Overwatch and Razer Pair Up for This Ridiculous (and Awesome) Lúcio-Inspired Headset

The Razer Nari Ultimate Headset is already great, and today it got a little bit better with this Overwatch-themed re-skin. With this release, you’ll be able to look just like Lúcio, everyone’s favorite support hero and DJ. They won’t come cheap though: a standard Razer Nari Ultimate costs $199.99, and this Lucio-inspired set costs $229.99.

DualShockers has reviewed the Razer Nari Ultimate. As you’d expect from a high-end company like Razer, the headset performs very well. From a practical standpoint, nothing has changed here. It’s still full-sized, still features Razer’s Hypersense haptic technology, and still very comfy.

However, this release definitely looks different. You’ll notice Lúcio’s frog-logo on the outside of the earcup as well as a substantial helping of the blues, yellows, and greens associated with the character. In typical Razer fashion, the set looks simultaneously cool and also a little obnoxious. I’m into it.

My favorite part about the release, though, are the goofy lines on the product page. For instance: “As a support hero, Lúcio excels in keeping his teammates in prime, fighting condition during long battles. Similarly, this headset aims to keep you at your best during Overwatch marathons.” Razer’s marketing has always been a little cringe-inducing, and I’m happy to see that this trend continues.

If you can’t get enough Lúcio in your life, Razer is also featuring the character on their Goliathus mouse mat. Once again, Razer knocks their marketing out of the park: “Boost your gameplay by pairing your mouse with a slick, micro-textured cloth surface woven for speed and precision—a reflection of the iconic skates Lúcio cruises around the map on.” Good enough, Razer.


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Officially Licensed Overwatch Nintendo Switch Case Listing Suggests a Port is Coming

While it seems like every game is coming to Nintendo Switch these days, there are still a ton of highly requested ports. One of these is Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment. The multiplayer shooter is insanely popular on other platforms and Blizzard and Nintendo collaborated last year on a Diablo III: Eternal Collection port, so it definitely doesn’t seem like one would be entirely out of the question. In fact, the possibility of an Overwatch Nintendo Switch port just got a lot more likely today as PowerA briefly listed a new Switch case on Amazon that was distinctly Overwatch themed.

As was noted by Wario64 on Twitter, the product was officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment. This, along with the fact that PowerA is a popular Switch peripheral seller and that there were several high quality images seems to suggest that this port is real. The Overwatch Nintendo Switch case was delisted soon after it was spotted as well, adding even more fuel to the fire.

With a Nintendo Switch port now seeming more likely than ever, it is just a matter of waiting to learn when it was coming out. Nothing has been confirmed as of now, but it is worth noting that Nintendo typically holds Directs in September and October and that the Diablo 3 port was announced in August 2018, so hopefully we hear about it soon. If neither of those possible announcement windows come to fruition, we could always learn something at this year’s BlizzCon. 

If Blizzard or Nintendo do confirm a Nintendo Switch port of Overwatch at any time in the near future, DualShockers will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can pick up Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Amazon. 

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Diablo III Season 18 Arrives August 23

The 18th season of Diablo III arrives next Friday, August 23. The “Season of the Triune” brings new Cosmetic Rewards, new Journey Rewards, and an opportunity to take on new Seasonal Conquests. Perhaps most importantly, though, Haedrig’s Gift will grant your characters new sets when you complete the Season Journey. The Crusader’s set–the Armor of Akkhan–has a classic World of Warcraft look to it, which is both cool and timely. The Demon Hunter also has a gnarly-looking new set called the Embodiment of the Marauder. Check out all the new Class Sets below.

For those interested in the slowly unraveling story of Diablo III, the Season of the Triune will provide another important piece of the puzzle. The name “Triune,” for example, refers to an ancient cult that was formed by the Prime Evils of the Burning Hells.

