Cyberpunk 2077’s “100%” First-Person Perspective Will Benefit Story-Telling, Says CDPR Rep

The first-person perspective of Cyberpunk 2077 has been a topic of discussion in the past, and it has come up once again. Marcin Momot, “Global Community Lead” for CD Projekt Red, has said that the decision to make Cyberpunk 2077 “100%” first-person will benefit its “gameplay and story-telling perspectives.”

Yes, the cut-scenes will be FPP. While sure to be divisive, I don’t think this approach is necessarily a bad thing.

A dedicated first-person perspective can certainly help a game feel more immersive. Prey and Bioshock, for instance, make stellar use of the player’s one-to-one connection with a character. In addition to developing immersion, a FPP forces the game designer to use more nontraditional story-telling techniques. Both of the games I mentioned use environmental details to tell their stories, and I find this to be a compelling alternative to dialogue. The player-controlled character of Cyberpunk will still speak, of course, but I am sure environmental details will supplement expository scenes. After all, you’ll be seeing precisely what they want you to see.

However, with the immensely popular Witcher franchise, CDPR used a third-person point of view. Changing the perspective for Cyberpunk risks alienating some of their fans. Momot seems to be trying to reconnect with them.

One concern I have about CDPR’s dedication to a first-person point of view is that it threatens to make character creation in Cyberpunk meaningless. I struggle to see the point of carefully molding a character if I won’t be seeing them anyway. Momot’s followup tweet addresses such a concern. He points out that you’ll see your character on the inventory screen, in driving sequences, and “very occasionally” in cut-scenes.

In the end, I suspect your character will still feel both unique and personal. Furthermore, I fully trust CD Projekt Red to follow-through with an intense, moving, and interesting story. They’ve got a pretty good track record so far.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches on April 16, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A Google Stadia version will arrive at a later date. You can preorder it now on Amazon.

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Gamedec is the Other Cyberpunk RPG You Need to Pay Attention to in 2020

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 might be the most anticipated game of 2020; however, it’s not the only cyberpunk RPG coming next year. Anshar Studios’ Gamedec might be a bit smaller in scale, but it also looks promising. The team released their first-look trailer ahead of the game’s showing at Gamescom and it has me very interested. Check out the trailer below.

Gamedec and Cyberpunk 2077 share a theme and a broad genre, but the similarities mostly end there. Cyberpunk is a AAA game with incredibly high production values and a first-person perspective. Gamedec reminds you more of classic PC RPGs like Baldur’s Gate. In fact, the game probably has more in common with something like Shadowrun Returns than CD Projekt Red’s game. That said, both games do emphasize player choice in how each task is approached.

In Gamedec, you play as a character who “solves crimes in vitural world.” It’s a new age of private investigation, and it’s your job to hunt down the criminal scum of the future internet. To accomplish your mission, you’ll have a plethora of tools at your disposal. Depending on how you build your character, you’ll have several avenues of problem-solving.

Obviously, we don’t know much more about the game yet. That said, there seems to be a lot of potential here. Hopefully, we get a more in-depth preview at Gamescom later this month. I’m especially interested in finding out the developers’ take on the virtual world. In their short write-up on Steam, they mention a few different environments that we don’t usually see in cyberpunk games (the Wild West and a jungle). It’ll be fun to see how that’s incorporated.

Gamescom is happening from August 20 to August 24. We should learn much more about Gamedec there.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be (Hopefully) Getting This Sweet Motorcycle

CD Projekt Red’s Global Community Manager Marcin Momot recently updated his Twitter status with a single Cyberpunk 2077 related image of a glorious red motorcycle. The bike itself sports several decals which do absolutely nothing to detract from its beauty:

As a few fans in the comments section have pointed out, the bike has a strong resemblance to the famous one driven by Akira‘s protagonist Kaneda. Here’s an iconic image of said motorcycle for comparison:

While it hasn’t officially been confirmed that the bike will be available for players in Cyberpunk 2077, I’m sure Momt wouldn’t be so cruel as to tease this wonderful machine only for us not to have access to it once the game drops. And if is in, hopefully the game itself will allow for some customization. I know I would love to make it look that much closer to bike from Akira.

