Apex Legends’ Meltdown Gameplay Trailer Shows Off All the Action Coming to the New Map

Apex Legends Season 3 will bring the first new map to the game. The arena will move to Meltdown, where ice and fire meet to give players a land full of diverse biomes. Yesterday, the team at Respawn Entertainment pulled back the curtain with a cinematic trailer, but now we have a full gameplay trailer. Give it a watch below and see everything that’s coming to Apex Legends next week.

The first thing I’ve noticed in every Meltdown promo that’s been posted so far is how colorful the map is. There are so many different environments on this map, which makes it more visually appealing to me than the first map. There are areas of volcanic lava, snow-covered landscapes, and much more. Plus, it looks like some of the areas will have environmental effects that have an impact on gameplay.

We see a jet of water shoot a few Legends into the air. Functionally, this seems to work like the balloons on the first map. You’ll get shot into the air and can then glide long distances. However, if the geysers are timed like a real-world one, this could add a bit of randomness to the mechanic. We also see a few firefights taking place on a moving train. For me, this looks like a fun addition that could add some new strategy to the map based around using the train to set up ambushes and escape pressure.

Apex Legends Season 3 starts on October 1. The game is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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APEX Legends Tournament Will Not Air on Broadcast TV in Response to Recent Mass Shootings

It was recently revealed on Twitter, thanks to user Rod Breslau and later reported on by Bloomberg, that ABC and ESPN have decided not to air the XGames Apex Legends EXP Invitational in its planned broadcast TV spot. The response is due to the recent mass shootings that occurred in both Texas and Ohio last week:

On Sunday, August 11th at 4:00-5:00 ET (3:00-4:00 PT) the “E:60 – Forever Broncos” segment will air in its place. ESPN2 will air the taped segment on three nights in October instead. However, the tournament will still be available this weekend on ESPN’s digital channels, including its app. The original coverage was planned across ABC, ESPN2, and ESPNEWS.

The tragic events prompted politicians, including President Donald Trump, to argue that video games which glorify violence could be contributing to the country’s mass shooting epidemic.

Apex Legends Season 2, which was first revealed during E3 2019, dropped just last month with an overview trailer. Challenges, which help with speedy level progression, also come with the season 2 pass. Apex Legends gets a limited time solo mode for The Iron Crown Event that will run from August 13th to the 27th. Both Respawn and EA have been cracking down on cheaters and bad teammates (such as those who join matches but don’t participate).

During an earnings call with investors, EA says it hopes Apex Legends could last for a decade.

Apex Legends will also be coming to mobile and is currently out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out our review of the title here.

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Fortnite and Other Battle Royale’s Streaming Viewership Have Dropped Once Again

Is Fortnite dead? Absolutly not. It still remains one of the most popular games out right now and one of the most popular games of all time. However, its streaming viewership has just dropped once again for the fourth straight quarter along with many if the hottest battle royale games.

StreamElements, along with Twitch stats/analytics website SullyGnomes, released the latest quarterly State of Stream report that showed declines from April to June for hours watched on all of the top games in the genre such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. The report used data from all of the top streaming sites such as Twitch, Youtube Live, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer.

Fortnite’s viewership dropped about 3.66% to just a little over 300 million hours watched. It is still the most-watched game on all of the streaming platforms.

Apex Legends saw the largest drop in viewership out of all of the battle royale games. In Q1, the game had almost 183 million hours watched while in this quarter the game dropped out of the top 10 entirely with less than 65.4 million hours watched.

PUBG was the last battle royale game still in the top 10 in viewership that saw a decline. The game dropped about 4.3% to 65.4 million hours watched which puts it in 10th place.

The genre is certainly not dead yet. Whenever Fortnite seems to have hit a wall, Epic releases a new event that seemingly brings everyone back to their game. However, its not to crazy to say that interest is slowly diminishing since this is the fourth quarter in a row with a decline in viewership.



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Challenges are Coming to the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass

After Respawn received quite a bit of backlash from the Season 1 battle pass grind in Apex Legends, they have created a new system which should significantly help progression for players.

Lee Horn, the Lead Product Manager for Apex Legends, wrote a blog post going over the details of the new Daily and Weekly challenges coming to Season 2. He reiterated that these challenges should help with the slow grind of the battle pass progression that players experienced in the first season.

More then half of the new weekly challenges will grant an entire battle pass level as a reward and the remaining daily and weekly challenges will grant players stars. Those stars, combined with match XP, will contribute to repeatable weekly challenges that also gives players a full battle pass level after completion.

Each day, players will receive three new daily challenges from a random pool of two hundred other challenges. Seven new weekly challenges will be randomly selected for each week. For a more in-depth breakdown of the new challenges and stars system, you can check out the official blog post from EA right here.