Masquerading as three benevolent deities dedicated to Determination, Creation, and Love, the Prime Evils sought to infiltrate the hearts of men in a bid to tilt the odds in their favor in the ongoing Eternal Conflict. Ultimately defeated by Uldyssian during the Sin War, the remnants of the Cult of the Triune still operate today as the more well-known Coven, whom continue the work of Adria and Magdha even after their deaths.

In order to put a stop to the sordid aims of this cult, players will utilize the randomly generated Season 18 buff, called the “Power of the Triune.” To do so, you’ll look to fight inside of special summon circles that periodically appear on the battlefield. By staying within the perimeters of these circles, you’ll be granted one of the following boons:

  • The Triune of Love gives you a 100% damage boost.
  • The Triune of Determination provides a 50% discount on resource consumption.
  • The Triune of Creation reduces your cooldown on skills and abilities.

The Power of Triune will certainly be useful for players trying to take on the Seasonal Conquests. Just as Seasonal Conquests have done in the past, Season 18’s new challenges will test your speed, your toughness, and your willpower. The details on the new Seasonal Conquests:

Push your way to Greater Rift level 75 to complete Divinity/Lionhearted. On a Good Day/I Can’t Stop guides you to get your Legendary Gem grind on; level three Legendary Gems to 65 to complete this challenge! For the speedy, Speed Demon/Need for Speed requires the fastest nephalem to complete a Nephalem Rift at level 70 on Torment X or higher in under two minutes. For Curses!/Stars Align, pick any Cursed Chest event that requires killing monsters and defeat over 350 or more at level 70 on Torment X or higher. For the fiercest demon slayers, Boss Mode/World’s Apart is a speed challenge where you’ll need to eliminate the following bosses at level 70 and Torment X in under twenty minutes.

Season 18 goes live for Diablo III on all platforms at the same time: August 23, 5 p.m. PDT for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Get ready to slay some demons.

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Get an In-Depth Look at Overwatch’s 31st Hero Sigma in Latest Dev Update

Yesterday, the Overwatch team revealed the 31st hero in their fan-favorite hero shooter. Sigma’s origin story gave us a few hints of how he will play, but ultimately we didn’t know much when the video finished. Fortunately, Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan took to the internet today to give us an in-depth update on Sigma. Watch it below.

As revealed in the origin story yesterday, Sigma is a genius astrophysicist studying black holes and gravity. The man from the Netherlands took to the International Space Station to conduct an experiment. Something went horribly wrong and he winds up locked away in a government facility. The terrorist organization known as Talon busts him out and manipulates him into working for them as a human weapon. It’s an intriguing back story, but you’re really here for what he brings to your team comp.

Like I (and many others) predicted, Sigma will take on a tank role in the game. He will, like Winston, utilize a primary barrier to protect himself and his allies. His uses the “Experimental Barrier” which is deployed at different locations and angles to protect his team. One of the examples Kaplan used was a Sigma blocking a Pharrah’s ultimate and killing her with splash damage in the process. It seems that, in the hands of good players, Sigma is going to be a destructive playmaker.

His main attack is the Hyperspheres. These two-round, bouncing burst guns shoot a short distance. When they hit a target, they will deal proximity damage to anyone in the area. The bullets also have a slight gravitational pull, making that splash damage potentially devastating.

Sigma’s primary ability is the Kinetic Grasp. Like Neo in the Matrix, he’ll hold up an invisible shield in front of him and catch all incoming damage, turning everything he catches into a personal shield. Accretion is his single-target rock throw that knocks enemies down.

When Sigma drops his Ultimate, expect massive damage. He targets an area and everyone inside is propelled into the air. While there, they are very vulnerable to his teammates’ shots. When it ends, everyone goes crashing down, dealing lots of fall damage in the process.

Sigma is available on the PC PTR right now. If you play on that platform, be sure to go check him out. He will come to PS4 and Xbox One in a few weeks.

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Disney Ought to Buy Activision, Says Investor

Activision Blizzard Inc. has seen its share prices drop more than 40% in the past year. To some, this represents a good buying opportunity, and there is no greater buyer in the entertainment industry than Walt Disney Co.