Earlier this month high resolution images of Cyberpunk 2077 were released as well, as part of a cosplay guide to coincide with the cosplay contest still ongoing. A lore book has also been announced; the hardcover book will be 200 pages long and it’s currently up for preorder on Amazon. Additionally, it’ll be available on Kindle for $19.99. The book will let readers learn more about the characters and history in the game.

And in gameplay mechanics, hardcore mode in Cyberpunk 2077 will strip away the UI along with other elements according to the game’s UI coordinator. In addition, it has been confirmed by the development studio that players cannot kill story NPCs or children in the game, although some quest giving NPCs are still up for grabs.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Allow You to Kill Story NPCs or Children

In Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red has said that your choices in missions will affect how Night City will evolve and change. While that is one of the many things that has players excited for the upcoming title there will be a limit as to what you can do in the game.

On Reddit, a user by the name of masoncool4566 shared a screenshot. In the screenshot, the user messaged the official Twitter for Cyberpunk 2077 asking about the potential of random acts of violence in Night City.

Asked about the random acts of violence in the city. from r/cyberpunkgame

As you can see, CD Projekt Red did not build the game where you can do anything you want similar to what Obsidian’s upcoming title The Outer Worlds does. Being able to kill some quest-giving NPCs was shown in a trailer for the game. There is no confirmation on if that will be the case for all story NPCs though.

This feature might upset some who want to bring absolute chaos throughout the city but there is still a large variety of choices that you will be able to choose from. These choices were shown off last year when the developer released a lengthy gameplay video.

From what I personally saw at E3 earlier this year, CD Projekt Red’s on-floor presentation showed different ways to execute a mission in completely opposite ends of the spectrum. That being said, what they didn’t really show at all was random interactions with NPCs and what those encounters could lead to. Nevertheless, Cyberpunk 2077 is looking to be a fantastic game with countless hours of things to do in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of April 16, 2020. You can also view last year’s Cyberpunk gameplay presentation below.


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Cyberpunk 2077 is Getting a Prequel Story in a New Edition of the Original Tabletop RPG This Summer

From its highly-detailed futuristic world to its inclusion of the one and only Keanu ReevesCyberpunk 2077 is easily one of the most anticipated games of the generation. However, for those unfamiliar with its tabletop gaming roots, you will now have the chance to dive in to the original RPG with its namesake while also getting a bit of backstory leading in to the massive RPG from CD Projekt Red.

As detailed by Polygon, the original tabletop RPG that inspired Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a new edition later this year called Cyberpunk Red, and not only will it serve as the perfect entryway into the world of Cyberpunk 2020, but it will also offer a bridge into the world and characters of the game itself.

The new edition of Cyberpunk 2020 is getting a special starter set called the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit, and the kit itself will make its debut on August 1, 2019 at the upcoming Gen Con 2019. After that, the full version of the tabletop RPG will be released later this year at other retailers by publisher R. Talsorian Games.

The starter kit will retail for $29.99 and includes a full Cyberpunk adventure for new players to run with their friends, alongside a rulebook and lore book to establish the setting and characters. The starter kit also features dice, maps, and a set of characters to let players hop in from the start.

For those unfamiliar with its origins, Cyberpunk is the sci-fi tabletop RPG created by game designer Mike Pondsmith that first debuted in 1988 with its original release as Cyberpunk 2013. Over the coming years, the game eventually came to be known by its second edition (Cyberpunk 2020), with the upcoming Cyberpunk Red seeking to bridge the gap between the setting of the original tabletop game and Cyberpunk 2077, acting as a “prequel” to the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 16, 2020, while the upcoming Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit, will arrive on August 1. For a closer look, you can check out the final box art for the tabletop game below, and you can pre-order the highly-anticipated game on Amazon right now.

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CD Projekt Red Ends E3 With Two New Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots

CD Projekt Red and their upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 have been having quite an E3. I mean, have you seen that Keanu Reeves reveal? Absolutely breathtaking. Well, the team isn’t quite finished yet. To celebrate the last day of E3, the developers shared two new screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below.

Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the biggest stories of the past few years. The game looks absolutely incredible and these screenshots are no different. The first image shows a few people sitting in front of a gigantic bank of computers. And, can I just say that I want the coat the character in the foreground is wearing?

