Devil May Cry 5 New Playable Character and Multiplayer Bloody Palace Possibly Revealed in Datamine (SPOILERS)

After so many years of anticipation, the long-awaited Devil May Cry 5 is finally out in the wild and so far, it seems like fans are loving it (myself included in our recent review of the game). However, it seems like there is still plenty more to come for those that have been playing the game, as a recent datamine may have revealed what might be coming to the game down the line.

Given that some of this information brings with it some heavy story spoilers for Devil May Cry 5this is your official spoiler warning not to proceed any further until you’ve finished DMC5‘s story.

Coming from ResetEra (via user “Stalker”), datamining the files in the PC version of Devil May Cry 5 may have uncovered a few new details regarding what to expect from the game’s upcoming DLC. The biggest revelations from the datamine point to the possibility that Vergil will be included as a playable character–most likely in the upcoming Bloody Palace mode–and the fact that Bloody Palace may include some form of multiplayer, whether that is competitive or cooperative in nature.

As none of this information has been confirmed just yet by Capcom, this all of course should be taken with a grain of salt whether or not these details come to fruition. However, given that Vergil was playable in past Devil May Cry games, such as Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening and the DLC for Ninja Theory’s DmC: Devil May Cry, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to expect that he might wind up being playable in DMC5…finishing the game, however, will explain how he might show up again.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more on the game, you can check out over 20 minutes of gameplay featuring Dante, Nero, and V in action, while you can also take a look at our tips post if you’re just starting out in the game. Now that the game is out in the wild, you can also pick it up on Amazon right now.

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Devil May Cry 5 is Censoring Partial Nudity, but Only on PS4 in the West

Another day, another step towards American Puritanism in the gaming industry. Uncovered overnight by the dedicated Devil May Cry 5 fanbase, it appears that Capcom may be rolling out a new Day 1 update to the heavily-anticipated game which will cover up some partial nudity. Weirdly, enough — it appears that this update is only affecting one console (PS4) in one region (the West), which goes hand-in-hand with developments in censorship and self-censorship within the Eastern development scene. Obviously, the story is still developing so it is yet to be seen if this will affect the game at large.

As a quick disclaimer, some of the footage below will have light spoilers to Devil May Cry 5 — if you are hoping to ignore all parts of the game before playing it, proceed with caution. However, I will not be discussing the specific scene within the body of the article.

Late last night, Twitter users began uncovering that Devil May Cry 5 had been censored via the recurring “lens flare” trope that has been implemented across both anime and gaming. While this is certainly not too much of a surprise — especially given that other revealing scenes of Devil May Cry 5 use this in other scenes in every region on every console — it is odd that an update needed to specifically go out censoring further after the original localization:

For those wanting to see the scene in action, you can watch a comparison video from YouTube channel Naughty Gaming 2 that chronicles the uncensored and censored version of that scene:

And while that video is framing it as a Western versus Japanese version, the issue is far more pronounced — it seems that this update is only being rolled out to gamers playing on PS4 in Western regions. In a comprehensive look on the current versions of the game, Twinfinite’s Giuseppe Nelva combed through current livestreams of the official versions and noted that the update hasn’t changed the PC or Xbox One version of the game. Additionally, it is only actually affecting the Western PS4 version, whereas the Japanese version of the Devil May Cry 5 on PS4 is still going around uncensored. You can see a gallery of those images below:

On one hand, this is a developing story — the game has just now rolled out, so it may simply be the case that this is an update that is being deployed in tiers over multiple consoles. Though unlikely (given that PC will typically receive any update first) it is in the realm of plausibility.

On the other end, critics of PlayStation and Sony’s latest stance on nudity and suggestive content may color in the picture. Notable developers and publishers in the industry have lobbied, saying that Sony USA is censoring games and enforcing “puritanism,” a proven claim to an extent given that publishers and localization specialists have been blunt in criticisms that they have pulled games or modes from versions on the PS4 due to “wishes of the platform holder.”

And while Capcom has done their own aspects of self-censorship in the past, that is normally to remain compliant with local regulation — not to hide some glorified plumbers’ crack. Though Steam seems to be changing up its (previously-promised) no censorship policy, there is without a doubt an air of hostility for anyone making unnecessary changes to games.

As stated above, this is a developing story — if changes are made to bring the PC, Xbox One, or Japanese PS4 version in line with the Western PS4 version, we will update the story accordingly.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One — all criticism aside, DualShockers loved the game awarding it a 9.0 out of 10. If you are interested in picking up the game (perhaps the less-censored Xbox One version?), you can do so via Amazon. Otherwise, feel free to avoid updating the Day 1 patch if you would rather not have the game updated.