Nick Licouris of the investment firm Gerber Kawasaki reportedly sees benefits between Activision’s esport business and Disney’s TV networks, and Disney has plenty of character properties that could be leveraged further. Disney’s checkered past in the world of video games may put them off, however. Disney Infinity, for instance, was an ambitious attempt to enter the world of video games, but this project ended in costly failure.

And yet, a deal with Activision Blizzard would be potentially lucrative. The industry continues to grow, and Activision Blizzard may have a hit up their sleeves with the upcoming release of World of Warcraft Classic. Furthermore, Disney already televises Overwatch League through ESPN3, so we know they already have some interest and knowledge of Activision Blizzard’s properties.

Despite ActiBlizz’s recent woes in the stock market, the deal would not come cheap. The company is still valued at $34.85 billion dollars. For comparison: Disney acquired Marvel Studios in 2009 for only $4 billion.

For now, this all seems like an investor’s dream rather than Disney’s actual business strategy. Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Co., remarked that “We’ve just decided that the best place for us to be in that space (video games) is licensing and not publishing.” Disney, it seems, is still relatively content to let EA and other publishers work with their properties. Oh well, at least Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order looks good.

H/T to Comic Book for the image.

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Starcraft: Remastered Gets an Amazing New Graphics Pack Created by Carbot

When Starcraft: Remastered came out in 2017, the original game and its expansion Brood War were completely updated for modern PCs. The whole thing got a shiny, new coat of paint in both graphics and audio. Next month, the game is getting a whole new style. The incredible looking graphics pack takes the art style of Carbot (who is a well-known YouTuber in Blizzard circles) and plasters it all over the classic RTS. Check out a short trailer from Carbot below to see the graphics pack in action.

As you can see, the update makes this look like a “whole new game”. That cutesy, cartoon style looks right out of the many Starcraft ripoff flash games from the early 2000s. Obviously, this is much crisper than those games, but it certainly has that Newgrounds feel. Carbot and his team spent over a year making this pack and it absolutely shows in the quality of the visuals.

The great part is that you can use this pack in every mode. The entire game has been “Carbotified”. Hopefully, we see this style used in tournaments going forward. I know I’d be much more likely to jump into a Starcraft: Remastered stream if I saw this pack being used. I can’t wait to see the Korean Starcraft League finals played in “Carbot mode” next season. Make it happen, Blizzard!

Starcraft: Remastered is available now on Mac and PC. The Carbot graphics pack will be releasing on July 10, so make sure to get the game installed before then.

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Overwatch Workshop is Out of the PTR and Into Player’s Hands on PC and PS4

The Overwatch Workshop is a game mode that was announced last month which lets players build their own modes. You have access to a number of different things you can change and tweak. Which gives players the ability to create any game mode they can dream up. The mode was on the Public Test Realm (PTR) for the last month, but has now been released for both PC and PS4. Give the introduction trailer below a watch to see some of the awesome modes players have created thus far.

This addition to Overwatch is incredibly exciting for many players, myself included. Putting the power to build out game modes in the players’ hands should quickly increase the amount of creativity and fun available in Overwatch custom maps. We’ve seen games like Warcraft III  help create entire new genres in the form of MOBAs. While the Overwatch Workshop probably won’t produce something of that caliber, it will fun to see people try.

Already we’re seeing tons of creativity out of players. In the video linked above, you can see a few examples of it. There’s one mode that makes the game into a 2D brawler that looks a lot like Super Smash Bros. And another that tuns the game into a test of your platforming skills by making the ground lava. Those are just the early returns. With this now out in the public’s hands, we should see the development of exciting new modes happen much more quickly.

If you want to see some of the new things players are creating, Overwatch Workshop is available now for PC and PS4. Presumably, the mode will roll out on Xbox One at a later date.


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Blizzard Reveals Interesting Plans for Items in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic is an upcoming version of vanilla World of Warcraft that will take players all the way back to the 2006 version of the game. Veteran players are itching to get in and Blizzard has been stoking the fires of anticipation over the last few weeks with a number of forum posts detailing different aspects of the game. The latest is an interesting look into how the team is handling itemization.