I haven’t been able to pop into Apex in quite some time. However, I have heard from friends and colleagues that the level progression of the first season was not great. So, it is good to see that Respawn is making an effort to solve that problem.

Apex Legends is currently available for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you still haven’t popped into the action, make sure to check out DualShockers’ review of the game right here.


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Slick Apex Legends Trailer Shows Off Everything Coming in Season 2

With the launch of season 2 only a few days away, the team behind Apex Legends has put out a stylish new trailer showing off all the new additions. As expected, we get to see Wattson in action and a hint at some changes coming to the map. Give it a watch below.

The trailer starts off simply enough.  Octane and his partner Bangalore surprise kill Gibraltar. Then, Octane and Mirage trade jabs before Octane uses his jump pad to make a sneak attack. Bloodhound tries to come to Mirage’s rescue, but his saving attempt is halted by Wattson. Throughout the entire sequence, we continuously get cuts to someone ominously typing in commands on a laptop.

Presumably, this character is the rumored Crypto who has been teased over the last few weeks. Players on Reddit have spotted his laptop in game, so it makes sense he’s the one causing the mayhem that happens next in the trailer.

After Crypto (or whoever he is) finishes typing, an EMP denotates throughout the entire map. It brings down a Repulsor tower and then countless animals make their way into the arena. A voice comes over the PA and asks that all Legends exit the arena now, which means that, whatever these animals are, you probably don’t want to mess with them.

Fortunately, players don’t have to wait long to discover all the secrets of season 2 and play as Wattson. The second season for Apex Legends releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on July 2. The team at Respawn has made quite a few changes to the Battle Pass for their second effort and it looks like it will much more worth your time.

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Bad Apex Legends Teammates Will Start Receiving Bans in New Update

Respawn Entertainment will begin banning players who are joining Apex Legends matches and not participating. These players are typically using their teammates to survive longer into a match, therefore gaining more experience points at the end of the match as a result.

According to an update post on Reddit, Respawn will begin by temporarily banning players who participate in “piggy-backing.” In more extreme cases players could face a permanent ban. Based on data and user-feedback the problem seemed prominent enough where it needed to be addressed. Banning will not come immediately, but Respawn wanted to give their playerbase a warning before starting so players could adjust their playstyle accordingly.

Additionally, the Reddit post also gives us new details on upcoming changes coming to Apex Legends in the form of character hitboxes, audio adjustments, and some more minor changes.

In a blog post from Respawn Entertainment earlier this month, the team announced that they had banned over 770,000 cheaters in Apex Legends. So with that alongside this new update, players should have a much more enjoyable experience in-game as the developer intended.

Since the game’s launch, the studio has shifted their focus towards Apex Legends, “pushing out plans” for the next entry in the Titanfall series. This should be good news for hardcore players as many have criticized the game for rolling out large updates at a slower pace when compared to competitors. It should be mentioned that the team is also hard at work on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderso I don’t blame them for shifting their focus.

Apex Legends is available now as a free-to-play title on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about any upcoming content drops early next month at E3 2019.

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Apex Legends is Planned to Come to Mobile, According to EA

When it comes to the big successes (so far) of 2019, Apex Legends is definitely near the top of this year’s breakout hits. The game, which was developed by Titanfall‘s Respawn Entertainment, quickly became a hit out of the gate, and EA is looking to expand more on the free-to-play success of Apex Legends.

During its latest earnings call for its fourth quarter results, EA shared some insight into the success of Apex Legends since it launched earlier this year. Specifically, the company detailed that it is now officially EA’s “fastest-growing new game” ever, with Apex Legends having reached over 50 million players around two months ago.

Specifically, one of the biggest insights revealed in the call was that EA is in “advanced negotiations” to bring the title to new regions and platforms, which includes mobile versions of the game and bringing it to China and Korea.

Outside of the planned mobile versions of the game on the horizon, EA also stated that Apex Legends has brought in an impressive number of new users to EA and its Origin platform, with “nearly 30%” of players being new to the company’s audience.

As a result, this growth has spurred EA and developer Respawn Entertainment to continue adding on to the game through new seasons and other features, including “more robust Battle Pass content,” new Legends for players to use in-game, and other “exciting evolutions.” Meanwhile, the first details on the game’s second season are expected to be revealed at the upcoming EA Play during E3 2019 next month.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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EA Play 2019 Fan Registration is Now Open

EA Play 2019 is upon us bringing EA’s most recent slate of games to the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on June 8 and 9. Today, fan registration for the event is now open giving the public access to the event for free.

