Avengers: Infinity War Easter Egg Spotted in Far Cry New Dawn

Whether or not you consider yourself a comic book movie fan, it’s hard to deny that Avengers: Infinity War has had a major impact on culture. Whether it was the record-breaking box office numbers or the steady flow of memes, Infinity War is objectively huge. And that is why Hurk’s quick tribute to the movie is so on point in the newly-released Far Cry New Dawn.

Despite playing about 25 hours of the game, I had never encountered this line — but I’m more of a Timber companion guy. If you were to use Far Cry series favorite Hurk, he has a special line for when he is downed:

“Mr. Stark… I don’t feel so good!”

In fact, you can watch it in the short clip uploaded on the Far Cry subreddit:

Infinity War Reference from r/farcry

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, anyone in touch with current pop culture will recognize the iconic Avengers: Infinity War line. Though you can always just check it out below:

This easter egg is great in two ways. On one hand, it is Ubisoft flexing their cultural knowledge — they have always been great with in-game teasers and Easter Eggs, but this is one I seriously enjoyed.

On the other hand, this goes to back-up the running theory that Hurk is some mystical time-traveling guru that transcends numbered releases, DLCs and forth walls. Let us remember that Hurk began his detour into the Far Cry series on the third entry and has been spotted in every game since. Yes, that includes Hurk being on Mars in the Lost on Mars expansion and being “Urki” in Far Cry Primal:

But why does this show that Hurk is a time-traveling, fourth-wall bending demon? Far Cry 5 released on March 27, 2018 — meanwhile, Avengers: Infinity War released on April 27, 2018. A whole month following the nuclear blast that wipes clean the United States. So either Hurk got some early access tickets to one of the most tightly-guarded IP on the planet, or he was able to pick up this movie quote by transcending a non-nuclear blast America.

If you haven’t seen our coverage of it yet, Far Cry New Dawn is going to be a blast for returning fans of the series and Far Cry 5. Though it stumbles in both level design and story, the series takes huge strides in moving towards and RPG-lite game design. You can read the full review where we awarded the game a 6.0 out of 10.

Far Cry New Dawn is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Anyone looking to pick up the value-priced title can do so on Amazon.

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Dusk Developer Shares Autistic Fan’s Custom Boss in Easter Egg

It’s not unheard of for developers to work in their fans’ creations into projects and subsequent updates. Among that list is publisher New Blood Interactive, whose developer shared a cool story about how they added a fans custom enemy into their DOOM-like title, Dusk — going as far as making the discovery of it an achievement.

News about this addition came in late 2018, following a thread by indie superstar Rami Ismail. Ismail asked his hefty indie dev following to share a story on “how community, a player, or a fan made you love your work a bit more.”

One of the first to offer a response was Dave Oshry, the lead producer of New Bloods Interactive. According to Oshry, the team was sent an email from the mother of an autistic 6th grader (Caleb) from Washington state, attached with a concept art for a new boss in Dusk — his current obsession. Titled “Wife of Intoxigator,” the boss is seemingly a giant pink alligator with massive ranged attacks and 16,000 HP.

Included in the email was a short thank you to the developers:

“Thank you for all the work you do, creating games that provide hours of enjoyment for both adults and kids like my son. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

So impressed with the fan and mother’s show of gratitude, the Dusk development team decided to add the boss into the game. Well… not a playable version of the boss, but a literal photo of the concept art along with an achievement for finding it:

If you want to see how this plays out in-game, you can check it out below (courtesy of YouTuber Burnt Cereal) — alongside a quick thank you to Caleb after it is interacted with:

And while this was already a heart-warming story, Oshry shared a follow-up email received from Caleb’s mother. According to the email, Caleb managed to find the Easter Egg while playing the game, and has been telling everyone he could–assuredly making him a lifetime fan, and boosting his “self-esteem and confidence.” The mother also shared some of his Halloween costume that was inspired by Dusk:

It’s hard to not be excited for the team at New Blood Interactive and the Dusk development team. Midway through January, Oshry shared that the team was able to hit 69,420 units sold (though they are likely well beyond that now):

On the other end, Dusk will be coming to console soon, alongside a New Game Plus mode and bacon-scented soap.

Currently, Dusk is only available on PC. Players can expect a console version of the game in the future, though no specific consoles have been mentioned.

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PlayStation Colorway x Nike Sneakers Contain Hidden PS4 Easter Egg

If you consider yourself both a sneakerhead and a PlayStation fan, you may be drooling over the PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway sneakers inspired by the original PlayStation. However, if you’ve just been looking at press pictures and listings online, you may have completely missed the hidden PS4 homage.

While everything the PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway aesthetic screams PlayStation original thanks to the color scheme, PS4 does manage to get a minor shoutout. One of the listed features is a glowing Paul George logo with the power button hidden inside the left tongue. What isn’t listed is that the glow has two options: a solid blue light or the PS4’s signature “preparing to sleep” strobe.

Shared with DualShockers by Twitter user SpongeYaDig, you can see this light effect in action:

While it isn’t a major feature, small details like this really elevate these licensed products. Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise that Paul George and Nike know the PlayStation brand, given they have been pushing multiple PlayStation-themed models over the past few years.

The one bad side about this? Availability.

If you haven’t already been able to pick up the PlayStation themed sneakers, there is a chance that you never will outside of eBay or other scalper-ridden auction platforms. Right now, the shoes are going as high as $585 and as low as $150 for very very small sizes. It’s no surprise that they are looking to do a limited stock release, but save some for those of us waiting for payday.

Of course, I’d prefer to be griping about great licensed products with limited availability than poor quality licensed products. The latter is the talk of the industry this week, with Bethesda Softworks being under fire for Fallout 76‘s Power Armor Edition which ranged from “poor quality” to flat out false advertising.

As mentioned above, the PG 2.5 x PlayStation is available now at multiple retailers… so long as they aren’t sold out.

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