Operation Campaigns Will Now Be Available to All Players in Battlefield 1

Developer DICE has detailed some changes that they’ll be bringing to Operation Campaigns in Battlefield 1 that’ll work to make sure servers in the game are as full as possible.

All players will be able to participate in all Operation Campaigns regardless of whether or not they own the game’s Premium Pass or purchased the maps as standalone DLC. It’s important to note that players without the DLC still won’t be able to access it regularly outside of Operation Campaigns. Meaning once a campaign is over the content will be locked off. Furthermore, players without the DLC will not have access to the new weapons, vehicles, and elites that are included in whatever content they do not own.

The developer has also said that they’re looking into some issues that players have shed light on like puzzle piece chances, getting close to the total campaign score but not finishing it, and the variety of skins in each campaign. While no solutions are yet to be implemented, DICE has said that they’re working hard on fixing these issues as soon as possible.

You can read more about these changes in greater detail by going right hereBattlefield 1 is available right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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Battlefield 1 October Update Changes Maps, Modes, Weapons and More

Battlefield 1 is a game that continues to surprise us. whether it’s the addicting and rewarding gunplay, or the constant drumming of updates and DLC, developer DICE is clearly determined to provide continuous support and response to feedback. The October Update brings a multitude of changes for everything from Specializations to Maps and Modes.

Some of the most notable changes include a change to the Operations playlist, wherein the 40-player option has been disabled to keep match joining times as low as possible. While the 40-player mode was a nice change of pace because the attackers had a much better chance of winning (in my experience), wait times for team-balanced and populated servers would be high and that was during launch. The change intends to keep the awesome Operations game mode alive for as long as possible by limiting the playlist to the 64-players mode only.

There are some interesting changes to some of the recently added “Specializations,” and players can now spawn on friendly airplanes even when they are out of the map’s normal boundaries. Also, players can finally bind the bayonet charge to a separate key from melee attack.

Battlefield 1 is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can check out our recent interview with producer Andrew Gulotta and the Battlefield 1: In The Name of the Tsar interview here. You can also rejoice because Battlefield 1 is available on EA Access and Origin Access, and you can read more on that here. You can check out a complete list of changes below:


  • The Concealed Rescue Specialization has been changed and no longer deploys smoke automatically on a downed squad mate. For smoke to be deployed on a downed squad mate, a squad mate with the Specialization must now spot the downed player.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stimulant Syringe Specialization where the revived soldier would not receive the sprint boost.
  • Fixed an issue with Healing Hands Challenge #1 “Heal 10 Different Squad Members”. It is now cumulative and tracks between matches.
  • Fixed issues where Soldier Assignment progress was not being displayed properly.


  • Changed the Ottoman Standard Issue Rifle from the Martini Henry to the G98. This is more historically accurate, and should be a better matchup against the British SMLE.
  • Increased Tripwire-HE blast damage from 80 to 85, enough to score an Assist Counts As Kill against an enemy with the Flak Specialization.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing a smoke grenade would prevent the thrower from performing other actions for a short time.
  • Changed mid-length Parabellum (25-50 left) reload from 6.75 to 6.85 to match animation position.
  • Fixed an issue where 3P Bayonet Charge VO could be cut off if the charge started immediately after the ability recharged.
  • Added missing emblem to FA Automatic Rifle.
  • Fixed an issue where no audio would play for automatic weapons in single fire mode for 3P soldiers.
  • Fixed grenade resupply audio.
  • Added Press or Hold option for Bayonet Charge.


  • Fixed overly bright mane and tail on horses in Tsaritsyn cathedral.
  • Both gunners of Ilya Muromets now show hit markers when hitting enemy players.
  • The Assault Truck’s sensitivity is now affected by sensitivity options.
  • Fixed an issue where 3P enemy footsteps could be heard too loudly when the local player was in a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade throw emote from a soldier inside the Putilov-Garford Armored car could be heard from very far away.
  • Selecting a friendly soldier or vehicle in the deploy screen will now show their current health as a circular bar around the selected icon.
  • Fixed an issue where bomber weapons were inaudible from 3P camera in seat 1 of large bombers.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players in a squad spawning in a plane controlled by a squad member if the plane was outside of the soldier combat area.