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Devil May Cry 5 Fan Celebrates the Game’s Release With Incredible Nero Cosplay

After 11 years since the last mainline installment in the series, Devil May Cry 5 has been a long time coming for fans of the series, and with so much anticipation and excitement having built up around the game since it was revealed last year, many fans are celebrating in the best ways possible, including cosplay.

Coming from the Devil May Cry subreddit, Reddit user “Ampersanders” shared his impressively-detailed cosplay as Nero in celebration of the release of Devil May Cry 5.

Wielding Nero’s trademark blue coat, Red Queen, and Blue Rose, what’s even more impressive about the cosplay is how detailed everything is down to Nero’s new Devil Breaker arm. He even noted in his post that he somehow “avoided all spoilers” leading up to the game’s release, even when it came to the research and preparation of Nero and his Devil Breaker arm in order to craft this incredible Devil May Cry cosplay.

If I had to give it a ranking, I’d certainly say this is a SSStylish cosplay, from one Devil May Cry fan to another.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re looking for more on the game, you can check out 20 minutes of gameplay footage featuring Nero, Dante, and V in action, and you can also brush up on how to play with our recent tips post. Of course, if you’re looking to pick the game up for yourself now that it’s out in the wild, you can grab it on Amazon right now.

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Devil May Cry 5 Director Doesn’t Want You Posting Spoilers, So You Shouldn’t

There is hardly anything worse for fans of any series to have major plot points spoiled. However, few realize the effects that seeing spoilers pre-release have on content creators and game developers. As Devil May Cry 5 rounds the corner into its release date, famed Capcom Director Hideaki Itsuno is asking that everyone be respectful to the developers and longtime fans. This means letting DMC5 players getting to experience the game naturally, entirely free of spoilers.

Late last night, Devil May Cry 5 Director Hideaki Itsuno Tweeted out a message, effectively asking players to not leak and for fans of the series not to indulge in leaks:

His rationale is simple and resonates. The developers over at Capcom have been crafting the game “for many years” and he wants to make sure that all gamers are able to really experience the game as it was meant to be. And honestly, that appeal makes sense — when you’ve spent years of your life working on something for a dedicated fanbase, nothing is worse than having the magic of storytelling ruined by some trolls on the internet.

Itsuno-san is more than happy to give a helpful tip — avoid the internet entirely:

However, if you are looking for some more helpful tips, we wrote up a quick guide on how to avoid spoilers ahead of the Kingdom Hearts III launch for Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media spots. Just simply change some keywords around, and you can keep yourself free of spoilers ahead of the release.

Of course, closing up on the Devil May Cry 5 launch we have plenty of spoiler-free information that you can indulge in. Take, for example, the brand new trailer that recaps the story so far in the Devil May Cry series. Otherwise, there are some really cool official and unofficial projects, whether we are talking the awesome Son of Sparda coat (retailing for a whopping $525) or the oddly terrific crossover figures of Dante and Hideo Kojima that for some reason exist.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on March 8 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One — if you already have it pre-ordered, make sure to heed Itsuno-san’s advice and avoid posting spoilers. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game, you can do that via Amazon if you are so inclined.

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Devil May Cry 5 Fans Can Now Look SSStylish With the Official Son of Sparda Coat

In just a little over a week, fans of demon slaying and a** kicking will have the chance to return to their roots with the eagerly-anticipated Devil May Cry 5. However, if you’re looking to up your demon-killing game and want to look stylish while doing it, say no more, as Capcom and Volante Design have you covered.

Capcom has shared images of an officially-licensed “Son of Sparda” jacket that Devil May Cry fans can now purchase and wear to look like the demon-killing badass Dante himself. The jacket comes by way of Volante Design, a Massachusetts-based design company that specializes in clothing inspired by film, anime, TV, video games, and other sources of popular culture.

Specifically, the Son of Sparda jacket is made of a durable denim shell and sized in a men’s cut, with women’s cuts available upon request. The jacket is available in two color schemes: the “Devil’s Fury” color that resembles Dante’s traditional red and black jacket, and the “Mercenary” color that alters the colors to more of an all-black design with red trims and flourishes.

If you’re wondering how much this all costs, the Son of Sparda jacket from Volante Design is priced at $525, so it certainly isn’t cheap. But given that this is an officially-licensed product made in collaboration with Capcom, and based on some of the other impressive work that Volante has done in the past, this is probably as close as you are going to get to really become a demon killer like Dante.

Devil May Cry 5 will release on March 8, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re just looking for the digital experience of demon slaying without the expensive leather jacket, you can pick up the game on Amazon right now. For a closer look at the officially-licensed Devil May Cry jacket from Volante Design, you can check out the images below, along with a video of the jacket in action. If you’re looking to get the jacket for yourself, you can click here.

