Persona 5 Royal and Catherine: Full Body Are Getting an Art Showcase in LA

Two of Atlus’ most anticipated upcoming titles, Catherine: Full Body and Persona 5 Royal are going to be part of an art showcase in August. Today, Atlus revealed that it has partnered with Gallery Nucleus in order to host the aptly titled Atlus Art Exhibit 2019: Persona 5 Royal & Catherine: Full Body featuring Shigenori Soejima in August.

That title pretty much tells you everything you need to know about what will be featured in the exhibit. Notable character designer Shigenori Soejima has worked with Atlus’ Art Unit and produced several pieces of art connected to Persona 5, Catherine: Full Body, and Persona 5 Royal. Considering that the last two games are not out yet in the west, this event should give some fans an early look at what to expect from the games in terms of style. The gallery will actually feature some pieces sourced from fan artists as well and will sell some exclusive Atlus merchandise.

The Gallery Nucleus is located in Los Angeles, California, and Atlus Art Exhibit 2019: Persona 5 Royal & Catherine: Full Body featuring Shigenori Soejima will be featured within the gallery from August 17 until September 1. On August 17, 2019, an Opening Day event will be held between 1pm and 7pm PDT where fans can attend a panel and an autograph session with Shigenori Soejima. While fans can not sign up for these things yet, Atlus says that they will let fans known on their social media pages when registration opens on August 2. If you are a Catherine or Persona fan in the LA area, this seems like a really cool exhibit to check out.

Catherine: Full Body will be the first of the two games to arrive on September 3 and you can pre-order it right now on Amazon. As for Persona 5 Royal, we only know that it will hit PS4 in the west sometime in 2020. You can check out the Kasumi Yoshizawa Introduction Trailer we created English subtitles for below:

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Persona 5 Developer Wants to Know If You Want Persona 6 on Nintendo Switch

If you are anything like us, your hopes may have been dashed in the apparent reveal that the (still mysterious) Persona 5 R may be skipping Nintendo Switch. In any case, developer Atlus may be feeding the rumor mill once again — in a recent survey to both Eastern and Western fans, the studio wants to know what console you’d like to see a sequel on… including Nintendo Switch.

First reported on by publication Twinfinite, Atlus released a survey to its fans via Twitter looking for general “feedback” in exchange for the change to win PSN, Nintendo Switch eShop, or Xbox gift cards:

However, while a “feedback” survey would lead you to think the questions would be geared to the studio’s quality and advertising (and some questions are!), the team is also looking for general direction when it comes to future projects.

In the USA version of the survey (found in the Tweet above) a series of different possibilities for the Persona series exists, with Atlus explicitly asking if you would be interested to see either a Nintendo Switch, PC, or Xbox One port of existing Persona games:

Persona 5 6 Atlus Port PC Nintendo Switch Xbox One Survey

However, if you aren’t a fan of the game coming to other platforms, you are also able to request other projects–specifically DLC, new merchandised, remake/remaster or older Persona games, or a full sequel or new installment.

Though this doesn’t explicitly mention a Nintendo Switch version of the next installment, the Japanese version of the survey (which is currently down for maintenance) is a bit more brazen. They specifically ask if you would want to play the following installment on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, Smartphones, or “other.”

Worth noting (and observed in the Twinfinite article), this is notably a change from previous surveys on Persona 5 and possible sequels. When Atlus was circulating a similar survey roughly a year ago, they were still asking whether fans would want to play the games on either Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. So in dropping this, Atlus may be signaling that they are no longer planning on supporting the aging handheld consoles in the era of Nintendo Switch.

Of course, this survey isn’t only about Persona 5 and the series at large. You can also let them know that you are interested in seeing Catherine (and other Atlus titles) as [ports on the Nintendo Switch, or focus towards DLC, remakes, and new installments:

Catherine Atlus Survey Nintendo Switch Sequel DLC Full Body

Regarding “Other,” make sure you put in how you want more Persona 5 Catherine: Full Body DLC — I’ll take that as a personal favor.

Persona 5 — despite being multiple years out — is still alive and well in the gaming meta. With the imminent announcement of what Persona 5 R “is,” the community is kicking back up with some cool fan-made projects. This includes awesome cosplay of fan-favorites Futaba and Makoto, a fan-made board game, and a visual re-creation of what a Game Boy Advance version of the title will look like.