The second image is of a burly man who is obviously on a mission to somewhere. CD Projekt Red didn’t provide any details about the screenshots, but it seems to safe to assume these characters will play some part in the main story of the final game.

The team also had a behind-closed-doors E3 demo that clocked in at right around 50 minutes. Last year, they did the same thing and eventually put that demo out to the public at Gamescom. It appears that the same thing is happening this year. So, we won’t have to wait too much longer to get another extended look at the game. It will be interesting to see if either of these characters feature in that demo.

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 16, 2020. Stay with DualShockers for all your E3 news.

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E3 2019 Dreams — I Want a Release Date for Cyberpunk 2077

I’ve been tuning into E3 for almost a decade, and it’s by far one of my favorite times of the year. Each year, gamers from all over the world either attend E3 or view live from home via Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, or other streaming platforms. I’m a gamer who likes to watch every conference, even if I don’t play or have an interest in a certain game because the excitement of the event itself is enough to draw me in. That said, the one thing I hope to see this year from E3 is a release date for Cyberpunk 2077.

Back in May 2012, CD Projekt Red announced a new game titled Cyberpunk 2077. Then in the following year, they dropped an early teaser trailer that has reached over 14 million views since it was released (as of this writing). This is what started a 7-year journey of anticipation, hope, and many questions for the game, with the main one being “When are we getting a release date?”

First, let me say that I love CD Projekt Red for what they did with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, even though it was my first game in the series and I had to catch up on the previous Witcher games via YouTube. I still appreciated the hard work that went into making these games.

I didn’t know about Cyberpunk 2077 until after I completed The Witcher 3 toward the end of 2015. When I finished The Witcher 3 and immediately started Googling what their next game might be, I came across Cyberpunk 2077 and clicked on the link to the first trailer they ever released.

From there, I anticipated every E3 hoping and wishing for more information about this new game, and hoping that each year came with a release date. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 began getting more attention every year that the developers went without giving much information. Last year during Microsoft’s E3 conference we all got to see a new gorgeous trailer (and an in-depth gameplay walkthrough), but again no release date was announced, and that left me a little sad. With not a lot of information about the game available, this left gamers (including myself) to talk amongst themselves about what their expectations are.

So far, we know that the game won’t be playable at E3 this year, but we’ll still be able to see gameplay: beggars can’t be choosers, okay. Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, the creative director of The Witcher 3joined the Cyberpunk team back in March of this year as design director. If you loved The Witcher 3 as much as I did, flaws and all, then you can take this as a good sign. We also know that the Cyberpunk team has over 400 people working on the game, which is almost double the number of people that developed The Witcher 3. *Pause for shock*

The main character you play as will be customizable, and you’ll be able to make them either male or female. You’ll also be able to let your character have romantic experiences, although it’s not clear on who or what you can have a romantic experience with. This is a futuristic dystopian world, so that means the possibilities could be endless.

Cyberpunk 2077

But that’s only possible if the developer announces a release date, along with a pre-order date. Let’s be realistic while at the same time being hopeful: we know that the aim for CD Projekt Red was either 2020 or 2021. While I would love for there to be a release date aimed for this year, the logical part of me knows that for a game as big as Cyberpunk 2077, we might have to wait until next year (at the earliest) to actually play it.

Now that E3 is practically upon us, all we have to do now is wait and see how everything will unfold. Will CD Projekt Red give us what our hearts desire? Or will we again have to practice patience while the developer continues to finish up their masterpiece? When it comes to games, something I expect is a strong story, but I know I can put my faith in CD Projekt Red knowing they’ll do a great job, and Cyberpunk 2077 looks like it will deliver that and then some.

As we near E3, what do you want to see the most at this year’s show? What’s your dream scenario? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Lastly, be sure to check out some of the other hopes and dreams for E3 2019 from the rest of the DualShockers writers.

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Evolutis Is a New Cyberpunk Adventure Coming to Indiegogo

Chances are you haven’t heard about Evolutis — in fact, I hadn’t until I stumbled across the official Twitter for the 2D Cyberpunk adventure game. And while many crowd-funded indie games are a dime a dozen, Evolutis seems like one worth sharing. The creators of Evolutis are not shy when telling us that their inspiration came from a lot of different media like Ghost in the ShellAkira, and Blade Runner. In the game, they hope to incorporate intense hand to hand combat. The game is currently in its Alpha stage.