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Death Stranding Meets Devil May Cry in Amazing Kojima x Dante Figure

Nobody asked for a figure that merged Devil May Cry protagonist Dante and legendary game developer Hideo Kojima. But just because nobody asked for it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. A fan has bafflingly merged the Death Stranding creator and DMC‘s central protagonist in a collectible figure that I need for my desk.

The project was cobbled together by Hideo Kojima-obsessed  Indonesian Twitter user, Bayuarafat, who has made the name for himself in creating weird, awesome figurine mashups of Kojima. His latest piece of art titled “Konami May Cry” is Kojima’s head on Devil May Cry Dante’s body:

There is simply a crazy amount of detail put into this. It isn’t immediately clear if all of this is a custom job or if this is simply Kojima’s head on a pre-made Dante figure, but he is unmistakably donning the aesthetic of Devil May Cry 4 Dante:

Of course, these mashups don’t stop at the Devil May Cry series. We also manage to see Hideo Kojima recreated as a variety of Metal Gear Solid characters:

Obviously, these are things that Kojima can’t just ignore. In fact, Kojima-san has thanked Bayuarafat in the past for a large collection of Death Stranding and other Kojima-related figures:

Regardless, we just have one question… where can we buy these? I’d love to have Kojima x Dante figurine on my desk, as I know many others would. Perhaps I can settle on just picking up the Ludens figure instead.

In the meantime, both the Devil May Cry and Death Stranding fandoms are gearing up for some new content. Devil May Cry 5 is about two weeks away, one of our most anticipated games of 2019, and will feature a 15-hour story according to game director Hideaki Itsuno. Meanwhile, Kojima has been ramping up his developer tour. The first two hours of the game is “mostly finished” and is receiving nothing but high praise from those who had the opportunity to play it.

Death Stranding still has no confirmed release window for the PS4-exclusive title. If you want to show your early support for the developer, feel free to pre-order the game on Amazon. Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 5 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019. If you have yet to pre-order the game yet, you can do that now over on Amazon and start getting your demon-ass-slaying skills ready before March. Finally, head over to Twitter and give a few likes to Bayuarafat for the masterful work he is doing.

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Devil May Cry 5 Has Me Optimistic for the Series’ Future

Devil May Cry 5 was announced on Sunday during the Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference to zero surprise in its status as one of the worst-kept secrets of the gaming industry. We knew it was going to be coming soon; we just didn’t know when or what the game would look like.

Well, the fancy trailer released towards the end of the press conference answered both of those questions as we were introduced to the latest incarnation of the series, which features Devil May Cry 4 protagonist Nero returning to the spotlight alongside Dante and newcomer Nico.

The development team elected to take a somewhat photorealistic style that might have given some viewers flashbacks to the notorious DmC reboot, and though it looked great, there was definitely a lot of apprehension in the community and among fans.

People are right to feel a bit uneasy; though it was a decent character action game from a competent developer (Ninja Theory, which was also acquired by Microsoft at E3), DmC was not a very good Devil May Cry game—at least in my opinion—and fans just want to see the series given some real love. Oh, by the way, we’re going to be talking a lot about my opinion of what we saw during the trailer, in case that’s not clear yet. I’m pretty optimistic about Devil May Cry 5, but I know a lot of people have apprehensions or even downright disdain about what we’ve seen so far.

If you do have worries, I hope you’ll stick around and let me know your feelings in the comments (be gentle, I’m a sensitive soul) and that maybe this little editorial will help alleviate some of your fears. If you’re not worried, then good news! There’s a new Devil May Cry game coming out! Let’s nerd out about it!



All right, I’m going to start with the first thing: Nero’s the main protagonist. Dante’s going to be there for sure, but more in the capacity that he was in Devil May Cry 4 rather than as the main character. Personally, I’m fine with that; I was pretty certain Nero was going to be the protagonist of the newest game, and I’m fine with seeing him grow and change alongside Dante. Johnny Yong Bosch will be reprising his role, and I think he does a great job with the character.

Now, there’s sure to be people who would prefer Dante over Nero or maybe the mysterious third character on the cover of the game.

Devil May Cry 5



I get that. But, Dante will be there as a playable character, and from what we can see, the gameplay looks as stylish and explosive as ever.

We also can see from the trailer that Nero’s got a bit of a redesign, which is to be expected considering the generation gap and the updated graphics of the game. His demon arm looks to be replaced with a robotic one curtesy of his new partner, and though I liked his magical glowing blue arm plenty from DMC4, this looks fine too. It looks like he’s still got Red Queen complete with the big dumb engine he taped to the hilt, so rev up your engines (literally).

Devil May Cry 5

Nero, why.