If you somehow haven’t picked up your copy of Persona 5 yet, you can support Atlus and the franchise by picking up the game on Amazon. Meanwhile, make sure to go fill out the survey via the link above to let Atlus know where you stand.

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Catherine: Full Body Leaked Ending Causes Controversy for Alleged Transphobic Content

There has been increasing anxiety from queer spaces of the gaming community regarding Catherine: Full Body, the remastered version of the unusual, off-kilter romantic puzzle-platformer game. Most recently, a spoiler-heavy ResetEra thread went more into detail about the ending of the game, which brought to light a plot element involving the waitress character of Erica that has sparked an outcry.

Expect spoilers for Catherine: Full Body ahead.

This PS4 and Vita version of Catherine (the latter not coming to the West) initially caused concerns with a new character named Rin, with some imagery invoking interpretations of transphobia. Most infamously, images of Vincent in shock while looking at Rin and her naked body was perceived as the story using a transphobic trope—essentially implying that Rin is a transgender woman as some form of comedy.

A leaked cutscene for Full Body on Reddit (now removed due to copyright reasons) seemed to show that this wasn’t necessarily the case—Rin was not a transgender woman, but some sort of extraterrestrial being. Perhaps a sigh of relief for the concerned, but many on Twitter argued that the “shocked” imagery still delved into coded transphobic imagery regardless.

Somehow, Atlus continued to invite similar controversy for their story. The aforementioned ResetEra thread pointed to tweets describing the new ending of Full Body: the character of Catherine essentially goes back in time to give the rest of the cast a “better life,” with one of the major changes being that the character of Erica never transitions to being a woman. To many, this is yet another transphobic trope that implies that never transitioning leads to a “happier” life.

Some give the benefit of the doubt of a possible mistranslation, misinterpretation, lack of context, or some sort of missed irony—some have even attempted to justify the alleged ending by citing “cultural differences” with Japan. There are also suggestions within the ResetEra thread that the ending depicts Erica pre-transition or with a delayed transition—but many are doubtful that is the case.

Catherine Spoiler full Body

Much of that doubt from queer circles stems from the alleged ending perceived as consistent with the marketing surrounding Rin, treatment towards LGBTQ+ characters in previous Atlus titles (such as the Persona games), and how the credits of the original Catherine “deadnamed” Erica, meaning that her name at birth was cited and mentioned.

For a better understanding of the magnitude of controversy, competitive Catherine players have denounced the game, the story, and its writer. Most prominently, David Broweleit AKA Dacidbro declared that he was quitting the game:

Dacidbro’s “longer” tweet cited “sloppy, hateful” writing for Erica, stating his devastation for the competitive community and encouraging others to not “hold it against those who continue to compete in this genre.” Likewise, speedrunner Ghoul02 who played Catherine at GDQ stating that he would no longer support the game until “there’s more information or a change” (per Competitive Catherine on Twitter).

This story as a whole is still developing, with Catherine: Full Body still undergoing through localization and not releasing in the West until this September. While seeds of doubt and theories of mistranslations and the ending simply being “rumor” are carried by some, the fallout from the rest of the gaming community, particularly in both queer spaces and the competitive scene, are quite evident.

For those interested in buying the game, Catherine: Full Body is available in the West exclusively on PS4 beginning September 3, 2019.

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Catherine on PC is Looking More Likely With an Official ESRB Listing

As one of Atlus’ smaller titles, Catherine has grown a passionate audience over the eight years since it released thanks to its wacky adult humor and unusual gameplay, and now it seems more likely than ever that the game will be coming to PC in the near future.

Yesterday, fans of the beloved and quirky puzzler buzzed about a teaser that appeared on the Steam page for Bayonetta that made it seem likely that the game would be coming to PC, and now it seems even more likely as an ESRB rating has popped up for the now-impending PC version.

The ESRB rating for the original release of the game on PS3 and Xbox 360, which first debuted for those platforms back in 2011, has now been updated to include PC as one of the platforms.

Aside from confirming that the cult classic will head to PC, the listing also confirms that this iteration of Catherine will indeed be the original release of the game instead of Catherine: Full Body, the upcoming enhanced/remastered version of the game that will features some additional content. That version, however, is coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita next month.

Catherine is available now on PS3 and Xbox 360 (also backwards compatible on Xbox One), and the upcoming Catherine: Full Body will release for PS4 and PS Vita in February.

