Cyberpunk 2077 Meets The Witcher In This Futuristic Geralt and Ciri Fan Art

As one of the most anticipated games on the horizon for next year, Cyberpunk 2077 has been a huge source of inspiration for some truly creative fan-made projects and creations. That includes some incredible fan art, with two new pieces of fan art combining the worlds of Cyberpunk and The Witcher with a few familiar faces.

Hybra_art on Instagram shared two new pieces of fan art that show The Witcher‘s Geralt and Ciri in the style of Cyberpunk 2077, with the illustrations giving a futuristic flair to each of the beloved characters. It’s especially interesting to see some of the little touches that hybra_art added to make each illustration feel inspired by the worlds of The Witcher and Cyberpunk, such as Geralt’s cyber katana and Ciri’s tattoos.

Of course, interestingly enough in The Witcher 3 there was an easter egg that references the world of Cyberpunk 2077, where Ciri (seemingly) visits a world that happens to bear a striking resemblance to CD Projekt Red’s upcoming title. However, since it seems unlikely that we’ll actually get a crossover between the two titles, these two illustrations by hybra_art at least give us an idea of what it would be like for Geralt and Ciri to visit Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on April 16, 2020, and you can preorder the game over on Amazon now. For a closer look at the Geralt and Ciri fan art from hybra_art, you can check out the images below:

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This Death Stranding Fan Art Poster Is Incredibly Eerie

With the release of Death Stranding coming up rapidly, some fans are trying to find ways to make the wait until release go a bit more quickly. For one Denis Istomin, it seems that putting together some new art based on the game is how they’re coping with the final weeks before release.

Shared on Twitter recently, Russian artist Istomin gave us a look at their take on the world of Death Stranding. The poster features the game’s main character, Sam Porter Bridges, in the foreground while in the distance we see one of the beast-like monsters that will be present in the world. At the top of the print is the stylized logo that we’ve seen before for Death Stranding.

Within the past week, we have seen more gameplay from Death Stranding, including a look a deeper look at these beast type creatures. Creator Hideo Kojima has said that these enemies will appear throughout the game and will apparently vary in size, too.

I think my personal favorite part of this fan poster from Istomin though is the use of color. It’s a very vibrant poster that uses lots of blues, reds, and purples, but it’s also simultaneously pretty creepy looking. While not specifically a horror game, Kojima Productions has definitely created a world that seems eerie and Istomin has captured that same tone in this piece.

Death Stranding is set to launch on PS4 later this fall on November 8. To see more from Istomin, you can check out their Instagram account and store page that sells art prints based on other famous properties such as Evangelion.

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Days Gone Fan Creates Their Own Version of Deacon’s Baseball Bat Axe

Days Gone by Sony Bend Studio is still riding the waves in the UK since it released two weeks ago today. The UK sales chart shows that the action-adventure survival horror title is still sitting pretty at the number one spot for the second week in a row, leaving Mortal Kombat 11 and Fifa 19 to play catch up. Due to its increased popularity, Days Gone is inciting some creativity in players who can’t get enough of wielding Deacon’s axe baseball bat and have decided to craft their very own.

Twitter user @Tj_smitty14 states that he has enjoyed his time as protagonist Deacon St. John in Days Gone so much that it inspired him to create his very own real-life Sawblade, as it’s known in the game. If you haven’t had a chance to jump into this hellish apocalyptic world yet – the Sawblade is a melee weapon that Deacon can craft with the right materials that include a Wooden Baseball Bat, Sawblade, and some scrap found all over the map.

Tj_smitty14 has pretty much followed the same procedure in crafting his baseball bat axe – minus scavaging his local area for scrap, of course – and inserted a Sawblade through the top of a wooden bat, securing it with some barbed wire, a bolt and then finishing it by wrapping the handle with some textured tape for that added grip. It’s an excellent piece of craftsmanship and it’s great to see that a video game can bring out so much creative talent in someone – I know who I want on my team when the zombie apocalypse hits, that’s for sure. 

A few days ago, we reported about a player who captured a pretty funny but highly unexpected moment while exploring in Days Gone. While out on a quest, they caught a clip of a Freaker getting hit by lightning during a storm.

If you’d like to read what we thought of Days Gone, you’re more than welcome to check out our review on the title and if you have yet to purchase the gameyou can jump on over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy


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Days Gone Gets Update 1.05, Fixes Most Bugs Except for Major Audio Glitch

Days Gone, which released exclusively for PS4 on April 26th, gets a new patch to address even more issues with the game including stuttering framerate, bugs, glitches, and crashing issues among other problems.

Update 1.05 is smaller than the previous four updates, coming in at 136MB:

The changelog for all the fixes:

  • Added fixes for crashing issues with Days Gone version 1.05.
  • Added stuttering and lag fixes.
  • Days Gone 1.05 improved framerate drop issues.
  • Various performance and stability improvements.
  • Added fixes for glitches with Days Gone 1.05.
  • Added minor bug fixes and changes.

However, this update still doesn’t correct one of the most reported issues with the game: the audio glitches. These manifest at times as bugs that cause an absence of environmental sounds — unintentionally turning the Freakers into silent killers. Other players state that they can’t hear lines of dialogue in certain cutscenes and missions.

Hopefully this major problem will be fixed in upcoming patches to the game, as something like that can really pull players from the experience.

It was recently announced that Days Gone will be receiving free DLC in June which includes a Survival Mode as well as other new challenges on a weekly basis throughout the month. New bikes, combat, and horde tasks will also roll out over the course of the month.

In other news, there’s an official video detailing protagonist Deacon’s iconic bike and its importance to the game. And on the player’s side of things, one very creative fan recreated an entire scene from the game in Dreams for PS4.

You can purchase Days Gone for PS4 here if you haven’t delved into the zombie apocalypse title.

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