, and the change in game-modes.

It’s nice to see a Call of Duty game be fun again, and actually feel somewhat balanced. Blackout is another story – that mode absolutely sucks. Zombies becomes more and more complicated every year, so much so that I don’t feel like it’s a “casual mode” anymore. All I want is for me and my friends to jump into zombies and see how long we last, but the maps are too convoluted and you have to do a crap ton of objectives just to unlock the better weapons. I want Zombies from the original Black Ops back.

Either way, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (or IIII if you want to be difficult) takes players on a good journey into the lands of playing online. In short, we don’t care if you want to play a story – fight these kids instead. At least they actually made it fun unlike Fallout 76.

Check out the DualShockers review of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

8. Deltarune


This incredibly good spin-off to my personal Game of the Year from 2015, Undertale, is just part one of a possible series, and I’m super excited. We’re finally into that part of the list where I stop half-criticizing games and instead showcase how bloody good some of them are. Deltarune was a fantastic revisit to the world of Undertale with vital mechanic changes, a unique story, and an all-new cast of characters mixed with reused ones.

Lancer’s design is hilarious; I love the thought of a chubby spade who rides a bicycle. I won’t reveal any of the plot details, because if you’ve played Undertale but not Deltarune you have to go jump into it right now. It’s a blast, and you should be playing it. If not, go play Undertale then this game. I’ll be waiting. I’d put this game as number 1 if so many amazing AAA games didn’t exist. Let’s get into those now.

7. Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale

Image by @ikcatcher

Yes, Fortnite is on my Top 10 list. No, I have no regrets. I’m putting it on this list less because of it being a good game (it’s pretty good, to be honest) but more because of the game’s significance this year and the impact it made on my life. I played Fortnite on the day they released the Battle Royale mode last year, purely because consoles (at the time) didn’t have a battle royale game due to PUBG being on PC originally. I found that it was decent, but never would I have imagined the absolute influence it would gain.

Aside from becoming the most popular video game on the planet, Fortnite actually helped me expand on my career this year. I started off the year at various other outlets before eventually branching out into writing about Fortnite. Writing about this game actually allowed me to open up my experiences in games writing, and I actually ended up here at DualShockers because of it. I’m happy at the journey this game allowed me to take, and the memories I’ll have because of it. As much as it can suck sometimes waking up early in the morning to write about patch notes, it gives me the motivation to keep going and not just lay in bed all day. Thank you, Fortnite. You can suck it if you blindly hate this game. That’s my two cents.

6. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human

“Oh no,” you say: we’re entering Sony territory – and with a bang, as one of the most gorgeous games of this year is Detroit: Become Human. Detroit was a huge step forward from the previous titles from Quantic Dream and David Cage, and a game where choices actually changed the story. From the days of Telltale Games and Life is Strange emerges a game where the choices you make surprisingly matter, and the game lets you view what could’ve happened instead. I loved when I checked the choice map at the end of a scene and realized everything that mattered. Except for saving that goldfish at the start – that made no difference whatsoever.

That’s also not to mention how absolutely mind-bogglingly gorgeous this game is. The photorealistic visuals are mind-blowing when accompanied by those motion-capture performances of a lifetime. The star-studded cast of Bryan Dechart, Clancy Brown, Valorie Curry, Jesse Williams, and more perfectly brings each and every character to life to tell an enriched story of a very possible near-future. It’s a visually-appealing masterpiece.

Check out the DualShockers review of Detroit: Become Human.

5. Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is a gem of an experience. With incredible, entrancing visuals that make you feel like you’re in either the next Star Wars combined with a mixture of audio that flies around your brain and sucks you into the dreamscape, Tetris Effect is a masterpiece. Each movement subtly synchronizes itself with the music playing in the background, with the BPM adapting to your placements and rotations. For something as simple as Tetris, this game really puts an Effect on you.

It’s also extremely difficult. As someone who had never played video games would say, it’s the Dark Souls of puzzle games. I should probably change the difficulty, to be honest. Either way, I’m having a blast with this game; I wouldn’t even call it a game – but an auditory and visual experience. Go play it.

