Derek Yu Announces the Spelunky 2’s Release has Been Pushed Out of 2019

In 2017, Derek Yu and his development studio Mossmouth surprisingly announced a sequel to their fan-favorite rogue-like Spelunky. Spelunky 2 was originally slated to have a 2019 release; however, Yu announced on his Twitter today that the team would likely be pushing out of this calendar year. For fans of the secret-filled Spelunky, that’s not necessarily bad news, as it should give Mossmouth plenty of time to build a worthy sequel.

As Yu states in his tweet, development doesn’t seem to be too far behind schedule. The team is trying to build on Spelunky in every way and it makes sense that they’d need a little more time to polish everything to a shine. In fact, I would assume that anyone looking forward to this release is probably perfectly fine with the delay. Great games like Spelunky need time to gestate. Giving Mossmouth a few extra months will hopefully only make the end product that much better.

In his follow-up tweets, Yu mentions the lack of updates fans have been getting on Spelunky 2‘s progress. It’s kind of a tough path for them to balance because you don’t want to give too many of the game’s secrets away, but you also need to drip-feed some content to keep people interested. Yu makes it clear that when there aren’t any updates, that means they’re just quietly working away. That said, he does say that more updates should be coming relatively soon.

When it does release, Spelunky 2 will be coming to PC and PS4. While you wait for more news, go ahead and watch the great gameplay trailer Mossmouth put out last year below.

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Wargroove Finally Fights Its Way to PS4 Next Week

Chucklefish’ Wargroove released to critical and commercial success in February of this year. At that time, Wargroove came out on pretty much everything but PS4. Next week, that finally changes as the Advanced Wars-inspired tactical game is coming to Sony’s console next Tuesday.

The port is being done by Blitworks, who also developed the Xbox One version. It will include pretty much everything the base game has. PS4 players will finally get to experience the great 20hr+ campaign and take on the title’s many puzzle challenges. You can also play co-op and competitive matches both locally or online. However, unlike the other versions, the PS4 release does not support cross-platform play.

That being said, you will be able to download any of the community-made maps and can upload your own maps and campaigns. All of these will be shareable cross-platform so that functionality isn’t entirely missing from this release.

DualShockers liked the game quite a bit upon its initial release and the team at Chucklefish has only improved the experience with its updates. Of course, playing on PS4 (or Xbox One, for that matter) takes away the portability that comes with the Switch. The consoles also don’t support mods as the PC release does. However, the team at Blitworks did an admirable job of translating the experience on Xbox, so I would expect the same for this release. PS4 owners might be missing a few of the more fringe features, but Wargroove is a great game no matter which platform you play on.

Wargroove is out for PS4 on July 23. It is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

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