Death Mark’s Successor NG Announced for PS4 in Japan

Experience revealed today they’ll bring NG to PS4 on March 21. The game is the second game part of Experience’s “Spiritual Horror” series, following Death Mark. NG was first released in Japan for PS Vita on September 13, 2018.

NG‘s story takes place in 1999, in the as-far-as I-know fictional district of Kissouji in Tokyo. The main character and his friends get engulfed in a death game and are forced to fight monsters.

First print copies of NG will include an OST CD for the game and a Drama CD of Death Mark, titled “How to Make Some Good Coffee”. I don’t know the link between coffee and ghosts but I’m sure this title makes sense if you actually played Death Mark, I’m not into horror so I don’t think I’ll be getting it or NG anytime soon.

Experience also announced that a novel adaptation and a manga adaptation of Death Mark will be coming in March 2018. Both the manga and novel will take place during the same timeframe as the original game’s events, but new developments not shown in the game will be depicted in them. The novel will be written by Hitomi Amamiya, while the manga will be drawn by Ena, the mangaka who draws the horror manga Doku Mushi – The Ruins Hotel.

Experience also released the game’s cover, screenshots for the PS4 version, a sample cover for the novel and drafts for the manga. The screenshots are quite scary so you might want to think twice before browsing the gallery.

By the way, in case you’re confused, NG is pronounced “enjii”, like how you’d pronounce the letters in Japanese or in English.

Death Mark just released in the west, on October 31, so maybe NG will come over too, now that it has a PS4 version planned. Vita is still alive in Japan but western developers could definitely make a “Spiritual Horror” Vita themed game at this point.

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Horror Visual Novel Death Mark Getting Xbox One Release in Japan in October

Once upon a time, visual novels were fairly common in Japan on Xbox platforms, starting on the Xbox 360 and then moving on to the early days of the Xbox One. Nowadays the genre’s developers have mostly moved on to different options and many of the games initially released on Xbox One have been ported to PS4 and PS Vita.

Yet, one game is about to make the opposite jump. Initially released on PS Vita, then on PS4, and finally on the Switch, Experience’s horror visual novel Death Mark is coming to Xbox One, in Japan.

The game will release on October 25th for 5,800 yen. It will get both a digital and a physical retail launch for 5,800 yen, in a market that sees physical releases for Xbox One even being even rarer than ports in general.

While Death Mark is being released in the west by Aksys Games for PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch, we don’t know whether the American publisher will embrace the Xbox One release or will stick to safer platforms. We actually reached out to Aksys asking for their take on this, and we’ll keep you updated if they let us know anything relevant.

Update: we received a quick answer from Aksys Games, which mentioned that there are no plans to localize the Xbox One version at this time.

You can check out a few screenshots of the Xbox One version below. Do keep in mind that especially one is fairly unsafe for work.

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