From a systems perspective, WoW Classic will run off of patch 1.12. However, the in-game content will start from the beginning and release at a similar rate to the original game. The team has already laid out their content plans for both PVE and PVP content, but this most recent post deals with just the items (armor, weapons, etc.) available in the game.

Original WoW players will remember how quickly the game changed to keep up with the millions of people playing the game. With the benefit of hindsight, the devs know what is coming and can set each item’s stats with that endpoint in mind.

So, instead of seeing small itemization changes happening as new content drops, the team will set everything to the final patch 1.12 state. This does take away a bit of the experience of discovery so prevalent in the original World of Warcraft; that said, it removes the unexpected roadblocks guilds faced back in the mid-2000s.

It’s an interesting move to make, but one that makes sense. Blizzard says in the blog post that they could never fully recreate an experience from 2005 because we can’t unlearn something we discovered back then. Instead, the team is focusing on making the experience as polished and fun as possible.

WoW Classic will be coming to PC sometime in Summer 2019.

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Blizzard Hypes New Overwatch Event With a Slick, New Trailer

Starting tomorrow, Overwatch fans will have an opportunity to dig back into the archives and experience more of the background lore for the team-based hero shooter. Blizzard released on YouTube and Twitter a new trailer that’s full of action and gives a few tidbits of what to expect, story-wise. Check it out below.

In the trailer, we see the likes of Tracer, Winston, Genji, and Mercy fighting through the streets of Havana. They’re in pursuit of a high-ranking Talon member astute readers may recognize as Maximilien. You might also notice Tracer riding a motorcycle in the chase. Could this be a tease of a new mechanic for the hero shooter?

We won’t know until tomorrow. That said, we do know that players will be able to unlock items from past Archive events. Over 100 items from last year are ready for you to get your hands on, along with quite a few new ones. These items include highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and more.

Blizzard has also been teasing new skins on their Twitter page during the lead-up to the event. We’ve seen skins for Baptiste, Moira, McCree, Hammond, Bastion, and Ashe, among others. Check a few of them below.

Blizzard has been pumping out quality events for Overwatch for years and this one looks no different. Expect plenty of fun with the new mission and some intriguing new lore.

The “Storm Rising” event launches tomorrow and will last until May 6th. If you don’t already have Overwatch, it’s available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Get your copy ready to start exploring the archives on April 16th.

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World of Warcraft Classic PVP Content Plan Revealed by Blizzard

World of Warcraft Classic is Blizzard’s response to fans who long for the early days of WoW. When everything felt fresh and new players could jump right in without needing to wade through nearly 15 years of expansions and content updates. Blizzard revealed their six-stage plan for PVE content last month and today we now know how they will roll out PVP updates.

Just like the game that released in 2004, WoW Classic will launch with no formal PVP system. You can still go out and kill any players or NPCs, you just won’t be rewarded (or penalized) for doing so. So yes, Alliance rouges, you can camp my corpse in Stranglethorn Vale for hours just like you did all those years ago. I’m sure it’s fun for you.

When phase two hits, Blizzard will add Honorable Kills, Dishonorable Kills, and PVP Rank Rewards. The time investment to get those rewards will be appropriately substantial. I would expect that Tauren Mill and Southshore will be crawling with players the second this update hits.

Phase three will introduce Battlegrounds. World PVP will likely still happen, but you should feel a little safer out there my young Horde friends. Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch will open in phase three, along with their associated vendors. Those Alterac Valley games better last a week or so. Otherwise, there’s really no reason for this game to exist.

We’ll get the Arathi Basin Battleground in phase. And then PVP is on a break for phase five before adding world PVP objectives in phase six.

It’s a lot to digest, but hopefully, this will make PVP fun for both old-school WoW players and people looking to see what all the hubbub was all about in 2004.

WoW Classic launches on PC sometime this Summer. The game will be available for everyone who has a subscription to World of Warcraft.

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