SMITE Lead Designer Reveals Arthurian Characters That Didn’t Make it

SMITE is getting a new pantheon heading into 2019: Arthurian. The first to “gods” to fill it out will be King Arthur (of course) and Merlin. DualShockers got the chance to speak with the Lead Designer on SMITE–AJ Walker–who listed some of the other Arthurian prospects that did not make the cut.

N: “Now that you’ve got this Arthurian Pantheon, what do you think could be next for these kinds of mythic characters or ‘legendary heroes?’ Is it the Knights of the Round Table or The Lady of The Lake? ”

AJ: “We definitely discussed those options when we were talking about Arthurian. I had god pitches for all of those characters. I had a Lancelot pitch, I had a Lady of The Lake pitch, I had a Gwynevere pitch, I had a Morgan le Faye/ Morgana. She’s either a dark sorceress or Merlin’s understudy depending on the lore you read. I had pitched for all of that and they were all contenders but we didn’t want to overdo it on this new thing.”

“We didn’t want too many of those gods at first–or those ‘heroes.’ It’s on the table but I think you can see in the god video for this year that nothing else in the rest of the video looks very Arthurian. We’ll probably be taking a break from it for a little bit, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t come back to it in the future. “

This might not come as much of a surprise because you can’t have an Arthurian Pantheon without Arthur. Merlin seems like a necessary decision too seeing as he is not only Arthur’s sidekick (depending on how you view their relationship) but also a mage to balance out the year’s new character additions.

Though we’re not getting Gwynevere, Morgan Le Faye, The Lady of The Lake, or Lancelot, it’s likely that when Titan Forge does look to expand the pantheon they’ll look to these characters first. If you aren’t sure who AJ is talking about, you can check out some images below.

SMITE is coming to the Nintendo Switch next year. You can read more about that, as well as the news of the game adding cross-play and cross-progression here.

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