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Catch a Glimpse of the Catherine Full Body Art Book and Soundtrack Setlist

Some new images for the Catherine Full Body art book and the track list for all four CD’s for the soundtrack have been released online.

Atlus posted some more information about the art book and soundtrack that comes with orders of the Dynamite Full Body BOX Edition of Catherine Full Body which releases for Japan PlayStation 4 and Vita players on February 14, 2019 and sometime later for the rest of the world. The art book will be 52 pages and share the dimensions with a DVD case though is read in a landscape orientation going by the screenshots.

Meanwhile the soundtrack spans four discs, two of which being the soundtrack for the original Catherine game and one being the new Full Body version and lastly a fourth disc with cast interviews.

You can find the full track listing below, as well as an image gallery with some peaks into what the art book and CDs will look like. The Ideal Voice DLC for Catherine Full Body will allow players to pick and choose from various Persona voice actors to voice Catherine in-game. Other DLC allows you to play as Joker from Persona 5, who just got announced as a DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well.

● DISC 1
“Catherine” Original Soundtrack
01 YO
02 It’s a Golden Show
03 Ru
04 Love Washington
05 Brooks talks
06 Lost lamb
07 Fear
08 Shura
09 Untitled
10 at more choice
11 Result
12 Good Morning, New Day
13 R30’s depression
14 Shepherdeen
15 ant
16 Stalked In The Dark
17 Loser’s Way
18 Female Hand
19 “Zigeunerweisen” Salacert
20 ♂ and Female Rum Game
21 Tension
22 Door
23 Revelation
24 Loss
25 Awakening
26 Instincts
27 Journey
28 Jorokkobi’s Utah
29 Battle on Stage
30 Up Up Up!
31 Stage
32 Rapunzel ~ Game Play ~
33 Rapunzel ~ Name Entry ~
34 Rapunzel ~ Game Over ~
35 HEN to HEN
● DISC 2
“Catherine” Classical Arrange Soundtrack
01 Holst ”
Symphony Planet <Mars>, <Jupiter>” 02 Beethoven “Symphony No. 5 H minor <Destiny> Third movement”
03 Bach “Small Fugue G minor”
04 Dvorak “Symphony No. 9 in E minor <From the New World> 1st movement, 3rd movement ”
05 Rossini” William Tell Overture Part 2 <Arashi “, Part 3 <Silence>
06 Borodin” The Dutan’s Dance ”
07 Mussorgsky” paintings of the suite “Chicken feet on foot to be built hut Baba Yaga (hut of Baba Yaga) ”
08 Bizet” Arles of the woman the second Suite Farandole ”
09 Chopin” revolution ”
10 Handel” <Messiah> Hallelujah chorus ”
11 Chopin” piano Sonata No. 2 <Funeral Transportation> Third Movement
● DISC 3
“Catherine · Full Body” Soundtrack
01 Silence’s sheep
02 YO (Acid Jazz ver)
03 Brooks talks about (Smooth Jazz ver)
04 Tomorrow
05 Have a good day
06 Sorrow
07 remembrance
0 8 Uhufu ♥
0 9 Door to possibility
10 Psalm (pending)
11 Staircase to the air
12 Wagner “Valkyrie’s
Violation ” 13 Beethoven “Piano · Sonata No. 14 Moonlight Op.27-2 Shihacha Minori The Third Movement”
14 Is that true? !
15 Delightful Utah
16 Delightful Music Box
17 The wolf’s we’re born to be!
18 No
19 Coliseum
20 Friendmatch
21 Rapunzel full body
● DISC 4
voice actor roundtable & audio commentary
01 Cast Interview “Yamadera Koichi”
02 Cast Interview “Sawashiro Miyuki”
03 Cast Interview “Mitsuishi Kotono”
04 Cast Interview “Hirano Aya”
05 Cast Interview “Koyasu Takehito”
06 Cast Interview “Hirata Hiroaki”
07 Cast Interview “Minagawa Junko”
08 Cast interview “Kanako Taniyama”
09 Cast interview “Norimoto Norio”
10 Roundtable Room Vincent & Lynn’s Room (Appearance: Koichi Yamadera · Aya Hirano)
11 Roundtable In Stray Sheep (Appearance: Takehito Koyasu, Hiroaki Hirata, Junko Minagawa Kisho Taniyama)

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