Dante is also coming back, but we can’t really see too much of him. I’m sure he’ll be fine considering he looks to be more of his older Devil May Cry 4 self, which I enjoyed. It was nice to see Dante maturing a bit while still being his usual asshole self, and having him quite literally pass the torch…or sword onto a new generation made for some really good character interactions in DMC 4. I’m interested to see how he’s doing and how his relationship with Nero has changed, especially considering their relation to one another. I also hope that Lady and Trish will be making a comeback as well, as they usually get dragged into Dante’s many, many shenanigans; maybe even Virgil will show up.

At the beginning, we also see Nero and Nico in a van sporting the Devil May Cry logo on the side; now, I don’t know if that was merely a cool way to display the title card or if Nero actually now works for Dante, who, as we all know, is a respectable business owner and not a bum living on Coney Island. It’d be neat if Nero really did end up working for Dante after the events of Devil May Cry 4, but again, that’s all just speculation. More than anything, it’s probably just an artistic flair, but hey, a girl can dream!

Devil May Cry 5

It is indeed featuring Dante from the previous Devil May Cry games.


Nero drops the name Kyrie as well, so we can be sure she’s probably coming back. I enjoyed Kyrie a lot for being a significant departure from the usual Devil May Cry leading ladies; she’s innocent and virtuous, which plays well off of Nero’s protective personality, and despite her somewhat one-dimensional character, I’m interested in seeing what she’s been up to and how she’s handled the events of Devil May Cry 4.

There is also the matter of new character Nico; she serves as the sidekick to Nero, as female sidekicks are pretty traditional for the Devil May Cry series. Personally, Lady is probably my favorite in terms of design, and I don’t really love Nico from a design perspective right off the bat. She does have an interesting concept as Nero’s weapon designer and engineer, especially considering how she’s constantly telling Nero to pay her. Her personality probably fits with the leading ladies of Devil May Cry from what we’ve seen of her, but I’m not sure how she’ll be playing off of Nero. That’s definitely a wait-and-see factor for me.

Devil May Cry 5

She definitely steals this guy’s wallet.


Red Grave looks pretty good, as does the overall look of the polished graphics in the trailer. The music playing in the background is very much so not what I’d expect from Devil May Cry, but I still really dig it; there are tidbits of choral Latin lyrics in the background, and I love the lyrics “Pull my devil trigger.” If you want to check out the song, it’s called “Devil Trigger” by Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards, and it’s the first piece of music we get to hear from the new game. Also, look at that sick logo.

Devil May Cry 5



As for defining Nero and Dante’s personalities, I know there’s been some talk that people are worried about Nero’s characterization. Some people might be quick to say that Nero and Dante aren’t all that different, but they do have a lot of differences between them outside of just their age and experience. One of the best ways to see that is at the beginning of Devil May Cry 4 when Nero and Dante have a little fight; I thought that was a brilliant move to start the game off by defining who Nero is and why he’s different from Dante for new and old players alike.

Check it out below from Abhishek Shukla on YouTube:

Some people are worried that Nero seems too much like Dante in this trailer and, as a result, what will be Devil May Cry 5. To that, I can only say well, f*** man: we’ve only seen like three lines of dialogue from new Nero in this. Nero is cocky and smarmy like Dante, yes, but he also has a much more defined protector-personality and somewhat childish bullheadedness that Dante generally tends to lack.

Either due to his personality, conservative-raising environment, or his age, Nero is more human and more easily frustrated or enraged than his older counterpart, who rarely takes anything seriously. They’re both kinda assholes, but this is Devil May Cry: everyone is either trying to ham it up or just being a d*** all the time. It’s great!

The quips in the trailer were pretty standard fare for Nero, and I can definitely see some of his personality return in the short scene where he mentions Kyrie’s name—his desperation to protect her, in particular. Obviously, he’s a little bit older now than in Devil May Cry 4, so we can also say that he’s changed quite a bit as a result of growing up and…well, seeing everyone he’s grown up with get murdered super hard by the cult he once called family. I feel like we should talk about it more in this game, but we’re probably not going to.

Devil May Cry 4

Wait to process your trauma, Nero.


I look forward to seeing more from our crew of characters, including the eventual reveal of whoever that third playable character is and who is on the cover of the game alongside Dante and Nero. There was definitely some hyped screeching from me during the trailer, let me tell you. In fact, there’s a lot for fans of Devil May Cry to look forward to, though I don’t blame people who are being a bit cautious.

With this little editorial, I hope I’ve alleviated some fears of long-time fans of the series or helped those already hyped about the game to feel all the better about it*. I had my reservations too, especially in the split-second that I thought Nero was just DmC Dante and got really scared. But the more I think about it, the more interested I am to see what Devil May Cry 5 has to offer.

Devil May Cry 5 has a launch window of Spring 2019; it will also be releasing on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can also check out a batch of screenshots and get some more in-depth looks at the character’s right here.

*Quick Side Note: I watched a bunch of videos of Devil May Cry 4 to refresh myself while writing this, and man: that game was funny.

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