On their official Twitter, they show off a trailer of the game. The trailer shows off its gorgeous art style and beautiful world. You can watch the trailer for the game down below:

The developer, Poke Life Studio, is planning to launch an Indiegogo campaign at the end of next month. Their goals and the rewards that backers will get regarding the game are still currently unknown. The developers do plan on releasing the game on all major gaming platforms meaning PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC.

Additionally, the developers have teased that the game will be at E3 this year with a demo. Whether that demo will be on the show floor or will be shown behind closed doors. I will be sure to update you on Evolutis as more information about the game comes out. I am super interested in learning more about this game and what gamers to expect out of it.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Fan-Made Living Wallpaper Turns Your Desktop Into Night City

Ever since its incredible reveal trailer at last year’s E3, Cyberpunk 2077 has easily climbed to the top of everyone’s most anticipated games list, and while there’s no indication just yet of when the game might actually be coming, you still can at least bide the time with an incredible piece of fan art that can make you feel like you’re right in Night City.

Over on r/CyberpunkGame, user Razorflow made a “living wallpaper” that brings to life one of the iconic images from the game’s E3 2018 trailer and turns it into an immersive, dynamic wallpaper that will turn your desktop right into the pulsating cityscape of Night City. You can grab the wallpaper for yourself here from their Patreon page.

In terms of recent Cyberpunk 2077-related news, all we know for sure is that the game will be making an appearance at E3 2019, though obviously we don’t know for sure yet if that means we’ll see another trailer, gameplay demo, or some other reveal for the game at the show. However, CD Projekt Red did clarify that this year’s E3 would be an incredibly important one for the company, so hopefully that means we’ll get to see far more of the game than we have ever before.

Outside of that, the living wallpaper from Razorflow isn’t the only impressive Cyberpunk-related fan creation to make waves online, as another fan on Reddit made their own VHS cover inspired by the game, which nicely blends its cyberpunk aesthetic with the retro flare of the ’80s.

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The Witcher 3 Game Director Just Got Promoted to Cyberpunk 2077 Design Director

There’s no question that The Witcher 3 raised the bar on game design, with the game lauded from every outlet under the sun. And following a recent promotion, we can expect CD Projekt Red’s upcoming title to have the same quality. It appears that Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, Game Director for The Witcher 3 has been promoted and is now joining the Cyberpunk 2077 team as Design Director.

News about the promotion surfaced earlier today in the Cyberpunk 2077 dedicated subreddit, with an eagle-eyed LinkedIn user noticed the promotion. Anyone who checked out Konrad Tomaszkiewicz LinkedIn profile would notice that he took a new position within the game company two months ago: Vice President of Game Development and Design Director for Cyberpunk 2077.

The Witcher 3 Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projeckt Red Game Design Director Konrad LinkedIn

This is some great news for the already star-studded cast of developers. Anyone who has been following the news of the game will know that poaching from other studios has become big news, with RiME‘s lead level designer would be making his way over to the Polish studio. Despite concerns that the game’s Creative Director had departed early to begin working with developer Blizzard, CD Projekt Red certainly eased the tensions by announcing that the Cyberpunk 2077 team would be over 60% larger than the staff that worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Additionally, it’s readily apparent the talent that Tomaszkiewicz will be able to bring to the game as Design Director. For those who want a quick history into his history in the studio, he started working with CD Projekt Red as a Junior Tester on the original The Witcher title. From there he has risen through the ranks, in many respects due to classic decisions like breaking modern DLC norms. Taking a more active role in the game design is best case scenario for Cyberpunk 2077, especially given how polished the gameplay already looks:

Either way, we are preparing for some good news on the horizon. Information about Cyberpunk 2077 is sparse, though it is confirmed that we will be seeing the game at E3 2019.

There is no confirmed release date for the futuristic title, however the developer has let us know it will release “when it’s ready” for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Anyone hoping to pre-order the game and support the developer can already pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 on Amazon.

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