Check out the DualShockers review of Tetris Effect.

4. A Way Out

A Way Out

A Way Out was such a good game, and a refreshing take on the co-op genre. I absolutely adore co-operative games, especially those in which me and a single friend can complete a campaign. This game from Hazelight Studios was an absolute blast of a time, with minigames in-between story elements such as Connect Four or Baseball being such a nice way to take a break from the story and just have fun. Me and my co-operative partner beat the game in a single sitting with how much we adored it.

I think I’ll forever keep coming back to A Way Out with new friends just to see their reactions to each element of this short, but sweet experience. The fact that it is developed for couch co-op but also allows anyone with a copy to invite their friend to play for free is something I absolutely admire, and Josef Fares’ dream came together extremely well. The game sold well, which I love, and I hope to see more out of this genre of video games. What a title.

Check out the DualShockers review of A Way Out.

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the best superhero video game of all time. Sorry to the Batman: Arkham games, I love you – but this game is just so good. I’m kinda sad that it got snubbed at this year’s The Game Awards ceremony, losing to the next two games on my list (spoiler alert)…and also got snubbed at our own Awards ceremony. Boy, oh boy, this game got pushed under the rug.

The combat is magnificent when combined with all of the different variations of movements that the player can create; it is an utterly satisfying experience, one in which I keep coming back to. It’s rare that an open world game can keep my attention for so long (I have the attention span of a fetus), and Marvel’s Spider-Man achieves that magnificently. Well played, Insomniac Games.

Check out the DualShockers review of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

2. God of War

God of War

God of War is a masterpiece; a project with the absolute intent of demolishing any of its competition Kratos-style. The game was my first foray into the God of War series, and playing the original remastered trilogy makes me just wanna go back to the new one. It’s such a damn good game that if I went into everything amazing about it, then this article would never be finished.

The gameplay, the story, the music, the tone, the setting, the atmosphere, and everything – just everything about God of War is an absolute delight. My issue is that the game ended way too early. I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment. Bring it, Sony Santa Monica.

Check out the DualShockers review of God of War.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 brings something new to the table; not in the sense of just being a fresh take on the open-world genre, but being a revolutionary landmark in the history of video games. Ever since the release of the original Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games has worked tirelessly on this project – controversially so, after the senior writers stated that they worked 100-hour weeks.

If you’re reading through each and every staff member’s Game of the Year lists, it’s pretty likely that most, if not almost all of them will include both God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 at the forefront (assuming they played them). I’m falling straight into that trend – but you have to admit that there is an astonishing reason behind it. Both of these games are absolute masterworks, built detail-by-detail in order to transcend the normal experience of an open world game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a thrill to play, and quite frankly is one of the greatest video games ever made.

Check out the DualShockers review of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Far Cry 5 Goes to Vietnam with First DLC Hours of Darkness; Also Getting Sci-Fi and Zombies

Today Ubisoft released the first DLC for Far Cry 5, titled Hours of Darkness.

The DLC costs $11.99 and carries the player into a completely different setting, Vietnam. That’s quite the jump from the Montana of the main game. It’ll come on June 5th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

“Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness transports players into a war-torn Vietnam as they relive the harrowing experience of Wendell Redler from the main campaign of Far Cry 5. Playable in solo or online co-op, Hours of Darkness transports players from rural Montana to a dangerous jungle where they must rescue imprisoned squad mates, wreak havoc on the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army, and fight to get back home by any means necessary. This first DLC adventure will feature new gear and abilities as well as two different playable modes that will be unlocked after completing Hours of Darkness: Survivor Mode, giving players a limited loadout for a more challenging playthrough, and Action Movie Mode, where a generous loadout delivers over-the-top action.”

Alongside the DLC players will also get Vietnam-themed assets for Far Cry Arcade with a title update on May 24th. This will allow map builders to create new levels with a Vietnam flavor.