  • Brusilov Keep: Fixed issue where players could spawn in fire.
  • Fixed an issue with Mother Voice Over on Operations Globe screen.
  • Fixed an issue where English was playing instead of Localized MX and SA languages for Mountain Fort Defender Loss VO.
  • Fixed occluding issues with factory ruin pillars in Tsaritsyn.
  • Enabled damage on barbed wire close to capture point D on Galicia in Conquest.
  • Fixed floating dirt mounds around the train wreck on Volga River.
  • Operation Brusilov Offensive’s final rating is now correctly rated out of 24 instead of 30.
  • Fixed an issue where Operations were geographically misplaced.
  • Removed vehicles from Back to Basics Conquest game type.
  • Fixed flickering bright snow on Galicia.
  • Echoes activated in Lupkow Pass.
  • Fixed an issue where more than one piece of music could play during the briefing of an Operation.
  • Removed Elite pickups from Domination.
  • Removed Elite pickups from Team Deathmatch.
  • Updated Red Tide Operation transitional announcer VO for 5 localized languages.
  • Updated localized VO for Red Tide Operation defender briefing.
  • Fixed issue where a player would change to the enemy team while playing Frontlines during a match.
  • Added additional Russian “self” VO.
  • Fixed a red background used for the White Army in Operation Red Tide.
  • Changed Conquest and Domination “You are winning/You are losing” lines to only trigger when teams are close enough (in tickets) to catch up.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero Kit introductions were not shown properly on Verdun Heights in Operation Devil’s Anvil.
  • Fixed an issue where Pre-End-of-Round music and UI would not be triggered in the final minute of Frontlines gameplay if players were contesting a flag.
  • Fixed an issue where female war cry was heard on German and Austro-Hungarian teams during Operations games.
  • Removed invisible collision near the French spawn in Soissons.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Operations game mode.


  • Improved culling on player heads.
  • When the video options motion blur amount is set to 0%, turning the motion blur system off entirely gains some graphics performance.
  • Added options to turn off the Chromatic Aberration (camera lens causing color fringing along high contrast edges) and Photographic Film Grain Noise post processing effects.
  • Fixed the issue where the gameplay options for controlling the visibility of the world icons for enemy and friendly soldiers were not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause server lag by disabling certain debug features.
  • Improved server fps warning icon analysis and alert.
  • Players will now be unable to exploit the request order at the end of a round to become Squad Leader in the next round.
  • Allow player rank to be displayed in in-game scoreboard on password protected servers.
  • Added key bindings for Bayonet Charge (separate from Melee key binding).

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Watch Me Suck at Battlefield 1’s New Incursions Competitive Mode in First Gameplay

Back at Gamescom in Cologne, I was given a chance to test the new Battlefield 1 competitive mode dubbed Incursions, and I even recorded a full match for your perusal (and entertainment).

Incursions is a very focused mode played on small maps, pitching five players against five players. There is only one vehicle per team, and it can certainly turn the tide if it’s not tackled properly.

Instead of the usual classes from the standard game, each player can choose a kit among eight (Trench Surgeon, AT Assault, Battle Mechanic, Control Leader, Mortar Support, Shock Assault, Proximity Recon and Raid Leader), and must make his equipment and role count to achieve victory.

Given the limited number of players and the smaller maps, there is very little wandering (at least if you’re not bad like me), and a lot of firing, and every kill and death counts.

The map I tested was a smaller version of Giant’s Shadow, and it was really difficult to walk around for more than a few seconds without being spotted and attacked, which certainly created a lot of adrenaline. Interestingly, static cannons are also placed rather strategically, and I see them becoming quite useful against infantry and vehicles when in the hands of someone who knows what he’s doing.

Ultimately the new mode proved to be a lot of fun, and the balance wasn’t too bad, considering that the build was an alpha version and things are probably going to change a lot before the mode is released and start to trickle in the hands of the pros.

Incidentally, this isn’t the only new content coming to Battlefield 1, as the new DLC expansion In The Name of the Tsar will release on September 19th.

Now, let’s get to the gameplay, that you can enjoy below. If you have followed DualShockers from a long time (or if you have read the headline), you probably know that I am far from a pro at multiplayer shooters. It’s not that I don’t like them. I actually do. I’m just bad at them. To be more precise, I really suck. For some reason, a few of them (like Destiny) end up clicking with me, but I’m a’m a complete disaster at everything else, and that includes the rather technical gameplay of Battlefield 1.

Add to that the fact that I was severely sleep deprived (as I always am in trade-show environments), and that almost everyone else among the nine people sitting around me was either a developer or wore an ESL shirt, and you get an idea of what you’re about to see.

I ended up putting some epic Battlefield 1 music on the video (to cover my screams of pain and anguish, obviously), but I should probably have dropped The Benny Hill Show soundtrack on the footage. You can easily consider this the perfect example of what happens when a noob that can’t hit the wall of a giant barn from inside steps into a competitive environment where he’s way out of his depth.

Enjoy the video, and feel free to point and laugh. I won’t even ask for mercy in the comments, because I don’t deserve any. That being said, I should give a shoutout to my teammates, who managed to win despite playing with an handicap (which would be yours truly).

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