In order to register for EA Play 2019, just follow the link and have your EA account information handy. Once you put in your info, you’ll be able to reserve one gameplay session of your choosing.  The Sims 4, FIFA 20, Apex Legends, Anthem, Madden NFL 20, and Battlefield V will all be available to play on both dates.

Booking a gameplay session will also get you “Priority Entrance” for the date of your session, allowing you to expedite your entry into the event. If you are not interested in booking a gameplay session or you’re not quite sure what to play, you can opt out and just choose your Priority Entry date. You will be able to reserve a gameplay session later if there are spots still available.

EA Play 2019 attendees will also have the opportunity to get a glimpse of Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It is safe to say we will see some gameplay as EA announced via Twitter the first gameplay reveal for Fallen Order would be at the event and E3. More details about the event, including additional activities, will be shared closer to the event.

Additionally, the previously planned EA Play live streams that would be replacing the traditional press conference on Friday, June 7 will now be held on that Saturday kicking off the festivities. “We’ve decided to pull all of our live streams into Saturday, June 8,” confirms a post from EA, “so fans will have a full slate of streams that will take you inside the games and new content, all in one day.”

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems to be EA’s marquee title for this year’s show. As the only non-annualized and unreleased game prominently featured at EA Play, it will be interesting to see Respawn’s Star Wars game in-action, as well as if EA will have any other surprises. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is set to launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 15.

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Respawn Entertainment Comments on Apex: Legends Coming to Switch

Ever since battle royale games have become popular, fans of the Nintendo Switch have been begging for ports of all their favorite BR games to come to Nintendo’s latest console. And since Apex: Legends is the newest shining star, it’s only natural for fans to want that game to come as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen anytime soon, as Respawn Entertainment has finally spoken about whether or not it’s coming and suffice to say it’s not looking good…at least for now.

The response comes in a new Wired interview, where people from a ton of different industries answer questions on Twitter. During one of those interviews with Drew McCoy, the Project Lead at Respawn Entertainment, the developer confirmed that while they have definitely heard the cries for a Switch version, he’s “not making any promises.” While the full answer is a bit longer, that’s essentially the gist of it, but if you don’t believe me then you can check out the link below at the 7 minute 15-second mark.

While I wouldn’t say this is exactly surprising, I’m sure a bunch of Apex Switch fans are pretty disappointed after hearing this news. I wouldn’t completely give up hope, as McCoy doesn’t outright say it’s not coming, however, I’d move on to a new game to want for now.

While it’s not on Nintendo Switch, Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and it’s available to play completely free of charge.

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Respawn Releases Fix for Apex Legends 1.1 Update Bug That Wiped Player Progress

Respawn Entertainment has released a fix for a bug that appeared in the Apex Legends 1.1 update that was causing some to lose their progress in-game.

The explanation for this problem came from Respawn in a Reddit post on r/apexlegends that stated,

When the 1.1 update went live, players were unintentionally moved to the wrong servers that didn’t have their persistence and this caused players accounts to appear reset with all progression lost.

In order to address this all live servers were shut down temporarily to place players in the correct server beginning with Xbox and “staggered the updates to PS4 and PC.” Anything earned up until the 1.1 patch will be restored. However, anything you may have purchased or earned inbetween the time 1.1 went live and the fix will not carry over. Any in-game currency you may have purchased will be reverted, so those who bought $20 worth of coins and spent a few bucks will get them back though obviously the things you purchased with them will not still be there. Sorry if you ended up lucking out and getting a legendary skin in an Apex pack!

Patch 1.1 is the first big update since the dropping of the Season 1 Battle Pass for Apex Legends and introduces some nice new options. After completing a match with a great squad you will have the option to invite them to your squad from the main menu screen. This is great since often times random teams end up being some of the best matches I’ve had in Apex Legends. If you don’t want to be handling invites from others though you can disable allowing invites from the last squad in the Friends menu. Some smaller things include a mute button during intro and Legend selection sequences, reporting a player on PC lets you pick between whether its because they were cheating or something else, some technical support for PC crashes, and Octane’s Jump Pad will no longer effect players using Into the Void, which is unfortunate since I didn’t’ know about that before and would have been fun to see/experience.

Respawn tweeted around 10:30 AM Pacific that they were aware of the issues with progression being lost and released the reddit update about four hours later. On Twitter Respawn has also acknowledged that a penalty for leaving a match early was not intended and has been disabled on all platforms. Presumably this was a penalty against those who quit out as soon as they get downed during a match, something I frequently do when I know we’re about to get wiped after landing on the supply ship or location after five other squads have already made it there. Another Reddit post claims to have gotten a legendary skin for the L-Star, another energy weapon from Titanfall 2.

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