Looks like the game’s developers are going balls to the wall with alternate settings this time around, as two more major DLC are planned, as you can see in the schedule at the bottom of the post. Lost on Mars will come in July bringing a science-fiction theme, while Dead Living Zombies will do what it says on the tin in August. All will be included in the $29.99 season pass.

You can check out a trailer for Hours of Darkness below.

If you have not grabbed Far Cry 5 yet, you can purchase a copy on Amazon. The game is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you want to know what we thought about the game, you can read our full review.

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Far Cry 5 Gets New Patch on PC; Console Versions Coming Soon

If you’re like me then you’ve been having a blast screwing around in Hope County, Montana these past few of weeks. However, that’s not to say that the game isn’t without its fair share of bugs, and Ubisoft is hoping to address some of them. The developer has officially released a brand new patch for the game, which fixes a slew of different issues.

Most importantly the patch fixes and improves a number of different features in the game’s co-op mode, including connectivity, voice communication, and it even fixes a bug that was causing Hurk to blow up certain players.

In addition to that, Far Cry Arcade, the game’s map editor and multiplayer, was also addressed. Players should find that they are able to download maps faster and match with other players quicker.

Of course, that’s not all the patch does, those are just some highlights. If you want to check out the full patch notes straight from Ubisoft, you can do so below.

Players should be able to download Title Update 4 on their PC’s right now, with the console versions set to go live on Monday, April 9, 2018.

Far Cry 5 was originally released a little over a week ago and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. If you want to pick up the game on Amazon, you can do so by clicking here.

This post contains an affiliate link where DualShockers gets a small commission on sales. Any and all support helps keep DualShockers as a standalone, independent platform for less-mainstream opinions and news coverage.

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed low occurrence crashes and walkthrough breaks
  • Additional quality bug fixes
  • Fixed low occurrence save corruption

Companion, Enemy, & Animal AI

  • Fixed low repro AI issues

Design & Mission Progression

  • Fixed issues preventing silver bar purchase
  • Fixed minor bugs

Gameplay & UI

  • Fixed minor bugs

COOP and Online

  • Improved COOP connectivity
  • Fixed low occurrence COOP specific walkthrough breaks
  • Fixed voice communication issue where players could be permanently muted
  • Hurk was blowing up the client player when in a helicopter, fixed that.

Far Cry Arcade

  • Improved map download efficiency
  • Fixed various Arcade gameplay issues
  • Fixed issue where map textures would be extremely low
  • Improved PVP matchmaking
  • Fixed lobby loadout selection and map selection issues

Map Editor

  • Fixed issue with Arcade Editor crashes

PC Patch Only:

  • Fixed issues that were causing incorrect spawn if the game was minimized during loading

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Super Robot Wars X and Nintendo Switch Top Japanese Sales According to Media Create

Like every Wednesday, Media Create released its sales charts, related to the performance of the Japanese market from March 26th to April 1st.

Below you can read the top-twenty, keeping in mind that the second number associated with each game represents its lifetime sales.

  1. Super Robot Wars X – PS4 – 89,259/New
  2. Far Cry 5 – PS4 – 75,474/New
  3. Super Robot Wars X – PS Vita – 54,042/New
  4. Kirby Star Allies – Switch – 50,437/357,093
  5. Splatoon 2 – Switch – 25,639/2,191,686
  6. Shining Resonance Refrain – PS4 – 23,054/New
  7. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – PS4 – 18,851/74,865
  8. Detective Pikachu – 3DS – 15,584/57,597
  9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Switch – 14,486/1,446,986
  10. Monster Hunter World – PS4 – 10,011/1,994,226
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch – 9,373/938,990
  12. Valkyria Chronicles 4 – PS4 – 9,108/72,029
  13. Super Mario Odyssey – Switch – 8,442/1,675,896
  14. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Switch – 7,642/32,549
  15. Attack on Titan 2 – PS4 – 7,362/44,649
  16. Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon – 3DS – 5,999/1,605,916
  17. Hokuto Ga Gotoku – PS4 – 4,604/156,805
  18. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Advanced Edition – PS4 – 4,441/31,680
  19. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 – Switch – 3,981/137,570
  20. 1-2-Switch – Switch – 3,979/423,926

