Runbow Developer Shows Off the Improved Visuals and Gameplay of Double Cross

13AM Games, known for working on the popular multiplayer platformer Runbow, announced a brand new platformer called Double Cross with the help of publisher Graffiti Games back in April. Unfortunately, response was mixed to the initial trailer, with many studio fans criticizing the lackluster art style. Not much has been heard about the game since, until today.

The developers at 13AM Games took the negative feedback wholeheartedly into account and released a new trailer for Double Cross today that shows off a revamped art style as well as some gameplay improvements. The game missed its initial Summer 2018 window, and will now be launching in January 2019.

As for the game itself, Double Cross follows Zahra Sinclair, an agent of the dimension peacekeeping force R.I.F.T. who is searching for the people that attacked their headquarters. Gameplay spices up typical platforming with grappling, cutscenes styled like visual novels, and the game even lets players tackles the game’s stages in any order.

You can watch the new trailer and some screenshots showcasing the new art art and gameplay elements below. Double Cross is currently poised to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in January 2019.


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