And here is the hardware chart:

  1. Switch – 44,033
  2. PS4 – 17,457
  3. PS4 Pro – 7,868
  4. New 2DS XL – 5,517
  5. PS Vita – 3,992
  6. New 3DS XL – 3,936
  7. 2DS – 756
  8. Xbox One X – 77
  9. Xbox One – 76

From the hardware point of view, the Nintendo Switch enjoys another week at the top, while the software side sees the top-three held by PlayStation titles.

Super Robot Wars X had a decent launch, but certainly not exceptional for the franchise. Quite notable is the solid performance of the PS Vita version, showing that Sony’s portable still has some life left in it, despite being definitely on the path to sunset.

Kirby Star Allies has a solid third week (after being at the top last week for the second week in a row), while Shining Resonance Refrain debuted with numbers that can be considered average but not bad, given that we’re talking a remaster of a game that was already niche to begin with.

The real surprise is probably Far Cry 5, which debuted not too far from the top of the chart. That’s one more signal of the fact that Japanese gamers really like open world games, no matter their nationality. It’s also a testament to the fact that Ubisoft has targeted the Japanese market with quite aggressive marketing in the past couple of years.

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Unbox Far Cry 5: Father Edition with the Actual Father, Greg Bryk

From Far Cry 3‘s Michael Mando (voice actor of Vaas) now to Far Cry 5‘s Greg Bryk (voice actor of Joseph Seed), Ubisoft has always had a knack for casting unique individuals as inspiration for their always colorful cast of villains. As Far Cry 5 continues to ramp up its hype well after release, we are treated to a video of Greg Bryk unboxing the special collector’s edition of the game to hilarious results.

The Far Cry 5: Father Edition includes a giant box with Joseph Seed’s face on it, the steelbox Gold Edition of the game which includes Deluxe bonuses and a season pass, the game’s soundtrack, a map of Hope County and a delightful figure of Joseph Seed.

Not included are Joseph Seed’s sweet shades, but don’t worry: you can buy that delicious piece of fashion on the Ubisoft store, and, as Greg Bryk suggests, you can also grow a man bun and then start a cult of your own!

You can purchase the limited edition Far Cry 5: Father Edition here for $159.99, though as it is limited edition, you should go ahead and secure your Father box as soon as possible if that’s something you want. Otherwise, the standard edition of Far Cry 5 is currently available for $59.99 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and you can check out our review of the game here. Happy cult hunting!

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Far Cry 5 Gets an Action-Packed Launch Trailer Ahead of Its Release

Today, Ubisoft has uploaded a launch gameplay trailer for its upcoming open world action-adventure title Far Cry, which provides several snippets of the game’s story as well as some gameplay footage.

Far Cry 5 is currently being developed by Ubisoft Montreal (with additional assistance from Ubisoft Berlin). Set in modern-day Montana, players take control of a sheriff deputy who finds himself in the middle of a violent conflict with a murderous cult known as Eden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5 is set to be released on Tuesday, March 27 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to a standard edition, the game is also available in a variety of different, more pricey versions, including the Gold Edtion, which not only includes the vanilla game but also provides the game’s $29.99 Season Pass. Those to obtain the Season Pass will have access to three standalone DLC expansions. Additionally, those who own the Season Pass will also receive Far Cry 3: Classic Edition (or Far Cry 3 for PC owners).

You can watch the launch gameplay trailer below this article. For more information on Far Cry 5, check out the game’s ESRB rating, which elaborates on drug use as an in-game mechanic, another trailer that provides a singalong (and loose adaptation) to the patriotic song “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee.” A full rundown of all the spoiler-free trophies available in the game, the newest live-action trailer, which spotlights the perspective of one member of Eden’s Gate, and, while you patiently wait for our full review, check out our latest hands-on preview of the game by staff writer, Noah Buttner.

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